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Can You Use Linkedin For Dating

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How To Use LinkedIn In 2021 | What You Can’t Miss Out On

Then there are the new connections who immediately ask to schedule a 15-minute call to see how we can help each other or to learn more about us and share your story. I assume theyre more interested in promoting their business than actually getting to know me.

I always respond to these messages by saying that I schedule get-to-know-you calls at 4:30 a.m. when Im walking Rosie. If the person is really interested in talking with me, theyll make it work. If theyre interested in talking with anyone with a pulse, theyll pass. To date, I think Ive only had one person accept my invitation.

Is It Ok To Use Linkedin To Ask For A Date

When an email arrives from LinkedIn, it’s usually a reminder to check a connection’s new photo or update your profile.

But sometimes, landing in the inbox are flattering flirtations from strangers, vague messages suggesting a drink or clear come-ons.

Many people say LinkedIn plays a role in the dating game, sometimes to scope out potential suitors or a profile picture. But others report approaches in ways they deemed creepy, all through the professional networking site.

Canadian Tara Prudhomme was uneasy and surprised when a recent contact sent her a long missive requesting a romantic connection.

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She wasn’t the only one to report nonbusiness and, at times, even unsettling inquiries through people using the site as a dating hub.

One 31-year-old attorney recalled being asked to “connect” by a man who said he was interested in becoming a prosecutor. Business-related talk soon gave way to questions about when she would be in his town. Another woman, a 31-year-old New Yorker, was confused when a former co-worker added her on LinkedIn, leading to weeks of emails and eventually a coffee meetup. Years later, she is still not sure whether it was more than a work thing their conversation didn’t stick to work, but they didn’t meet up again.

Even a recent New York Times wedding announcement gives a nod to the site: After forgetting to nab his future wife’s phone number when they met at a restaurant, .

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So, just like in real life, Ive set some personal boundaries to help figure out whether or not it is worth my time to meet a LinkedIn contact.

I typically agree to a face-to-face meeting only after weve had fairly productive digital correspondences. Some coffee dates have resulted in mutually beneficial working relationships over the years.

On a couple of occasions, these contacts have become friends I see at both work-related events and social settings. Friendships can grow out of meaningful career contacts.

Sometimes I politely decline an offer to meet when I find there is little potential in furthering our conversations in person. There are no hard feelings – its just business after all.

And that one time when a complete stranger asked me out for no apparent reason, I ultimately decided to treat it like an unwanted Instagram DM – I simply did not respond at all.


For everyone trying to increase their chances at finding love, why not focus on actual dating apps to help you find a match?

Single Singaporeans really like using dating apps to find romance, the one bright spark that might just boost our declining birth rates.

A 2019 survey by dating company Lunch Actually found that 51 per cent of 600 Singaporean singles surveyed prefer to use dating apps to search for a partner. Popular matchmaking apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and Paktor say Singapore ranks among their top markets.

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Best Ted Talks On Dating

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Writing Too Much In Your Bio

A Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads Dimensions

Show people who you are, but leave some suspense.

On LinkedIn: Don’t forget to write a LinkedIn summary because it’s the first thing a recruiter sees. At the same time, the summary isn’t a repeat of your résumé either. Decembrele shared that you should consider it an elevator pitch with keywords and career highlights listed.

“It provides a holistic and rich digital representation of your story, and what makes you unique as a professional,” she previously told Business Insider. “It should empower you to attract opportunity in a way that addresses your professional goals and aspirations, so make it authentic.”

On dating app: You don’t want to overwhelm your potential partners with your life story . Keeping it short and to the point will do the trick.

Showing your interests through the profile pictures also says more than a long bio. Wendy O’Connor, a psychologist and life coach, previously told Business Insider that aligning your photos with passions will make it easier for others to approach you. For example, if you’re a frequent traveller, making it known in your profile will automatically draw other travellers in.

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Dear Men Please Stop Using Linkedin To Hit On Women

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This article originally appeared on VICE UK

Modern dating is a bitch. Between swiping right, deciding who pays for what and figuring out if you can still make it to your desk from an ill-advised hookup in Morden, its a lot of hassle for a hangover. At best, bad dates are a welcome upgrade from Brexit water-cooler chat. At worst, he goes guerrilla and finds you on .

For me, it was the latter. A year and a half ago I matched with a man on Bumble. He was an officer in the Royal Marines tall-ish, dark and CrossFit Prince Eric handsome. I fell hard, but it ended when I moved to London and he went back to single-handedly saving the world. He deleted my number. 16 months later, he tried to add me to his LinkedIn network.

His message had the poetic clout of a tax return: I had to get your attention somehow. I should have known then. The reason he couldnt contact me was because hed factory reset me out of his life. He apologised for treating me badly and said he wanted to show me the man he really was.

Swapping swiping for professional social networking is on the rise. Its nothing new, just our generations equivalent of being doorstepped by a fistful of tulips. Modern dating can be challenging, Meredith Golden tells me. She ghostwrites dating app bios for a living. Not everyone knows how to use digital tools to their advantage.

The LinkedIn messaging interface.

Whatever Happened To The Good Old Days Of Love Letters Poems And Actually Talking To Each Other In Person

Dating in todays day and age is now as simple as a swiftswipe to the left or right. Long gone are the days of needing to awkwardly dance over to a potential partner or ask them upfront for their phone number nowadays, dates are arranged virtually and its normal to chat to as many people as you like at one time.

While dating apps and websites like Match, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Plenty Of Fish and OK Cupid may take centre stage as themost widely used dating apps, there has been a growing trend over recent years for the worlds largest professional network to be used as a way to find potential suitors.

But should LinkedIn really be used as a dating website? And why has it become so popular in recent times? This article will look to answer both these questions and more.

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Do These Spammy Tactics Work

LinkedIn is a tool. How you use it will determine whether it helps or harms your career. Sometimes I use my LinkedIn connections when I need a referral source. I will never send you any referrals if you message me in any of the ways above. Those tactics may work on others , but they have the reverse effect on me.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Linkedin Dating Scams

How To Use LinkedIn For Beginners – 7 LinkedIn Profile Tips

Theres no point in trying to avoid scammers by staying away from social media platforms altogether. The reality is that people are exposed to scams on a daily basis online and offline. Its the way of the world.

The basic principleto staying safe online is that you never want to give away personal informationthat you wouldnt give to someone you meet on the street. Anyone who contactsyou asking for money or bank account information to verify your identity is ascammer. Its that simple.

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Could You Be A Victim Of A Linkedin Romance Scam

It is important that you perform a quick background check on who you are actually speaking to on the internet . The common questions that spring to mind are:

  • Are they using fake identities?
  • Am I really speaking to a real person from the USA?

To help the users of this site we have partnered with BeenVerified so you can check exactly that. This checking service reveals everything about this would be romance scammer and if they are a real person!

Helpful Information Available on BeenVerified:

  • Arrest Records
  • Email Addresses
  • Social Profiles
  • Home Addresses
  • Sex Offenders Register
  • And More

Unclear Intentions: An Informational Interview Or A Date

Two years ago, Saphira Howell, who was 20-years-old at the time, was working in an entry-level role at a tech startup in Venice when she received a LinkedIn message from a man seven years her senior. He asked if they could meet over coffee for an informational interview so he could learn more about the company. Since they had mutual acquaintances on LinkedIn, she agreed. But when they met near Venice Beach, he showed little interest in talking about work.

“I thought it was weird because he didn’t ask anything about the company,” Howell recalls. “I thought maybe this guy was just a big networker?”

When the man texted a few weeks later asking if she wanted to have lunch, Howell asked him if he was looking for a date. He said he was. Howell told him she had a boyfriend and was not interested. She never heard from the man again. “I was a little unsettled that he thought our informational coffee was a date,” she said.

Laurel House, the dating coach expert at eharmony, said stories like Howell’s are common, but she does not think it is inappropriate to use LinkedIn for dating, so long as people are respectful and upfront with their intentions.

“Make it clear as you can that you’re interested in knowing her in a non-business way,” said House. “You’re giving her the opportunity to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’.”

“Linkedin is a great reservoir of talent when it comes to the dating scene,” he said.

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Flirting On Linkedin Should I Do It

I recently trained as an inbound sales representative. I thought if I knew how to sell products and services, I would have a better understanding of my job as a marketer. Part of my sales training consisted of beginning conversations on a variety of platforms — from the phone to email and, yes, even LinkedIn.

In this training, I was told to help those I spoke with instead of selling to them. This method changes the sales perspective and allows reps to be a little more psychiatrist and a lot less professional bull rider.

Everything was going well, and I saw my book of business expanding by the minute. To build rapport with my prospects, I added LinkedIn messaging to my sales outreach process. Most of the messages looked like this:

Good afternoon ,

It’s great to connect with you! Thanks for accepting my invitation to join your network. Enjoy your day, and please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.



Pretty standard stuff, right? Most responses were, Thanks, Hayley! while others got more specific and asked how I could help them — which is exactly what I wanted.

One prospect thought my greeting was so great, he proposed I work with him. I responded with:

Thats very kind of you, however, I love my job. I thrive off creativity, relationships, and team building. What exactly do you do?

I quickly received an I . Would you like to meet for a drink sometime? Followed by, Strictly biz.

My response? *Delete*

Attention Creeps Linkedin Is Not A Dating Site

22 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn still creates discussion: recruiters love it, some people dont see the point of using it, but there is always a lot of talk about and on it. However you feel about the site, there is one thing that most people agree on:

LinkedIn is not a dating site.

This isnt the first time that topic has come up, but its out there again thanks to a new app which combines Tinder with LinkedIn to find dates for people. Its called LinkedUp and users can filter profiles through industry, age, gender and proximity to find their perfect match. Its opt-in, so you wont be getting meet requests without your knowledge.

Well, not via that app, at least. If youve been on LinkedIn long enough, youll get those connect requests that have nothing to do with your industry, and the odd ambiguous date requests. A recent discussion looked at ways to deal with unwanted connection requests. The top was Whats the best way to polite decline a request to connect on LinkedIn?

Krista Canfield offered a very polite and friendly refusal, offering alternatives to connect. Others were not as lengthy.

Some prefer to simple ignore. Alan Hope said that theres nothing wrong with ignoring an unsolicited request from a stranger. Others prefer to respond asking the sender to remind them how they met. Only then would they connect if the response was fair and offered something to both parties.

Look at their profile

Ask them why

Ick. Ignored and reported.

Trust your gut

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Why Would Linkedin Be Linked To Romantic Attraction

As the modern-day resumé, LinkedIn is primarily designed to showcase your talents to prospective employers. A good profile will demonstrate how passionate, ambitious, intelligent and loyal you are. These traits are some of the most commonly sought after in partners, which is why using LinkedIn for dating might not be as ridiculous as it sounds.

Is the ideal employee also the ideal soulmate? Not necessarily, but they often have a lot of qualities in common.

A quarter of our survey respondents said theyd consider university if they knew it would help them find their soulmate. Education and intelligence are clearly a top priority for many people when choosing their romantic partners, so it makes sense that a social media platform dedicated to displaying this aspect of a persons life could help you realise if you find them attractive.

So yes, finding love on LinkedIn seems possible. But the question is

How To Use Linkedin To Find A Date

Youve tried Tinder. Youve tried Coffee Meets Bagel. Youve tried Bumble. Youve tried OkCupid. Its all the same. Youre not getting any replies. Youre getting ghosted. The dates that you get arent going anywhere. The whole process of swiping and chatting is taking so much time and youre just done with the whole dating process. What about LinkedIn? There are some great eligible people there. Theyre legitimate professionals so maybe youll have a chance Why not give it a try?

Well in efforts to write this article, I had some help. I put a query out on HARO to get some input on this. Little did I know that I was poking a sleeping lion

Im a career coach and thats the worst idea Ive heard. People are on LinkedIn to find jobs not dates.

Jennifer Yeko, Founder and Career Coach from Ninja Recruiting

The responses kept coming into my inbox all saying the same thing

That is a HARD no. Niet. Não. Nein.

LinkedIn is a professional network. Not a personal one. There is nothing more infuriating than accepting a connection request from someone just to be hit on. Even the instant hard sales tactic is not as bad.

So no. Dont do it.

Jodi Lasky, CEO & Founder of The Pride.

In an article written by Eric Martin, he says

Abigail MacAlpine who responded to a guys advances by posting his messages on her social media said this

Please do not use this website like Tinder, I dont invite these comments with my profile or my work

We even got tagged in an InstaStory

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When Regina Scott found out that, after a gruelling boot camp, she had received her dream internship at a software company, she was excited: her mid-pandemic career change into the tech industry had paid off.

Eager to share her success with friends and colleagues, she posted a photo of herself on with an inspirational caption hoping to motivate others.

Changing your career is an incredibly stressful and challenging thing, Scott said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Canada. So I wanted people to know that it is possible and I wanted to celebrate my achievement.

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Within minutes, the 25-year-old was inundated with messages some congratulatory, some seeking career advice but most were inappropriate messages from men commenting on her appearance.

Normally Scott would ignore these sorts of messages, but the sheer volume of them on a day when she was celebrating a professional milestone hit a nerve. So, when she received a message from a high-level employee at a major tech company commenting on her appearance, she decided to call him out on his behaviour.

When confronted, the mans messages became increasingly aggressive. Scott said the man went so far as to threaten to report her to her employer as a problematic employee.

Scott was initially excited to receive a message from an employee from such a well known company, but was disheartened to see how he behaved.

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