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De Arra And Ken Twitter

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Dearra & Ken Bio Data :


Her birthday is April 17th, 1996. As of 2018, she is 22 years old. She is of African descent. Zaria Mosley is Dearras younger sister. Dearra Taylor is said to be the daughter of CMG CEO and American rapper Mario Mims AKA Yo Gotti. He is well-known for songs like Down in the DM and Rake It Up, which has over 100 million views and features Nikki Minaj. Dearra Taylor and her partner, Ken Walker, have a YouTube channel called Dearra & Ken 4 Life. Dearra and Ken Walker rose to fame after they began sharing family life vlogs and were quickly adored by viewers. Via their channel, the couple hopes to spread a positive message and set an example.

Dearra Taylor has been pursuing a career as a Youtuber since December 11, 2014, when she created her own channel, Dearra & Ken 4 Life. Dearra and her boyfriend, Ken Walker, have been dating since the same year. They also founded the Dearra & Ken 4 Life channel together. They did, however, release their first video on April 18, 2015. The couples YouTube channel currently has over 5 million subscribers and 632,947,212 views.

The pair is known for their funny videos that include a variety of other fascinating elements. They can be seen doing silly competitions, coming up with wild science experiments, and cooking for each other on some days, and answering fan questions on other days.

Dearra Taylors Rumors & Controversies

Dearra Taylor is rumored to be the daughter of Yo Gotti. However, there is no official confirmation on this matter.;

The star did;tweet on October 24, 2016,

Yes, Yo Gotti is my biological dad..

While many have questioned the authenticity of this tweet, neither Yo Gotti or Dearra have confirmed or denied this relationship since. The star allegedly has six children, but this also cant be verified.;

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Dearra Taylors Net Worth

Dearra Taylor is one of the wealthiest content creators in the world of the Famousss. This YouTube star is making bank with Ken Walker, and shes about to be taking a bigger slice of the pie for herself. As of August 2021, Dearra Taylor has a net worth of $2,500,000. However, shes going to blow that amount of the water in no time.

Dearra Taylor makes her money as the co-creator of the;Dearra & Ken 4 Life YouTube channel. This popular channel has 6.17 million subscribers. The average video has 1 million views, making her a prime earner for YouTube ad revenue.

Their most popular video is called;I BROKE UP WITH DEARRA . It has almost 30 million views. Ken made this video in response to the;IM PREGNANT ;video prank she played on him. Comparatively, that video has 8.3 million views, which isnt too shabby!

Dearra Taylor And Ken Walker

Ken Walker on Twitter

Dearra Taylor and Ken Walker are best known for being YouTubers..

The couple created content on their joint channel called DK4L.

Dearra and Ken first launched their YouTube channel back in 2014. Today they have over 6m subscribers.

The DK4L bio reads: Yes its us, Dearra and Ken #DK4L your favorite couple. Showing how a relationship should generally be. On this channel we do many different challenges suggested by our fans, alone with pranks, Q&A, story times, and more.

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Who Is Dearra In A Relationship With

Taylor is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Ken Walker, who is also a YouTuber. They both used to post their videos on their YouTube channel and got the attention of people. The couple has made many videos that received so many views, and they have managed their relationship so nicely.

As a couple, they mostly show how to be in a good relationship and live happily with family and friends. Many people love to see them together because of their chemistry and love for each other. Currently, they are living a very happy and romantic life.

How Did Taylor Start Her Career

Taylor came into the light after she and her boyfriend Ken posted photos and videos on their Instagram account, which many people liked.

After that, they joined on YouTube as a couple and started posting videos, including vlogs, fun, relationship, prank, and more videos on their YouTube channel, and became successful as a social media personality.

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Who Is Dearra Taylor

YouTube vlogger who is best known for her Dearra & Ken 4 Life channel. She and her fiancé, Ken Walker, have gained renown for documenting their family life via vlog in an attempt to set a positive example for their viewers. They later landed their own web series called DeArra & Kens Prank Show.


Other Notable Facts About Dearra Taylor

Tea Time âï¸? De’arra & Ken ð¤¦ð?½â?âï¸? Trey & Senia going in on twitter ð« Tae Cadwell Speaks on Jazz

DK4L was featured on an episode of;Fight of the Living Dead;that aired on October 31, 2017. Dearra Taylor was also in;Tyler Perrys Boo!;

Dearra Taylor has a lot of tattoos, including flowers on her left bicep.;

Dearra Taylor went to Cancun, Mexico for her 20th birthday party in 2016.

Flaming Cheetos is one of Dearra Taylors favorite snacks. In fact, she loves spicy food in general. Shes always housing spicy ramen, wings, or adding hot sauce to things.;

Dearra Taylor said that she got in trouble in elementary school for accidentally touching a boys private parts. Her mom had to come to school to reprimand her.;

Dearra Taylor loves shoes. She has a whole IG Highlights section dedicated to the many types of shoes and sneakers that the star being repping.

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How To Get Dearra & Ken Contact Information:

Dearra & Ken Facebook Fan Page:

Dearra & Ken Instagram Profile:

Dearra & Ken Twitter Handle:

Dearra & Ken YouTube Channel:

Dearra & Ken Official Website: NA

De’arra & Ken

Walker & Taylor Have Not Publicly Commented On The Video Or Spoken Out On The Cheating Allegations

While Taylors Instagram page was also flooded with questions and links to The Shade Rooms video, she has not commented on the allegations. The YouTube star, who has 4.7 million followers on Instagram, still has fiancee and an engagement ring in her bio.

Walker, who has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, has not commented on the allegations either. His Instagram page remains filled with photos of the couple.

In a 2017 interview with Intelligencer, Walker and Taylor opened up about what it was like to have such a public relationship, but they made a pact to keep their issues private.

We met when I was 18, Taylor said. And then we started getting so many followers, and on top of followers, we started getting so much money. Were not married, were young, so it was like that can usually mess up somebody.

At first, the couple would tweet at each other during an argument, but it grabbed a lot of negative attention. We were like, Lets work on each other, lets keep it all internal,’ Walker said. Taylor added, I dont think putting your personal issues on the Internet is ever a good look.

Were not just out here talking about Lets protect our brand, Walker said. Were also talking about trying to protect our relationship. We love each other, we dont want anything to happen to each other. The brand, that comes second.

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Did Dearra And Ken Break Up

On August 20th, 2021, Dearra and Ken took to their YouTube channel to share the news that they were going to be parting ways and branching off into having their own separate YouTube channels.

The video contained a compilation of the couples videos from over the years, making it clear that their channel is coming to an end.

In the videos comments, the couple wrote: Its been a long ride gang thank you guys for all the love and support throughout these several years and now all the love and support you will show us both as we expand our individual platforms here on YouTube. Thank you guys so much forever and always.

Answering whether the pair are beefing, Dearra said: No we arent beefing, me and ken dont have no hate, no bad blood, we good.

However, when it came to appearing on each others individual YouTube channels, it seemed unlikely that theyd collaborate again.

The couple did also say in the video that this was not the end and told their followers not to panic, no its unclear whether theyve broken up as a couple or theyve just decided to go solo on YouTube.

Dearra and Ken were 18 and 19 years old when they started their YouTube channel, so they could simply be looking for a career change.

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Is Dearra Really Yo Gotti Daughter

Dearra & ken (Dk4L), Dk4L Gang,couples, relationship ...

Dearra Taylor on Twitter: Yes, Yo Gotti is my biological dad..Oct 24, 2016

Secondly, Who is Dearra father?

Yo Gotti

Subsequently, What is de Arra last name?

Dearra Taylor and Kenneth Ken Walker, collectively known as DK4L, are YouTube vloggers based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Likewise, Who is Ken Walker?

How are Dearra and Ken so rich?

Dearra Taylor and Ken Walker are a YouTube couple who run the channels Dearra & Ken 4 Life and vlogs by Vlogs By DK4L. They have an estimated net worth of $3 million. The two post videos of themselves documenting their life together in their vlogging channel.

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Did Dearra Taylor And Ken Walker Break Up Their Youtube Channel

YouTube first launched in 2005 and today it has over 1 billion users per month. Some people have found huge success using the platform such as YouTube celebrities PewDiePie, James Charles, MRBeast and more.

While some YouTubers opt for solo channels, others create content in couples or groups. One couple who have had success on the video streaming platform is Dearra and Ken. So, heres a look at their YouTube channel in 2021.

Is Yo Gotti Really Dearra Dad

Dearra Taylor on Twitter: Yes, Yo Gotti is my biological dad..Oct 24, 2016

Dearra Taylor

Secondly, Who is Yo Gotti daughter?

Dearra Taylor

Subsequently, Are Dearra and Ken millionaires?

Dearra & Ken 4 Life Net Worth $3 Million Dearra Taylor and Ken Walker are a YouTube couple who run the channels Dearra & Ken 4 Life and vlogs by Vlogs By DK4L. They have an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Likewise, Who is Dearra father?

Yo Gotti

How tall is Dearra from Dearra and Ken?

5 ft 5

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How Was Taylors Childhood Like

Dearra spent her childhood happily with her sister and mother. She grew up beautifully in a well family, but her familys information still has a question mark as she used to keep her personal life private.

Besides this, there is a rumor that she is the daughter of Yo Gotti, an American rapper, songwriter, and record executive. Dearra has also tweeted about telling him a father, but Yo Gotti still has not confirmed the rumor, so that it is still a mystery for her fans and followers.

Likewise, from an early age, she started having an interest in makeup, fashion, and YouTube, so she started following her career as per her interest. However, she is quiet about her education, so the information about her study still has a question mark.

Their Youtube Channels In 2021


As of June 2021, Dearra created a new YouTube channel called Dearra Taylor.

Ken also created his own called Who is Ken in August.

So far, Ken has 67k followers on his solo channel and Dearra has over 182k.

Taking to on August 20th, Dearra wrote: I already have my first video filmed and edited so yall know what to do! Im thinking Ill drop it at 200k or should we go higher

So, it appears that Dearra fans can expect content from her very soon!

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Dearra Taylors Rise To Fame

Dearra Taylor opened her YouTube page on December 11, 2014. She posted her first video on July 18, 2015. It is called the;Bean Boozled Challenge;and has over 1,670,000 views to date.;

She created content with her boyfriend, Ken Walker. They would play a lot of pranks on each other or partake in viral challenges over the internet. People loved watching their chemistry. They were also enamored by the mean pranks the two would play on each other.;

Their relatability and hilarious reactions really resonated with their audience. The twosome became YouTube sensations, being known as DK4L , as their version of Bennifer. With time, the two created a strong following who continue to be loyal to this day. Now, their DK Gang must split their time between watching the two apart rather than together.;

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