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Do Hashtags Work On Linkedin

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When Did Hashtags Arrive On Linkedin

How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn: A Strategy for Growth

Hashtags have had a topsy-turvy ride on LinkedIn. A few years back they were present but LinkedIn rolled it back due to poor user response.

In 2016, they were available on the mobile app only: Hashtags included in your posts are now tappable and lead to search results so that you can discover other posts with the same hashtag.

Then, in 2017, hashtags reappeared on the desktop platform as part of the new user interface. But still, nobody knew what they were supposed to do or how to use them.

– why am I unable to post on LI w/o using a hashtag? Sidenote, I already looked in the help center and was unable to find a way to contact the support desk. So here I am, reaching out to LI via Twitter.

Lexy Quad

LinkedIn confirmed they were running a beta test to better understand the value of using hashtags in posts to help members discover and join relevant conversations.

But now, its safe to say that LinkedIn hashtags are back and working. So lets take a look at how you can make the most of them.

How To Use Hashtags In Linkedin Posts And Articles

Selecting the best hashtags comes down to what you want your post to achieve and whom you want to see it. To maximize your effective use of hashtags in posts, place them either within the post or all at the end. If you want to keep the post hashtag free, try placing them in the comments instead.

For articles, do not place hashtags in the article itself. Instead, when you click Publish there will be a box for an article description where you can input hashtags.

Linkedin Hashtags For Business: Check Everything Right Here

Social media is used for professional purposes these days they use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram.

But not a single platform works like Linkedin. LinkedIn is the most popular and professional platform that enables business vendors to connect and socialize with similar-minded people.

Many people have career aspects. As social media for professionals, Linkedin is a reliable platform among online marketers, HR departments, business owners, content creators, and many professional people, helping them develop their network. Using LinkedIn for business promotion and marketing has become quite common. Vendors use hashtags to reach the targeted business goal in a short duration of time.

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How Can I Find The Right Hashtags On Linkedin

To use hashtags effectively you need to be sure youre using the right ones.

LinkedIn does give you a few clues when you begin writing a post by suggesting relevant hashtags based on the content of your post and your history of using them. This is a good place to begin but, unfortunately, this doesnt give you any idea of the number of people who are following tags.

Identifying the number of people using and following a hashtag is a little harder on LinkedIn. But dont worry, this post shows you exactly how to find and create your own collection of LinkedIn hashtags.

  • Use the search function to look for your most likely hashtag. Its best to begin with a broad term. We used #digitalmarketing, which has over 27 million followers.
  • From here you can follow the hashtag if its the right one for you.
  • You can then find more related hashtags to follow by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the box.
  • To help you use the correct LinkedIn hashtags going forward, open Word or Excel and begin to copy and paste the hashtags you want to use for you LinkedIn posts.
  • Keep this file handy so that you can easily refer to it when you post, ensuring you always have the right ones in your armoury.
  • Review this list every few months and add or subtract hashtags as they become more or less useful.
  • Use Hashtags That People Might Be Searching For

    Hashtags still work on Instagram. . . . While hashtags will not make ...

    The reality is, no one cracks open TikToks Discover page and starts typing in #fyp to see what they find. If they really want a random grab bag of content, theyll just go to the For You Page itself.

    Instead, the search function is going to be used by people on the hunt for specific words and content. Psychic witch investors, for instance. Put on your SEO hat and think about how to best help TikTok users find your amazing vids with search terms real humans would use.

    Getting lots of views is likely to signal your videos popularity to TikToks algorithm, making it more likely for you to show up on someones For You Page.

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    Hashtags On Company Pages

    LinkedIn encourages you to add up to three hashtags to your company page. LinkedIn gives instructions for how to do this here.

    One reason for adding hashtags to your company page is that your company will be able to share, like and comment on posts from other people and organisations who are using that hashtag. If you are a page administrator or content administrator for the page, you will see your three hashtags listed on the admin view of your company page. Clicking on one of the hashtags will take to your that hashtags feed, but youll be viewing it as your company profile, not as your personal profile. Any actions you take here will be made on behalf of your organisation rather than you yourself. In this way, you can get your company or brand to take part in the conversations on the network.

    For example, if your organisation has a strong commitment to the environment and you follow the relevant hashtags on your company page, you will have a chance to comment on issues and share relevant content officially as your company – raising peoples awareness of your brand positioning on these issues. Hashtags are often used on social media platforms as part of campaigns for ethics, equality and social justice, and this feature gives your brand a further opportunity to have a role in these if you wish.

    Add A Hashtag To A Linkedin Post

    Click Start a post at the top of LinkedIns homepage and type your post, then click Add hashtag in LinkedIns post editor. It simply places a # in your post, so you could also type # by yourself which is way faster

    As you type your hashtag, LinkedIn will suggest some popular options for you.

    Theres an even easier way than this, though: Scheduling your LinkedIn posts, and all your other social content, with Hootsuite. Write individual posts or use bulk scheduling to schedule weeks worth of posts in minutes. Plus, always know when your best time to post is with powerful analytics and growth tools.

    Watch this 2 minute video to find out how you can save hours every week:

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    Incorporate Hashtags In Your Linkedin Marketing

    Now that you have your LinkedIn hashtags, you can begin using them. Here are a few tips to get you started.

    Search for Hashtags to Reveal Conversations You Can Engage With

    After you find relevant conversions with a hashtag search , to grow your network and get your name out there. It also helps strengthen and .

    Weave LinkedIn hashtags within your comments to ensure you show up within that hashtag feed. This will also help you become associated with that specific hashtag. If someone posts an article you find interesting or valuable, go to their profile to find out more about them:

    • Do you have any mutual connections?
    • Do they work at a company youve been trying to connect with?
    • Have they published a lot of articles?

    Follow and connect with them on LinkedIn and any other sites theyre on.

    Add Hashtags When You Create a Post or Article

    By using hashtags in your post, youre ensuring that your content will be discovered organically and by those following and searching for the hashtags youre using. LinkedIn encourages this by generating recommendations. You can either use one of the hashtag suggestions or type in your preferred hashtags.

    This tactic can also help you deliver topical news and articles that relate to specific segments within your audience.

    Become an Active Member of LinkedIn Groups That Share an Interest in Your Hashtag

    Once you find and join relevant LinkedIn groups, ask questions and , interesting articles, and videos. when other members post and .

    What Hashtag Strategy Should You Use On Linkedin Right Now

    How To Use Hashtags On LinkedIn

    Your hashtags on LinkedIn will evolve over time as more people participate on the platform. With greater content influx, theres greater competition for your content to be noticed in hashtag feeds. This is why finding specific hashtags relevant to your target LinkedIn audience is key. Lets get into how to use hashtags on LinkedIn along with best practices.

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    How To Use Linkedin Hashtags

    You can add your own hashtag to an update you publish by typing # and the word or phrase directly into your post. You can also write your preferred hashtag in the Add hashtag box at the bottom of the share box.

    When you construct your hashtag, recommended hashtags will be shown automatically from the LinkedIn hashtags list. Hashtags can be used to share a video, article, or document anywhere in your post.

    Build Brand Awareness With Branded Hashtags

    Creating a branded hashtag can be an effective way to promote your business and drive conversations.

    Branded hashtags can be as simple as using your company name or incorporating a tagline into a hashtag.

    For example, JIF Peanut Butter made TikTok history in 2021 with its branded hashtag #JIFRapChallenge which featured rapper Ludacris rapping with a mouth full of peanut butter.

    The hashtag challenged users to make their own video, or Duet with Luda, with a bit of JIF in their grill.

    This challenge saw more than 200,000 impressions and 600 unique videos created.

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    Using The Hashtag On Linkedin To Prospect

    So youve understood what the hashtag is used for on social networks. But did you know that you can use it to perfect your prospecting campaigns? In fact, using them will increase your visibility to your prospects and will allow you to promote your product or services.

    It becomes an indispensable element in your social selling strategy. What will it bring you?

    • It allows you to track relevant content or show relevant content.
    • Be able to follow a particular event.
    • Showcase your brand.
    • Find the hashtags of your sector.

    How Do Hashtags For Linkedin Work

    How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works And How to Make it Work for You ...

    Essentially, work by consolidating your content into various classes, making it effortless for your viewers to follow trending topics and see posts related to specific subjects.

    The best hashtags are organic in nature and boost your posts reach to a huge audience. LinkedIn hashtags effectively make your content more noticeable to your intended audience and assist in developing SEO.

    Hashtags are powerful for your articles as the algorithm utilizes the hashtag to recommend it to every individual who follows that hashtag on LinkedIn. Thus, hashtags for Linkedin are a great way to draw in more readership.

    Hashtags are an incredible addition to many other useful features on LinkedIn. You can effortlessly add them to your posts, articles, profile pages, organization pages, and, surprisingly, to your summary as well.

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    How Many Hashtags Should You Use On Linkedin

    There are no limits to the number of hashtags you can use in a post on LinkedIn. That said, we recommend that you limit each post to a maximum of five hashtags. Otherwise you’ll end up sounding like this. Using too many hashtags on LinkedIn could also result in the LinkedIn Algorithm marking your post as spam.

    Analyze Which Hashtags Were Successful On Past Posts

    Keep track of which hashtags youve used on past posts. Analyze which posts have been most popular, then see if theres a trend with the hashtags youve used. If you notice some of your most popular posts always contain a few of the same hashtags, make a point to include those in your future posts as well.

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    How To Use Hashtags On Linkedin: Check The Relevance

    There is no magic recipe to check upstream the relevance of the hashtags used, except this one:

    Apart from hashtags from your brand or a marketing operation you are launching, you can check the number of followers on a hashtag before using it.

    This will tell you how many people are following that topic and determines a certain attraction of your topic. Another KPI to track the relevance of a topic is simply to look at whether using it in a publication has given you additional visibility.

    How To Find New Hashtags On Linkedin

    How to use HASHTAGS on LINKEDIN // How to use LinkedIn Hashtags 2020

    LinkedIn lets you find and follow hashtags on the topics youre interested in.

    Start by entering the topic youd like to find in the Search bar at the top of the page. For example, when you type #socialmedia you get a list of social media related hashtags:

    Select a hashtag from the list of suggestions e.g. #socialmediamarketing to see content related to the hashtag topic in your feed.

    Click the Follow button at the top of the page to add the hashtag topic to your list:

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    What Are The Top Hashtags In Linkedin

    2020 to 2021 was an unfortunate year.

    As you can imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge change in the most popular hashtags today. Its not representative of the usual hashtag behaviors on Linkedin.

    Well breakdown the Hashtag data based on the following:

    • Top hashtags for 2021
    • Top hashtags for 2020
    • Top hashtags by industry 2020/2021

    This will give a better representation of how hashtags evolve based on current trends, and how you should use it.

    Youll get a glimpse of the usual top hashtags outside a global pandemic. All data points were a combination of reports from Linkedin reps and manual searching.

    Yes, the manual searching took me almost 2 weeks to compile this.

    So I hope you find something actionable/valuable here. Please share this if you found it useful.

    Each ranking list starts with the most used hashtag in that category.

    Trending Hashtags On Linkedin

    If youre used to Twitter and Instagram, you might be surprised that finding trending hashtags on LinkedIn, or even trying to get a hashtag to trend, is almost irrelevant on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn doesnt really have a trending hashtags feature. Instead, LinkedIn shows people the most popular and engaging content for any given hashtag on each hashtag page, and features a curated set of the most relevant and interesting articles on the LinkedIn home page. Your own feed will show you the top posts that are most relevant to you. This selection will be influenced by which hashtags you follow, but it doesnt draw attention to trending hashtags as such.

    LinkedIns emphasis is on engaging with people and content. Rightly, in our view, LinkedIns focus is on trending content rather than trending hashtags. LinkedIn seems to work on the assumption that people follow the topics theyre interested in, and this means that paying attention to follower counts for hashtags is more important than trying to discover which hashtags are trending.

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    How To Discover People Companies And Topics To Follow

    LinkedIn makes searching for specific hashtags easy by incorporating a few best practices into its algorithm.

    First, it automatically suggests auto-predicted hashtags that auto-populate as you type. These suggestions are based on other trending hashtags, so its usually advantageous to take the algorithms recommendation.

    The Internet is also full of helpful lists of top hashtags to use, like this one. To see more content you like, start following pages that promote the hashtags that interest you. To do this, search for your hashtag. Then, click Follow on the right-hand side to follow that hashtag.

    After following the hashtag for topics, people, or companies you like, you will also see more pages of similar people and companies with like-minded content. You can find these pages by looking on the left-hand column underneath your profile summary. If you scroll down, you will see a section that shows Followed Hashtags with a click button that allows you to Discover More. This is the best way to discover new hashtags and which hashtags to use more quickly.

    Best Practices For Using Hashtags On Linkedin

    25 Inspiring Ideas for What To Post On LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has a more professional image compared to other social media platforms, which is why hashtags need to be treated with a slightly different approach. Looking for tips and tricks for using hashtags effectively in your posts? Here they come.

    Dos: The most simple, but at the same time one that is most effective keep them short and easy to remember

    Dos: Make them appear and sound natural.

    Dos: Format your hashtags

    Dos: Add hashtags to both your company and personal pages.

    Dos: Monitor hashtag performance constantly.

    Dos: Check the spelling. ALWAYS.

    Dos: Test what works and what doesnt, then draw appropriate conclusions.

    Dos: Use a mix of high density and lower density hashtags

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    How Many Hashtags Should You Put In A Post On Linkedin

    Short answer: 3

    Long answer: The probability of getting 100 likes or comments on a LinkedIn post is 3.307% when you have a network of fewer than 25,000 followers. To increase this probability, you have to keep in mind these 3 rules:

    • absolutely more than 0 hashtags!
    • beyond 3 hashtags, the impact is negative, but the difference is not very significant on the number of likes and comments

    Analysis of the probability of getting 100 reactions on a LinkedIn post based on the number of hashtags included in the post.

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