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Does This Person Follow This Person Twitter

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Reasons For Gaps Ranged From Having To Take Care Of Kids To Being Screwed Over To Simply Needing Some Rest

How to Unfollow the people who do not Follow You back On Twitter

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Now, at face value, it looks like an ordinary and even legit question, but most people seem to not really agree with it. In some peoples experience, this is where they quite likely lose points towards getting the job, thus begging the question, what is actually a good answer to it?

Weve asked our in house HR expert at Bored Panda HQ to elaborate on the question, and he said: During our interview process, we ignore employment gaps, especially if the person fits or exceeds every other criterion. The question may come up if they mention it themselves.

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Some are uncomfortable answering it, as they may have used this time to work on their physical health, which, if they disclose that during an interview, makes the interviewer feel uncomfortable for even asking.

Others were simply finding it hard to get employed because things like racism, sexism, and ageism are a thing. Even being unlucky may have an impact on this.

And all of this adds to the fear that these answers can be interpreted in a bad way, and hence they dont land the job.

Finding A Specific Person

  • 1Navigate to and sign-in to your account. If you have not already created an account, read our great article about how to .
  • 2Know the person’s name or username. Twitter offers two different identifiers for an account — usernames and real names. Usernames are marked by the ‘@’ symbol. Real names are the real name of the person.
  • If the person you are trying to find has a common name, it will be more efficient to know their username. Usernames are unique to each user while real names are not.
  • 3Use the search bar. Enter the username or real name of the person you wish to follow via the Twitter search bar. The search bar should be located in the upper right corner of the window, to the left of your profile picture. Enter a name or username, then click the magnifying glass to search. You will see 6 different options for specifying search results.
  • Top: This will include a combination of the most popular accounts, tweets, photos, and videos that include your search term.
  • Live: This shows a livestream of tweets with your search term. For example, if you searched “Bill Clinton,” it will show the most recent tweets, photos, or videos about Bill Clinton.
  • Shows a list of photos related to your search term.
  • Videos: Shows a list of videos related to your search term.
  • More Options: Lets you narrow your search by location or from people you follow.
  • The verified account will also have a checkmark next to it.
  • Dont: Neglect These Key Tools

    There are plenty of tools and apps out there that will help you really up your Twitter game. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

    • ManageFlitter will pull up inactive accounts and people who havent followed you back.

    • SocialBro will tell you the best times to tweet.

    • SocialRank will let you in on who your most influential, engaged, and best followers are, so you can target them accordingly.

    • Twtrland will grade your activity, popularity, and responsiveness.

    • Nuzzel will show you what people in your network are talking about.

    • BuzzSumo will find the most influential people tweeting about any given topic.

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    Some Shared Reasons That Cant Be Easily Put Into Words

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    Asking this question doesnt really lead to an answer that would expose red flags or other key information about a person, elaborated HR Panda. A gap in a resume can mean anything: maybe they took time off to rest, or perhaps they worked something they arent proud of, or did something that didnt work out. And that doesnt change their chances of getting the job.

    What matters, however, is that they have their priorities straight, they have a clear picture of what they want from this job, and they want to advance their careers.

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    Technique : Follow Industry Keywords And Discuss

    Why do a lot of people follow you on Twitter only to ...

    This technique is doing pretty much the same thing as the above, except youre not following influencers, blogs, or sites. Instead, youre following industry keywords. There are a lot of people out there posting about things in your niche. Monitor keywords through and look for opportunities to either retweet something to your audience for value as in the previous step or to step in and answer a question. As a person of some authority, you can help people, and you dont even need to pitch answers. Just by being helpful, you attract people to view your profile and visit your website.

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    Twitter As A Marketing Tool

    Thousands of people advertise their recruiting services, consulting businesses, and retail stores by using Twitter, and it works.

    The modern internet-savvy user has grown tired of television advertisements. People prefer advertising that is fast, less intrusive, and can be turned on or off at will. Twitter is precisely that; when you learn how the nuances of tweeting work, you can get good advertising results by using Twitter.

    How To Get Verified On Twitter Step

  • Fill out your profile completely with profile picture, cover photo, name, website, and bio
  • Add a verified phone number and confirm your email address
  • Add your birthday
  • Visit
  • In Twitters announcement about verified accounts, they listed a few particular elements that might be a factor in which accounts they choose to verify and which they dont. The biggest factor in getting verified on Twitter is that the profile is of public interest.

    To explain a bit further, Twitter mentions that public interest might include public figures and organizations in the fields of:

    • Music
    • Business
    • and other key interest areas

    So long as you meet the minimum guidelines with your profile , the verification process seems to be a bit subjective in ultimately deciding what is of public interest.

    If you go through the process once and dont get verified, no worries. You can try again in 30 days.

    In terms of the minimum guidelines, heres a bit more about how to complete each one successfully.

    Verify your phone number on Twitter.

    You can add a phone number to your account here; to verify the number, enter the verification code that Twitter sends to your email. This is what it looks like if your phone number is verified:

    Confirm your email address.

    You can add your email address here; to confirm the email, click the link that Twitter sends to your email address. This is what it looks like if your email address is confirmed:

    Add a bio, profile photo, cover photo, birthday, and website.

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    Twitter Is A Blend Of Social Media Blogging And Texting

    Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting short messages for anyone who follows you on Twitter, with the hope that your words are useful and interesting to someone in your audience. Another description of Twitter and tweeting might be;microblogging.

    Some people use Twitter to discover interesting people and companies online, opting to follow their tweets.

    A Job Interview Is Stressful As It Is Without Questions That Make You Feel Like You Have To Explain Yourself

    When someone follows you on Twitter, how do you follow them back?

    Image credits: Savannah River Site

    A few days ago, web designer and writer Sophie went to Twitter to ask people how they would explain the gap in their employment history.

    For the most part, many responded with real answers they said or planned to say. Turns out, having a gap in your employment history is quite common, especially during the pandemic, but its only one of many reasons.

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    View The List Of Recently Verified Users For Inspiration

    This is one that I wished I had found earlier. The Twitter account @verified follows all the verified accounts on the network. If you click over to their following tab, you can see a list of everyone who has recently been verified. The full list is over 215,000 people and companies.

    You can scroll this list for ideas and inspiration for what might be worth trying to get verified.

    One thing youre likely to notice: Theres a lot of variety! It seems there might not be any one right way to get verified. My best advice would be to find people or organizations that might be similar to you and take some learnings from the way they pitch themselves.

    Another thing you might notice: You dont have to have thousands of followers to get verified. There are many, many verified profiles with 2,000 or less followers. Dont let follower count stop you from applying for verification!

    Twitter Is Many Different Things

    Twitter is a blend of instant messaging, blogging, and texting, but with concise content and a broad audience. If you fancy yourself a bit of a writer with something to say, then Twitter is a channel worth exploring. If you don’t like to write but are curious about a celebrity, a particular hobby topic, or even a long-lost cousin, then Twitter is one way to connect with that person or subject.

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    For People Profiles Add A Cover Photo That Shows You Doing Something Important

    For a long time, I had used an inspiring quote as my cover photo. It looked pretty nice, I thought . But it wasnt quite as powerful or descriptive of a person of public interest.

    Fortunately, I had the chance to speak at Unbounces CTA Conference a few months before, so I added a picture from when I was speaking on stage. John Bonini of Litmus does it really well here, too:

    How To Check Who Follows Who On Twitter

    How To Find Out Who Was The First Person To Follow You On ...

    Want to see who follows who on Twitter? Use this nifty little tool that makes it easy to check followers on Twitter.

    With popular Twitter users boasting hundreds of thousands of followers, it is hard to find out who follows who. Or if a specific user is following another specific user.

    If you have too much time on your hands you could scour their list of followers. However, if you have a life and want to do it quickly and easily, check out DoesFollow instead.

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    How To Soft Block Someone On Twitter

    To soft block someone, you simply block them as you ordinarily would, then immediately unblock them. Blocking forces the other person to unfollow you and erases your direct message history, but because you then unblock the person, they can still see your tweets, so they don’t appear to be blocked. It gives the impression that they unfollowed you by accident, or perhaps due to a glitch on Twitter.;

    Keep in mind that when someone is soft blocked, they can still follow you again if they choose to, so this will not necessarily end your relationship on Twitter . You still have the option to mute or block the user later.;

    The steps to soft block are almost exactly the same on both the web and mobile app.;

    1. Start Twitter and go to the profile page for the user you want to soft block.;

    2. Select the three dots at the top of the page.

    3. In the dropdown menu, choose “Block @user.”

    4. In the pop-up window, confirm you want to block the user by selecting “Block.”

    5. The user’s profile page will now have a button marked “Blocked.” Tap it and then, in the pop-up window, tap “Unblock @user.” Alternatively, you can select “Undo” in the banner that immediately appears when you block the user.

    Why Its Important To Be Twitter Verified

    There are likely to be a lot of obvious benefits to having a verified status on Twitter.

  • You might get more followers
  • Youre bound to gain trust and respect from the community
  • You have one more data point on your being an influencer/authority
  • There are some immediate platform benefits, too. You can opt out of group DMs, and you can filter your notifications to include only notifications from other verified users.

    Its this last point that might be the most important.

    And to look ahead into the future, this may be an area that Twitter moves toward for everyone. The Verified filter is only available to other verified users now, but its possible that this could be rolled out to all Twitter users in some form, perhaps even as a filter in the main Twitter stream.

    Being verified ensures that your content and your interactions always remain visible for the maximum number of Twitter users possible.

    As the Nieman Lab pointed out:

    If a significant share of Twitter users were verified, it would be easier for Twitter to make something like Show notifications and replies only from verified users and people I follow the Twitter default view.

    Its a bit early to tell for sure where Twitter may head, though it never helps to get ahead of the curve if you can. Just in case.

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    Can You See Who Views Your Tweets On Twitter

    There is no way of knowing exactly which accounts have viewed your tweets. On the other hand, you can find out the number of accounts that viewed and interacted with your tweets.

    If youre wondering how visible your tweets are in the first place, it depends on whether your Twitter profile is public or private. If you have a private account, there is no need to worry. Only your followers can see and interact with your tweets. Not only that, but they wont appear in the search results either.

    However, if you have a public Twitter profile, anyone has the option to interact with your tweets. If accounts that dont follow you search for a specific keyword, your tweets that include that keyword can appear in the search results. Or, for example, if your profile was public at one point, but then you made it private, some tweets might still appear in the search results.

    If you are interested in how to make your Twitter profile private, go back to the section entitled Can You See Who Visited Your Twitter Profile?

    Is Twitter Analytics Going To Show Me Who Visited My Profile

    How to Follow Someone on Twitter

    Twitter Analytics is essentially a business tool that helps measure profile engagement and other types of demographics. It can be especially useful if you are a content creator, an influencer, or an online business owner.

    As mentioned before, its not possible to view which accounts visited your profile on Twitter, not even with Twitter Analytics. However, there are a number of other useful reasons to use Twitter Analytics. For example, while you cant see who viewed your profile, you can see the number of accounts that came to your profile.

    To see the number of accounts that visited your profile on the Twitter mobile app, this is what you need to do:

  • Open Twitter on your phone.
  • Log into your account if you havent already.
  • Go to More on your profile.
  • Tap on Analytics.
  • Select Turn Analytics On.
  • Go to Profile visits.
  • To enable Twitter Analytics on the desktop browser, simply go to the page while you are logged into your account. You will be able to see all the vital information regarding your profile engagement there.

    Some other metrics Twitter Analytics keeps track of include: the number of tweets you posted, the number of views or impressions you got, the number of times another account mentioned yours, and your number of followers.

    After you analyze the overall number of impressions and the engagement rate, you will know which areas are successful, and which you need to work on. Not only that, but youll be able to learn more about your followers.

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    Technique : Use Your Brand Website And Presence

    The above tips all work even if youre just trying to build a presence on Twitter, but dont have a website or a business attached to it. This one is where I cover all the techniques you can use if you do have a website or a brand to build from.

    • Put social sharing buttons on your website. This is a simple and obvious way of adding Twitter value to your user experience.
    • Embed a sidebar box with your recent tweets. This shows users how active you are and the sorts of things you tweet without sending them off site.
    • Use a click to tweet plugin to allow users to tweet a message you design based on your current blog post or what have you.
    • Use Twitter as a customer support portal. Most Twitter users 72% of them according to Lithium expect brands to respond within an hour when they tweet about customer service issues. Strive to be one of the brands that supports quickly and youll gain followers and respect.
    • Include your Twitter URL on all the various promotional material you can. Brand print ads, business cards, email signatures, TV ads, anything you run that can have a Twitter URL attached.

    Anything that uses your existing brand presence and resources to promote Twitter is a good thing; people will discover it and will be more likely to follow and engage with you. Plus, Twitter is so common and innocuous that people who dont care about it wont even notice it. It wont annoy them; its just there.

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