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Did Instagram Change Their Algorithm

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Instagram Will Pay Users To Deactivate Accounts Temporarily

New version of the Instagram app to show users chronological feed instead of an Algorithm-based one

Instagram and Facebook are currently running an in-depth test to assess their impact on elections in the United States, which has been heavily debated since the 2016 election.

While both platforms have been encouraging users to get registered to vote or to check their voting status, theyve also reached out to certain users with a fascinating deal: If theyll deactivate their account up until the election, theyll be paid.

Facebook is offering $10 to $20 per week to do so, and users who participate in the study but dont deactivate may opt-in to see content unlike what they typically do.

Facebook is not paying the external researchers, and the goal is to see what impact social media has on voter tendencies.

So Facebook is now going to pay people to deactivate their IG and FB accounts before Election Day. Its part of the research experiment announced Monday but WOW. This notice went out this week.

Elizabeth Dwoskin

This is an exciting study that we personally cant wait to see the results of, especially as it may shape both Instagrams and Facebooks policies moving forward.

Instagram Algorithm Change #: Ask Your Followers To Turn On Post Notifications

If youve managed to develop a strong relationship with your followers thus far you might be able to appeal to their emotional side. By clicking on the options on your Instagram profile theyll be able to turn on post notifications so that theyll get an alert every time you post new content.

For example, create a post requesting that your followers turn on post notifications if they wish to see when youre offering a sale. Think of a compelling reason for your followers to do so and theyll be more likely to oblige.

Now Heres Why The Algorithm Is Actually A Good Thing:

  • Since your post will only be reaching a fraction of your followers, its more important than ever to give your audience a reason to follow along. Now influencers will have to create and share only the best content, as well as become more available to their audiences.
  • Its time to get personal and focus more on creating a sense of community! Say goodbye to the silent influencer, and hello to your new, interactive friend. If you want to have engaged followers and grow a community, then you have to try to develop a real relationship. For example, when someone leaves in-depth comments about your post, try to respond with a question. By doing so, you may learn more about them and increase overall engagement. If someone DMs you, be kind and send a genuine response. Just be real people!

Basically, the new Instagram Algorithm encourages to be more authentic and personal. So dont worry so much about the numbers and start focusing on building relationships with your followers.

Hang tight everyone! Dont lose hope. Just remember, where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great. Machiavelli

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Why Instagrams Creatives Are Angry About Its Move To Video

The social media platform was once a favourite of artists and photographers, but a shift towards TikTok-type videos and shopping could leave them looking for a new home online

In late July, hobbyist photographer and self-proclaimed sunrise hunter Sam Binding conducted an experiment. After visiting Somerset Lavender Farm to catch the sun peeking over the purple blossoms, the 40-year-old from Bristol uploaded the results to both Instagram and Twitter. Two days later, he used the apps built-in analytics tools to assess the impact of his shots. On Instagram, a total of 5,595 people saw his post just over half of his 11,000 followers. On Twitter, his post was seen by 5,611 people, despite the fact he has just 333 followers on the site.

This confirmed Bindings hunch that although most people believe that Instagram is a place to share photos and Twitter is a place to share words, that may no longer be the case. When it launched in 2010, Instagram courted the artistic community, inviting respected designers to be among its initial users and naming its very first filter X-Pro II, after an analogue photo-developing technique. In her 2020 book No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram, technology reporter Sarah Frier documents how Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom wanted Instagram to be an outlet for artists .

Instagram is sacrificing longevity and real human connection for happy shareholders and panicked, short-term gain

Instagram Rolls Out Creative Tools For Black History Month

Instagram is About to Change in a Huge Way: An Algorithm ...

In the U.S., February is Black History Month, and Instagram responded with new creative tools and a promotion to showcase relevant creators on their platform that featured content on the official Instagram account.

The creative tools included camera effects and stickers that were designed by black designers.

In addition to being a great thing on its own, this also

This is a relatively socially-oriented campaign, and we may see more features in the future for different events, holidays, or causes.

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Instagram Algorithm Tip #3 Post Instagram Reels

Introduced in mid-2020, allows you to record and edit 15-second video clips with sound. There are tools available to make these videos slicker or more creative, depending on your brand. Reels can be posted in your Stories or straight to the feed.

If you want to reach as many people as possible, you can also share your Reels on the page. This is Instagrams main hub for real-time curation of user-generated content. The Explore page coincides with the Instagram page that has the search function and displays posts to every user from accounts they dont yet follow.

Whenever someone engages with your post through Explore, its more likely to pop up on the Explore page or feed of their followers. This effectively creates a chain-reaction of cross-engagement. Dont forget, Instagram now has roughly a billion monthly active users. So securing a spot on Instagrams Explore page could give you a massive boost!

Furthermore, given its fierce competition with TikTok, the company will likely be working very hard on Instagram Reels throughout 2022. So its possible your discoverability might be boosted if you prioritize the use of this new feature.

Information About The Instagram Post

There are certain factors about the post that can push up or push down the post. The most important one is the popularity of the post. Does it get a lot of interaction? The post is likely to come up to the beginning of the home page feed if it does. And this has all to do with your effort.

But certain factors are purely about the post, such as the subject of the content, duration of it if it is video, the time it was posted, etc.

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Get Your Timing Right

Since interactions are a strong ranking factor in the Instagram algorithm, you need to get as many likes and comments as possible within the first few seconds of posting your content. Thats why its important to catch your followers when theyre the most active and therefore, most likely to interact with your posts and Stories. Otherwise, your content can get buried in a sea of posts and Stories from other accounts that are already getting tons of engagement.

According to data from various studies, Thursdays are the best days to post in general. And the best time to post is between 2 PM and 3 PM. Besides this, 11 AM on Wednesdays and 10 AM on Fridays are also good times to post.

But since there are variations across these studies, its best to look at your own analytics data to see when your followers are most likely to engage with your Instagram content. You can then use tools like ContentCal, Loomly, or other scheduling tools to automatically send out your posts at the optimal time. You can even schedule your Stories using the right tools, with Later and Buffer being popular options.

Instagram Algorithm For Explore

How does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Explore tab is where users go to find brand-new content thats relevant to their interests. Because of this, youll find that almost all of the images and videos you see are from accounts that you dont follow . You might see a post or 2 every now and then from accounts you follow, but those fall into the minority.

Instagram says, the most important actions we predict in Explore include likes, saves, and shares. The Explore algorithm also considers other factors:

  • Whos Posting the Content: Is the profile an account that several of your friends follow? Have you interacted with them before but not followed them yet?
  • Information About the Post: Are other users quickly finding, liking, commenting, and sharing this content? Is it recent and timely? Which users have liked this post? What other kinds of content do they typically engage with?
  • Your Activity: Have you interacted with similar content in the past? Do you typically save this kind of content or share it to your Stories?

Instagrams algorithm is trying to predict your interests. For example, if you follow Manchester United and like their content, the platform might try to show you other football clubs. Or, the platform might think youre generally interested in sports, and they may try to show you basketball or baseball videos.

If you like those suggestions, theyll keep showing you more of that content. If you dont, theyll move on and try to find something else thatll keep you engaged.

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Instagram Algorithm For Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories operates similarly to the Feed. Besides ads, the content you see in Stories is from those you already follow, not new accounts. However, you dont have the ability to like or comment on Stories, so Instagram uses different signals:

  • Direct Messages : Does a user view your story and respond?
  • Profile Clicks: Does a user click your profile to see more of your content after watching a story?
  • Finish or Skipped: Did your user watch your Stories in their entirety, or did they get bored and skip to the next one?

Users turning on notifications for your Stories or sharing a story with their friends will also impact the performance of your content.

All these actions are signals that impact whether the algorithm will give preference to your content. Create engaging content thats going to get your users to do something the algorithm likes. Experiment with surveys, stickers, and Q& As to get your followers to take action on your content.

Respect The Community Guidelines

Whether youre posting on the Feed, in Reels, or to Stories, Instagrams algorithms limit the visibility of content that goes against the apps Community Guidelines. If youre sharing misinformation, posts that are political in nature, content thats potentially upsetting or sensitive, or even just low-resolution media, you may find your content less widely distributed.

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This Is How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2022

13 minute read

We’re lifting the veil on the Instagram algorithm and sharing how to hack it for maximum growth.

How does the Instagram algorithm actually work?

Its a question thats caused a lot of confusion since Instagram moved away from a chronological feed.

In this blog post, were sharing how the Instagram algorithm works for feed posts, stories, the Explore page, and Instagram Reels.

Plus, discover our top tips to hack the Instagram algorithm, so you can get more engagement for your business or brand.

Instagrams Direct Message App Threads Was Released And Has Robust Features

Did Instagram change its algorithm in October 2019?

, a camera-first messaging app that helps you stay connected to your close friends.

As of now, Threads is user-focused, meaning most users wont initially add businesses to their close friends list.

Although there are no ad placements in Threads yet, advertisers and marketers should stay tuned for ways they can use the app organically or for potential monetization options in the future.

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Post Content You Know Your Audience Likes

Again, use your analytics. Understand the content that your audience engages with the most, whether its high-quality product photos, behind-the-scenes content, or Instagram Reels. Use this to your advantage, and continue creating content that they enjoy as theyre more likely to interact with something they like.

Embrace The Latest Features

Driving the adoption of new features is important for Instagram, so it makes newer features more prominent in the app. Its important to note that this does not mean that the Instagram algorithm automatically favors any specific post type. It does, however, give new features a prime location, such as putting Instagram Stories at the very top of the screen or, more recently, moving the Instagram Reels icon to the center of your menu bar.

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The 2022 Instagram Algorithm For Reels

With Reels, the algorithm pulls from both accounts you follow and accounts you dont follow, trying to entertain you with content it thinks youll watch all the way through.

It evaluates this by looking at the following:

  • Your activity. Signals like which Reels youve liked, which youve commented on, and which youve engaged with all help Instagram understand what kind of content could be the most relevant to your interests.
  • Your history of interacting with the person who posted. With Reels , youre likely to be served up videos from creators you havent heard of but if you have interacted with them in some way previously, Instagram takes that into consideration too. Thats probably why you see lots of content from creators you know of, but havent pulled the trigger on following yet.
  • Information about the Reel. The Instagram algorithm tries to guess what the video is about based on the audio track and analysis of the pixels and frames, and takes into account the videos popularity, too.
  • Information about the person who posted. Is the original poster someone with an engaged audience, or whose content receives consistent likes and shares? Instagram takes this into account too.

Now that youre armed with all this information about what Instagram values from its creators and users, its time to use it to your advantage.

How Instagram Ranks Reels

Instagram Algorithm Update August (Thoughts & Plans)

The main goal of Instagram Reels is to entertain. As a result, many of the videos you see will come from accounts you dont follow. Its very similar to the Explore page in that aspect. The main difference is that instead of just considering what you might be interested in, Instagram focuses specifically on content that might entertain you.


Instagram makes important predictions such as how likely you are to watch a Reel until the end and engage with it. Another important consideration is how likely you are to visit the audio page because this could signal whether or not youd want to make your own Reel. The most important ranking signals for Instagram Reels are:

  • User activity Instagram looks at the Reels youve interacted with recently to get a better understanding of the content that might be relevant to you.
  • Interaction history Some of the videos you see might be from accounts that are new to you. But if youve interacted with them in the past, it helps Instagram understand how interested you might be in their content.
  • Reel information Signals about the content elements in a Reel also help Instagram to rank videos appropriately. This may include information like audio tracks and popularity.

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Is Instagram Still Popular

With the constant creation of new social media platforms, more and more companies today are beginning to understand the importance social media plays in their marketing strategy. As far as Instagram goes, from lead generation, to brand awareness, to customer service, its use is crucial in gaining and retaining customers. And it doesnt seem to be losing its popularity anytime soon.

Lets get down to what youre here for.

Igtv Working Towards Monetization

IGTV hasnt exactly been the overwhelming success that Instagram was likely hoping for, but its holding its own, particularly as an extension of Instagram.

Now that the mobile-only, long-form video platform is gaining some traction, it only makes sense that IGTV is working on a monetization feature that would benefit multiple parties.

This particular monetization feature will benefit certain creators, who can apply to be part of the Instagram Partner Program. These individual creators can opt in to showing ads alongside their video content on IGTV. If they do, they could earn revenue, similar to publishers in the Audience Network or Googles Display Network.

Its strikingly similar to creators who are able to earn revenue on Facebook Watch when users watch ads during the video breaks. In these cases, creators can actually earn a 55% share of the ad revenue generated from those views, giving them a steady supply of passive income.

It will be interesting to see how this feature works once its actually fully developed.

It may encourage more creators to focus on sharing content specifically made for IGTV while spending more time trying to drive their audiences there. This could potentially result in more users coming to the platform, following their favorite creators.

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Publish More Video Content

Instagram doesnt downright say that video is prioritized over photos.

The might lead us to believe that theyre treated the same, but lets dig a bit deeper as to why video definitely deserves your attention.

Remember what we said earlier about eye-popping content? Given that video autoplays in your followers feeds, theres arguably no better way to grab someones attention when theyre sitting there scrolling.

And if were following the logic behind Facebooks algorithm, we want followers to spend as long as possible engaging with our profiles. Short-form and long-form videos require people to stop and look, plain and simple.

Instagrams platform continues to add newer video features like Reels and IGTV. These content types can also appear in both the traditional feed and in their own tabs on account pages, meaning Instagram is seriously emphasizing the ability of audiences to find video content.

As a side note, your video content doesnt need to be a full-blown production. Simple time lapse, behind-the-scenes videos, or short Reels are enough to draw in viewers for brands both big and small. What matters is that youre producing some form of video.

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