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Can You Use Whatsapp In China

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Is It Legal To Use A Vpn

How To Make A Call On WhatsApp

Disclaimer: here at SDC we are not qualified to give any legal advice therefore, if you choose to use a VPN, you do so at your own risk.

That being said, our interpretation is that using a VPN is not an illegal act in and of itself, since it uses a technology developed to extend the benefits of private networks to connections that browse the Internet .

Therefore, a VPN is software designed to improve the security of your connection . Specifically, many universities and presumably Chinese government offices use a VPN system to isolate their internal network from the public.

So, the problem isnt so much using a VPN as much as the fact that youre accessing websites that arent permitted in China. Is that a crime? The reality is that we have no idea and therefore cant offer any advice.

On a practical level, our opinion is that the Chinese government couldnt care less if you use a VPN to log on to your Facebook profile or your Dropbox.

Of course, if you intend to use the Internet fraudulently, VPN or not, be aware that youre taking a risk both in China and abroad.

Expressvpn The Best Vpn For Whatsapp

Powerful, reliable and dedicated to user privacy, ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs around. ExpressVPN keeps close tabs on Chinese censorship, ensuring its always one step ahead of the censors and that its China-based users have reliable access to blocked content.

ExpressVPN is known for its speeds which are some of the fastest in the world, even when connecting to servers situated on the other side of the world. With apps available for all major operating systems, installing and navigating your way around ExpressVPN is surprisingly simple.

In addition to AES-256 encryption, ExpressVPN protects its users with an automatic kill switch that will instantly sever all connections should the VPN fail. This is crucial in China where any unencrypted traffic is liable to be intercepted by government authorities.

ExpressVPN has a proven no-logging policy so you know your secrets are safe with them. This is bolstered even further by ExpressVPNs advanced security features, including zero-knowledge DNS and TrustedServer technology. The first of these ensures none of ExpressVPNs servers retain any information about the DNS traffic it handled during the course of the day, while the latter guarantees that the server operates in RAM only, never saving information on a hard drive.

Install A Vpn App & Connect To The Nearest Vpn Server

Once you got a SIM card, you need to find a VPN provider that works in China.

Then, download and install a VPN app.

It will allow you to bypass government-imposed Internet restrictions and use websites and services as though youre outside of China.

For that, you just need to connect to the nearest VPN server, for instance, the one in Taiwan or Hong Kong.

It is also wise to set up and configure your VPN app while planning a trip since in China setting up your VPN can become much trickier.

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Why Whatsapp Is Blocked In China

Its a common knowledge that in China many websites, apps and services are blocked. For example, you cant access the following services in China: Google, , Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Reddit, Google App Store and many more.

The internet blocking in China is done by the so called Great Firewall of China and its obviously carried out under the command of the Chinese government.

Why did the Chinese government decide to block WhatsApp? It could be related to politics. Based on many peoples observations, whenever the time is close to big political events in China, we will hear more news related to Chinas online censorship.

In China, the most popular messaging app is WeChat, which is run by the Chinese company Tencent and its being monitored by the Chinese government. If you are posting news or pictures that are sensitive on WeChat, you might see your account get suspended. Thats how the Chinese government controls the information.

As for WhatsApp, since its a foreign service, the Chinese government cant control it closely and cant do similar things as WeChat. Therefore, the Chinese government might decide to just completely block it.

Does Facetime Work In China

WhatsApp in China: Blocked? How to Use WhatsApp in China?

You will find that FaceTime, the other popular video chatting app, works in China. This is because it requires the Apple ID information to work, but doesnt actually need a VPN in order to be used. Much like Skype, youll just need to log in and you can use it as normal. You may find that the video quality differs than when you were back home, but it is still possible to communicate using FaceTime.

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Why Do I Need A Vpn To Unblock Whatsapp

As previously mentioned, when it comes to certain environments – and even countries – accessing WhatsApp can be futile. This is because a block has been implemented on the server that prevents those connected to the network to access specific websites and/or apps.

Working environments, including schools, colleges, and offices may have such blocks in place in order to avoid disruption to working efficiency. If you want to access WhatsApp while at school or work, then, you’ll need a VPN to bypass these restrictions. Connecting to a VPN gives you better online anonymity, giving you a new IP address that will trick any block into thinking you’re elsewhere.

The same functionality can be utilised when in any country that restricts the use of certain apps and websites like WhatsApp. Abroad in China and want to use WhatsApp? You can keep in touch with loved ones simply by connecting to a VPN to appear as if you’re in a country that doesn’t block WhatsApp – like your native country.

Is Whatsapp Blocked In China In 2022

Yes. WhatsApp is blocked in China and has been censored since June of 2017. The app joins a host of other social media platforms that have been blocked in China.

What this means is that if open WhatsApp on your phone from within China, no matter if youre using a network connection or a wi-fi connection, the app wont work.

It will attempt to connect and then tell you that it cant reach the server.

If using WhatsApp is important for you to stay connected with friends and family back home, youll want to work through these three simple steps to unblock WhatsApp in China.

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How To Access And Use Whatsapp In China Simple Fix

With many of you wondering can i use WhatsApp in China? Thankfully, today VPN services have realized their true potential and are no longer difficult to operate. Be it any VPN provider, you can expect a very intuitive and easy to use client software that enables their users to access blocked sites from anywhere and so is the Surfshark.

Okay so I repeat, this is something you have to do BEFORE leaving for China.

How To Bypass Whatsapp China Block

How to verify your phone number on WhatsApp

Disclaimer:Learn more.

If youre planning to travel to China with your smartphone, the question of whether WhatsApp works in China will probably be a key issue. End-to-end encryption makes using WhatsApp a great way to communicate with people back home or contacts in the Peoples Republic while spending as little as possible and avoiding surveillance.

Needless to say, this is against the wishes of the Chinese government, which has invested a lot of effort into making each corner of their internet space observable. As of 2017, WhatsApp has been completely blocked in the country.

Is there a way to ignore this ban so can you use WhatsApp in China?

Yes, there are at least a few ways to unblock WhatsApp or any other blocked online service. Well discuss the best and most secure one:

VPN services.

Heres how it works

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An App To Get Around The Great Firewall

The Great Firewall of China is the reason why many websites and apps arent accessible in the country.

To get around the Great Firewall, you dont need to be an expert. You can simply download an app onto your phone that lets you access a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

Currently, VPNs are the easiest and most efficient way to get around the Great Firewall.

The Best Vpn Apps To Unblock Whatsapp In China

Finding the right VPN service to unblock WhatsApp in China can be tricky, particularly because the government monitors and cuts off VPNs. For instance, IPVanish recently reported that China has started blocking its IP addresses, so their service might not work properly there.

Luckily, there are robust VPN services that are great at , ensuring that your traffic cant be read by the government or your internet service provider . Although no foreigner has been prosecuted for using VPNs in China, youre better off using them anonymously.

Thats why strong encryption, anti-censorship features and obfuscation should be a priority when shopping for a VPN. Further, you need a VPN with servers in countries close to China so you can get the best speeds. While a server in any country in the Asia-Pacific region is a plus, look for VPNs with servers in countries that border China.

From our experience and testing, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Windscribe are the most effective VPNs for unblocking WhatsApp in China. Lets examine each in a bit more detail.

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Why You Need A Vpn To Unblock Whatsapp In China

China is a high-censorship country that uses a combination of laws and firewalls to control you. The firewall monitors network traffic using deep packet inspection. So, if the firewall detects you’re trying to access WhatsApp, it blocks you. Still, you can overcome these restrictions with a good VPN.

A VPN encrypts your data to keep your online activity private, so anything you do on your device remains confidential. If the Chinese government and the ISP cant see the websites and apps youre accessing, they cant block you. That way, a VPN can get past the firewall to allow access to WhatsApp.

But only a handful of VPNs are capable of bypassing the Great Firewall. To overcome these tight restrictions, a VPN needs to have strong encryption and obfuscation. Encryption makes your data unreadable, so no one can see your traffic except for the intended recipient. Obfuscation hides the fact you’re using a VPN. This is critical because China also blocks all non-government-operated VPNs and allows only the Chinese-approved ones.

Note: Even though China bans VPNs, there have been no cases of penalizing foreign tourists who use them. Nevertheless, my team and I do not condone using VPNs for anything illegal. ExpressVPN Offer August 2022:

Quick Guide: How To Unblock Whatsapp In China In 3 Easy Steps

Unblock whatsApp in china: How to use WhatsApp in China using VPN ...
  • I suggest ExpressVPN. Its super-fast, its safe, and it unblocks WhatsApp reliably. You can install ExpressVPN before arriving in China or download it from ExpressVPNs mirror website afterward.
  • Select a server in any country, such as Japan. That encrypts your traffic, so the government and your ISP cant monitor what you do online. For the fastest speeds, choose a server closer to you.
  • Start using WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and enjoy making voice and video calls and sending texts to your friends, family members, or business associates.
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    Where Else Is Whatsapp Banned

    Governments in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria have banned WhatsApp. Its also partially banned in the United Arab Emirates, where you can only use it to text. When traveling to these areas, you can use a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to overcome censorship and stay connected with your important contacts. A VPN hides your internet traffic from your ISP and the government, so you can freely surf and use the apps you want.

    Whatsapp Is Banned In China How To Unblock It

    The fact, as you might already know, is that WhatsApp has been blocked in China since 2017. However, as a Chinese whos currently working in Hong Kong, WhatsApp is very important for me to stay connected with friends and colleagues and I certainly need access to my WhatsApp every time I go back to the mainland. So how can I use WhatsApp in China?

    From my experience, I can tell you that its entirely possible to access WhatsApp in China, and actually, its not a quite complicated thing as long as you follow the guides that Im about to share with you.

  • FAQ: About WhatsApp in China
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    Is It True That All Vpn Access Has Been Blocked

    This information, published by Bloomberg in 2017 and originating from an unknown source, was quite doubtful at the time and was quickly debunked by the Chinese Ministry of Industry.

    China indeed started a campaign to limit VPN use in 2017, which reached its peak in 2018, but it was mainly focused on companies with headquarters in China, such as GreenVPN. Despite one-time attacks, this campaign was not extended to all VPNs, probably for two main reasons: technically speaking, its difficult to be able to block access to the global network, and because this could severely affect the Chinese economy .

    In 2017 and 2018, many VPNs stopped working or their performance was seriously affected. During the following years, periodic campaigns of increased restrictions have taken place, reducing the functionality of many VPNs. However, some well-known VPN services continue to work well, and its unlikely that they will stop working. These types of campaigns have become common over the years, especially around important political or social events .

    Can I Use Whatsapp In China

    How to Add Someone from Another Country on WhatsApp

    Although WhatsApp is blocked in China, you can still use it if you can find ways to bypass the blocking. As a matter of fact, there are many expats, business travelers and other people in China using WhatsApp in China on a daily basis. How do they use WhatsApp in China when its blocked? While, most people use VPN to bypass the blocking.

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    Is Whatsapp Working In China

    Is Whatsapp application Working in China?

    Because I read somewhere in news china block whatsapp? Is it true?

    What other communication application can we be use in china ?

    59 replies to this topic

    A few days ago WhatsApp worked without VPN in Shenzhen for text. It did not work for images.

    I’ve read on these forums and also on other travel type forums how WhatsApp works without issue without a VPN . However, each time I’ve been to China I’ve had mixed usage. More often than not it doesn’t work for me – I can’t send or receive messages, but occasionally I get a window where it works just fine , other times it works for messages but not for images.

    A friend found a similar issue when he was in

    Shanghai. WhatsApp does not work here without a VPN .

    Edited: 4 years ago

    From what I learned from friends who visit China frequently for work, Whatsapp does work for them when they roam on China Mobile’s network using their local countries’ SIM. Eg., Thailand and Singapore SIM. But if you were to purchase a China SIM, than I doubt it will work without using a VPN.

    It works. Occasionally it gets closed down .

    Got a WhatsApp message from a friend in Beijing 2 days ago – they haven’t got VPN or a Chinese Sim Card.

    OP if you want to access blocked sites like Facebook, Twitter, Goggle Maps, Gmail, You Tube etc etc you will need a VPN. Try Express VPN.


    it did not work in some time, so if you don’t get reply for some time, try another ways, such as email, short message, wechat……

    How To Safely Access Whatsapp As A Tourist In China

    Although the four aforementioned WhatsApp alternatives all have strengths and cool features, if you are visiting China and want to access your Whatsapp account, there are ways you can still do this. The primary way is by using a Virtual Private Network . A VPN works much like a proxy with the difference being that a VPN encrypts the information that you send and receive, while a proxy does not. A VPN works by creating secure tunnel between your computer and one located in a different country located outside of the censorship zone. Information sent by you to the Internet is encrypted and sent through the tunnel to the remote computer. There, it is decrypted, given an IP address from said country, and sent on to the website you are attempting to access. When you request information, the process is reversed.

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    Why Is There No Whatsapp In China

    WhatsApp is blocked in China and has been censored since June of 2017. The app joins a host of other social media platforms that have been blocked in China. What this means is that if open WhatsApp on your phone from within China, no matter if youre using a network connection or a wi-fi connection, the app wont work.

    Unblock Whatsapp In China

    How to use WhatsApp in China using a VPN
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  • Wrapping Up!
  • Does WhatsApp work in China in 2022? Sadly, WhatsApp is banned in China? and does not work but our guide you will be able to take it to Mars!

    Yes, the repressive regime with its Great Firewall does control a lot of the internet and media but dont worry. With the help of whatsapp unblock software aka VPN lets you use WhatsApp in China.

    You might be traveling from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world. This guide will help you out in staying in touch with your friends, family, and employees or colleagues.

    So, without any further ado, lets start. The most important thing to use WhatsApp in China is to have a Top-notch VPN provider as only the strongest providers succeed in working in China.

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