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Can You Use Gmail On Iphone

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Using The Gmail Or Inbox App

How to Add Gmail to iPhone Mail Using IMAP | iOS 13
  • 1Open the App Store. It’s a blue app that contains a white “A” inside a circle.
  • 2Tap Search in the bottom-right part of the screen. Then tap the “Search” field at the top of the screen and begin typing “Gmail”. As you type, apps will be suggested on the screen below the “Search” field.
  • 3Choose an app. Both Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are official Google apps that allow you to send and receive Gmail messages on your iPhone.
  • The main difference between the two apps is that you can set up non-Gmail accounts in the Inbox app.
  • 4Tap GET. It appears to the right of the app.
  • When the button label changes to INSTALL, tap it again. An app icon has been added to your home screen.
  • 5Tap OPEN. It’s in the location where the GET and INSTALL buttons had been.
  • 6Tap Allow. Doing so permits the app to send you notifications when you receive email.
  • If you are using the Inbox app instead of the Gmail app, it will ask you to sign in first before it asks you to allow notifications.
  • You can change these settings by opening your Settings, scrolling down and tapping Notifications, then tapping Gmail or Inbox.
  • 7Tap SIGN IN. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • 8Add your Gmail account. If you see it in the “Accounts” list, slide your account to the “On” position.
  • If your account isn’t listed, tap + Add account at the bottom of the list. Then enter your Gmail address, tap NEXT, enter your password, and then tap NEXT.
  • Best Iphone Email App For Frequent Travelers And Shoppers

    Edison Mail takes intelligent email sorting to the next level: subscriptions, purchase receipts, and even travel details and package shipping details are automatically identified and sorted into the correct groups, which you access from the sidebar.

    You can then quickly glance at your favorite newsletters, unsubscribe from ones you no longer read with a single tap on the unsubscribe button, see upcoming trip details like boarding gates and departure times, and track your parcels, all without having to dig deep into your email archive. Edison will even use the information to send you smart notifications, letting you know when your flight’s gate has changed or your package is out for delivery.

    In addition to the assistant, Edison is a full-on modern email client: it supports all the major email services and offers undo send, customizable swipe gestures, snooze, and smart replies for when a short response is all that’s needed. And my new favorite way to mark an email as read? Just swipe the little blue unread dot, and it vanishes.

    Edison compatibility: Gmail, IMAP, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Comcast, AOL, AT& T, and more

    Edison price: Free

    Twobird compatibility: Gmail, Outlook

    ProtonMail compatibility: You can set up mail forwarding through Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook/Hotmail

    ProtonMail price: Free ProtonMail Plus is $59.99/year, includes 5 email addresses, 5 GB of storage, and IMAP/SMTP Support

    E How To Organize Your Gmail Inbox

    If youre like most people these days, your inbox is probably flooded with incoming messages product notifications, newsletters, cold emails, promotions, and more. As a result, keeping your mailbox organized can be overwhelming.

    Fortunately, Gmail offers numerous organizational features to help manage your emails efficiently, such as:

    Scroll down and click on Create new label.

    Step 5In the pop-up window, enter a name for the new Gmail label and select a label to nest it under .

    Step 6

    ii. How to Add Labels to an Email in Gmail

    Heres how simple it is to add a label to an email.

    Step 1Open the email you want to add a label to and click on the Label icon at the top.

    Step 2Enter the name of the label in the search box or select one from the label list.

    You can add multiple labels to a single email by checking the boxes next to the label names.

    Step 3

    Ill show you how to star important emails and search for your starred emails.

    i. How to Star Important Emails

    Step1Open Gmail and find the email you want to star.

    Step 2Click on the star icon next to the required email.

    The star will turn yellow, indicating that the email has been starred.

    ii. How to Search for Starred Emails

    Once an email has been starred, searching for that email is simple.

    Heres how to do it:

    Step 1Open Gmail and select the Starred folder in the left side pane.

    Step 2The Starred folder will open with all your starred emails in it.

    You can click on the required email to open it.

    3. Gmail Filters

    Heres how:

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    Ensure You Have Internet Connectivity And Vpn Is Off

    Open an iPhone app like Safari and try to visit a website. If you can, that means you have a working internet connection. In case the internet isnt working please check the following guides.

    Next, in case you are using a VPN , please turn it off. Several services are inaccessible via VPN.

    Tip: If you are on mobile data, it is vital to ensure that the mail app is allowed to use it. For this, open the Settings app and tap Cellular. Now, scroll down and make sure that the toggle for your email app is enabled.

    Reset All Iphone Settings

    What to Do When Gmail Is Not Working on iPhone

    This will not delete personal data like apps, music, photos, videos, etc. However, all settings will be deleted and restored to default. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, and more.

  • Open the Settings app and tap General.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Tap Reset All Settings and proceed.
  • After this process completes, set up Gmail, and it should work fine.
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    A How To Use Gmail On Your Android Phone

    Ill first show you how to install the Gmail app on your Android phone and then go over how to add non-Gmail accounts to your mobile Gmail app.

    1. How to Install the Gmail App on Your Android Phone

    Heres how you can easily install the Gmail app on your Android phone:

    Step 1Go to the Play Store and search for the Google app you want to install the Gmail app.

    Click Install to install the Google app.

    Step 2Open the app and sign in using your login credentials.

    2. How to Add Non-Gmail Accounts to the Gmail App on Your Android Phone

    Heres how you can add non-Gmail accounts to your Gmail app on your Android phone:

    Step 1Open Gmail on your phone or tablet.

    Step 2In the top right corner, tap your profile picture.

    Step 3

    Choose the type of account you want to add.

    Step 5Follow the steps instructed on your screen to add your account.

    But what if you have an iPhone?Next, Ill show you how to use Gmail on your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS mobile devices.

    How To Add Gmail Email To Spark For Ios

  • Launch Spark on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the Sidebar button at the top left of the screen.
  • Scroll down till you see the Settings option and tap on it.
  • Tap on Mail Accounts and then on the Add Account button at the bottom.
  • Tap on the Gmail icon from the grid of email service providers.
  • Sign in to your Gmail account using your email and password.
  • Tap on the Allow button to let Spark access your Google Account, so that you can start using your Gmail email with Spark.
  • Choose how youd like Spark to handle notifications for you and then click Done.
  • Thats it! Spark will automatically set up your Gmail account on your iPhone and iPad and all you emails will be accessible for you to use.

    • Features

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    How To Attach Photos On Gmail For Iphone

    The easiest file to attach on Gmail for iPhone is an image. You can either attach a picture youve already captured or take one directly from the camera within the Gmail app. Heres how to do it.

    Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your iPhone and tap on the Compose option.

    Step 2: Enter the email address of the recipient and all the required information in the body of the email.

    Step 3: Tap on the Attach icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

    Step 4: You will now see a pop-up from the bottom of the screen with the Photos option. You can now scroll horizontally on the photo thumbnails and tap on an image to add it as an attachment.

    Step 5: If you want a better look at your gallery and want to add an image thats not displayed, select the All option to open the Photos app. Choose the images you want to attach here.

    Step 6: In case you want to click a new photo to attach, tap on the camera icon in the pop-up menu and this will lead you to the camera viewfinder.

    Step 7: Shoot the desired photo or video and then select Use Photo.

    You have now successfully added a photo as an attachment on Gmail on your iPhone. Repeat the process to add multiple pictures.

    How Do You Use Gmail On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    iPhone 7: How to Add Gmail Account

    So how do you access your Gmail on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Do you use the built-in iOS Mail app? Using Apple’s Mail app has several advantages. It’s the default mail client on iOS, and it has full background multitasking permissions, so unless you’ve turned everything to manual, your messages are usually ready and waiting for you the moment you launch the app. No App Store app is allowed any of that. However, it doesn’t support Gmail’s Stars or Labels, and Flags and Folders aren’t the same.

    If you use Apple’s Mail app, do you set up Gmail as Gmail, which is the obvious way to do it, given the giant logo label? It uses IMAP so it isn’t push, but does that really matter to you? Or do you set up Gmail as Exchange ActiveSync in Apple Mail instead? Does the combination of push as well as Contacts sync win you over?

    What about those of you for whom Apple Mail just isn’t the right solution? Do you use the website? It has the advantage of fast access to your mail and local storage, but because it’s locked in Safari you don’t get to do attachments or access your iOS Contacts, and you don’t get push notifications. Do you use the Gmail app, so you can add attachments and access your Contacts? Or is the lack of background email processing just too annoying for you?

    Or do you not use Gmail at all? And if not, why not?


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    Gmail Vs Apple Mail: Addons And Extensions

    We also need to talk about the addons and extensions available for both Gmail and Apple Mail. If you know where to look, you can find a handful of extensions to improve Apple Mail on your Mac for example, there are third-party apps that can change how your email attachments appear, improve your contact management, or introduce new keyboard shortcuts. But on iPad and iPhone, modifying the traditional Apple Mail experience is much more challenging.

    If youre interested in learning more about the apps, add-ons, and extensions that make Gmail incredible, weve listed our 54 favorites hereand thats just the beginning. Chances are, your favorite project management and communication apps all offer some kind of Gmail integration.

    Needless to say, Gmail has the advantage here. Its much more customizable, much more open to other platforms and apps, and therefore has more versatility for the average user.

    Winner: Gmail

    Fix : Perform A Security Check On Your Account

    Sometimes, even after authenticating your device, you might encounter these Gmail iPhone issues. If your Google account has been linked to several other devices or has encountered any security threat, it can lead to Gmail not loading on iPhone.

    Therefore, if your Gmail has stopped working on your iPhone due to any security concern, you can try these steps.

    Step 1. At first, go to your Google account on your iPhone or any other device/computer of your choice.

    Step 2. Once you log-in to your Gmail account, click on your avatar from the top-right corner and visit the Google settings page.

    Step 3. Under the Google Settings, go to the Security Option, and perform a complete Security Checkup.

    Step 4. This will display different parameters related to the security of your account that you can resolve. Under the Devices section, make sure your iPhone is included. You can tap on the three-dot icon and remove any unauthorized device from here as well.

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    Why You Shouldnt Use The Gmail App On Your Iphone After New Privacy Disclosure

    If youre one of hundreds of millions of people using the Gmail app on your iPhone, then Googles stark new data harvesting disclosures should serve as a serious warning. You should delete the app from your phone todayheres why.

    Gmail icon

    The news this week that Google will not develop secretive new methods to track its users across the internet is very welcome. Ignoring the fact that its existing stance on tracking is now under investigation, its good that, yet again, Google is finally hurrying after Apple on the privacy front, before it falls too far behind.

    Protecting the privacy of users is a philosophya fairly binary one at that. You either believe its the right thing to do, or you dont. And if you appear to be ticking boxes, with times changing around you, then it comes across as fairly hollow. Whether youre an Apple or Google fan, iPhone or Android, Safari or Chrome, youll know that privacy is core to Apples DNAthat simply isnt the case when it comes to Google.

    As ESETs Jake Moore points out, Apple is ramping up its privacy claim, firing on all cylinders to keep their users data protected. With data firmly being the currency of the 21st century, Apple, as ever, is thinking outside the box with how it operates.

    Gmail tops iOS “productivity” installs, but was not updated for months.

    Google / Apple App Store

    Apple Mail Vs Microsoft Outlook Vs Google Gmail

    Apple Privacy Labels

    Google apps

    Apple Privacy Labels

    Check The Gmail Website For Alerts

    Gmail for iPhone and iPad  Everything you need to know!

    When Google prevents you from signing in, it will send an email to the same email . If you can open this email on any other device or iPhone browser, please do that. Next, inside this email, tap review your devices now or something similar. Follow the prompts to let Google know that it was you who was trying to sign in.

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    Adding A Gmail Account To The Apple Mail App

  • 1Open Settings. It’s a gray app that contains gears and is typically located on your home screen.
  • 2Scroll down and tap Mail. It’s in a section with other Apple apps, like Calendar and Notes.Advertisement
  • 3Tap Accounts. It’s the first section of the menu.
  • 4Tap Add Account. It’s at the bottom of the “ACCOUNTS” section.
  • 5Tap Google. It’s in the middle of the list.
  • 6Enter your Gmail address in the labeled field.
  • 7Tap NEXT. It’s a blue button on the screen.
  • 8Enter your password in the labeled field.
  • 9Tap NEXT. It’s a blue button on the screen.
  • If you’ve enabled two-step verification for Gmail, enter the verification code you received via text or using Authenticator.
  • 10Slide “Mail” to the “On” position. It will turn green.
  • Select other Gmail data you want to sync with your iPhone by sliding the data you want to see on your iPhone to the “On” position.
  • 11Tap Save. It’s in the upper-right corner of the screen. Now you can send and receive Gmail messages using the native iPhone Mail app.Advertisement
  • How To Setup Gmail Email On Iphone Or Ipad

  • If you havent already, mail app on your iPhone or iPad to get started. If youre already using Spark and want to add a Gmail account, these instructions here instead.
  • Launch Spark on your iPhone or iPad
  • Read the intro screens by swiping them to the left or tap the Skip button at the bottom if youre familiar with Sparks features already.
  • Type in your email address, tick the checkbox next to I agree to the Spark Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and tap on the Next button to proceed further.
  • On the next screen, enter your Gmail password and tap Next. Then, tap on the blue Allow button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your Gmail within Spark.
  • Thats it! There are no Settings to configure and no servers to specify. Just sign into your Gmail account and start using Spark for iOS.

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    How To Set Up Your Email Account Automatically

    If you use an email provider like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, Mail can automatically set up your email account with just your email address and password. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
  • Tap Add Account, then select your email provider.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • If you see Next, tap Next and wait for Mail to verify your account.
  • If you see Save, tap Save.
  • If you don’t see your email provider, tap Other to add your account manually.

    Check The Mail App Settings

    iPhone 5S: How to Setup Gmail Account

    Cant find your Gmail inbox in the Mail app after adding your Google account to your iPhone? Check the Mail settings menu and ensure Mail synchronization is enabled for your Google email account.

    Go to Settings> Mail> Accounts> Gmail and toggle on the Mail option. If already enabled, turn it off, wait for a minute, and turn it back on.

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    Fix : Turn On The Imap Access For Gmail

    IMAP, which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, is a common technology that Gmail and other email clients use to deliver messages. If IMAP is disabled on your Google account, it can cause Gmail not working on iPhone.

    To fix this, just log-in to your Gmail account on your computer and go to its Settings from the top-right corner. Once the Settings page is loaded, visit the Forwarding and POP/IMAP segment to enable the IMAP protocol.

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