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Can You Undelete An Instagram Post

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How To Delete An Instagram Post

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

1. Open your phone’s Instagram app and, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the profile icon.

2. On your Instagram profile page, find and tap the photo you want to delete.

3. On the photo page, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of your screen.

4. In the pop-up that appears, select the Delete option.

5. In the next pop-up window that appears, select “Delete” again to permanently remove the photo.

How To Restore Deleted Reels Posts On Instagram

Some of the like Vanish Mode and Co-watching are great and really fun. But if I have to pick one new addition that has proven to be immensely helpful then it would be the Recently Deleted feature. It lets you restore deleted posts on Instagram in just a few taps. So if you have accidentally deleted a post, story, Reels, or IGTV video, you can easily recover them on Instagram. So with that in mind, lets go ahead and learn how to use this feature and restore deleted items on Instagram.

Can You Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Comments

Unfortunately, Instagram doesnt allow the recovery of deleted Instagram comments once the 3 second period has passed. If youre planning to have a backup of the comment before you delete it, the only way to do it is by taking a screenshot of the comments.

Whether you use Instagram on a mobile or desktop PC, you will have the option to take a screenshot of the Instagram platform.

If youre using an iPhone, you can press the top button and the home button at the same time to take a screenshot. For Android users, each manufacturer will have a different shortcut to take a screenshot of your screen. For example, you can hit the volume down button and power button at the same time to take a screenshot if youre using a Xiaomi mobile device.

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How To Find Deleted Instagram Photos From Photos App

Can’t find the lost Instagram photos from the archiving folder? You can try to view the images from the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app if you have deleted Instagram-related photos from this app The folder will keep deleted items for 30 days.

To view deleted Instagram pictures from the Photos app, you can:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Tap “Albums”> “Recently Deleted.”
  • Touch “Select” and choose the items you want to recover.
  • Tap “Recover”> “Recover Photos” to fetch the deleted Instagram photos.

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How To Recover Deleted Instagram Comments

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Account?

Considering the growing popularity of , it goes without saying that Instagram has become one of the leading social networking platforms for people looking for reliable and entertaining content. From memes that keep you entertained to interesting photos and videos, Instagram is your go-to platform.

Recently, the platform has launched the Recently Deleted feature that enables users to and videos that they had deleted within 30 days.

Have you ever posted a comment and hit the delete button right next to it?

Whether it was your comment on someone elses post or you deleted a comment you had received on your post from a friend or colleague, it is absolutely possible to recover deleted comments on Instagram.

In this guide, youll learn how to recover deleted Instagram comments.

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What Is Recently Deleted On Instagram

Instagram’s Recently Deleted feature helps account owners to manage content better by allowing them to restore posts that were accidentally deleted.

Instagram account owners now have the option to review and restore deleted content. The social media platform also included additional protection to prevent hackers from deleting posts with the update.

Since hackers often delete content on targeted accounts, Instagram says that it will verify account ownership before allowing users to remove or restore posts.

Meanwhile, deleted content can still be accessed and restored in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days.

This folder differs from your automatically .

How To Recover Photos & Videos From Instagram

One way to recover Instagram photos and videos is from the apps Recently Deleted or Archive folder. Another location where you should look for the Instagram files is in the photo albums of your device such as Gallery, Download folder, File Manager, Camera Roll, or others. You may also search for missing photos and videos in backup folder such as iCloud or Google Photos.

If you dont find the deleted Instagram photos and videos at any location on your device or cloud backup, use a photo and video recovery software to retrieve the lost Instagram files from the storage device.

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Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Another ideal option for you is the Stellar Photo Recovery software. This is designed to help you recover deleted files on your device. Users can simply access it online there is no need to download an app.

It helps you save time and can be used in different scenarios to recover lost data. Different storage media are supported, so this software will help you get it back whatever your post might be.

How To Hide Instagram Comments From A Person Without Blocking Them

How to Restore Recently Deleted Instagram Posts

Instagram quietly rolled out a new feature in 2019 that allows users to hide comments from certain users without them even knowing. This is a way to protect yourself from cyberbullying but is also useful for hiding strange comments from well-meaning fans. Heres how to hide comments using Instagrams restrict feature:

  • Navigate to the comment of the person that you want to restrict.
  • Swipe left on the comment.
  • Tap the ! icon.
  • Tap Restrict in the pop-up menu.
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    How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts And Photos

    Sometimes we are quick to delete an Instagram post only to realize that it was a photo or a video of importance. Now you need it back but it has gone from your gallery. Instagram may have a ton of features, but something that it surely lacks is a recycle bin. So any photo that you delete is gone from your gallery indefinitely.

    However, you can depend on a few Instagram data recovery options in such situations. We will go through some of the most popular ones.

    Is It Bad To Delete Your Instagram Posts

    It isnt bad to delete your Instagram post it doesnt affect the Instagram algorithm. People delete their Instagram posts for many reasons, and it is not wrong or frowned upon on Instagram.

    You could choose to archive them instead or backup your posts before deleting them so you can access them later if you want.

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    What Does It Mean To Unarchive A Post

    Removing a post from the archive list simply means displaying it again in your Instagram feed.

    · When you unarchive the post, it is placed on the date it was published at the time. The past likes and comments will display too.

    · Your followers and users who reach your profile can interact with this post again.

    · If you reshare this post in your feed, you can archive it again whenever you want.

    If you want to continue learning about social media marketing, in particular Instagram, here is your guide:

    If you need our help or have some questions about how to unarchive an Instagram post, well read your comments.

    How To Restore Instagram Posts You Accidentally Deleted

    How to disable Instagram Account

    If you’ve deleted an Instagram post, Reel, or Story that you would like to restore, here’s how you can recover it…

    Have you ever deleted an Instagram post by accident? Have you ever experienced getting hacked on Instagram and seeing your posts deleted without even knowing?

    Dont worry because you are not the only one who has experienced this. Instagram has introduced a feature that allows users to restore recently deleted posts.

    Here’s what to know about the tool and how to use it…

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    Users Have Up To 30 Days To Complete This Process

    How can you keep pace with an accelerating marketing ecosystem? Join us at Brandweek Sept. 1216 in Miami alongside leading CMOs, founders and change makers from Gatorade, , Alo Yoga, Campbell’s, Uncommon James and more. Book now.

    Did you know that Instagram gives users a limited amount of time to restore the posts theyve deleted? When users delete a regular post or a Stories post from their Archive, theyll have up to 30 days to restore the post before its permanently deleted. If users delete a Stories post within the first 24 hours of sharing it, it will be permanently deleted after 24 hours.

    How To Hide Comments On Instagram

    Lets say you share a contentious Instagram post that is instantly bombarded by hundreds of negative comments. You could delete the offensive comments, but you can also save yourself some trouble by simply hiding offensive comments or turning off comments altogether. Heres how to hide offensive comments on Instagram:

  • Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap the three horizontal lines.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Comments.
  • Toggle on Hide Offensive Comments.
  • You can also toggle on Manual Filter, which will allow you to choose specific words that will trigger Instagram to hide a comment.
  • Additionally, on this page, you can choose to block comments from certain people. This is different from blocking an account altogether, as they can still view your photos. Comments they leave on your photo will only be visible to them.
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    How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts Stories Reels And Igtv Videos

    To save people from losing their Instagram data when their account gets hacked, Instagram launched the Recently Deleted feature. This feature also comes in handy when you accidentally delete something on Instagram. Instead of crying over it for hours, you can easily restore the content to your profile with the help of Recently deleted, as shown in the post.

    We have covered what happens when you delete content from Instagram and how to see and recover deleted posts. As a bonus tip, you will also get to know how to delete items from Recently deleted permanently.

    Lets see how to recover deleted posts, stories, reels, and IGTV videos on Instagram on Android and iPhone.

    How To Undelete An Instagram Post

    How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos Easily?

    You found the perfect shot of that New York Blizzard, or an exquisite snap of whatever lunch youre particularly proud of, posted it, and then, for whatever reason, deleted it. And now that youve thought better of it, life simply wont be the same without that particular Instagram post. How could you? There has to be a way to recover a deleted Instagram post there just has to be? Right?


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    Whether The Ig Posts Statistics Can Be Recoved

    For most of the Instagram content, you wont see likes, comments or views in Recently Deleted. But after you recover these deleted Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels, most of their statistics will be also restored.

    The metrics for professional accounts will also get back. But dont forget, Instagram keeps data only for the last 90 days. It includes the time when your content is in Recently Deleted.

    Deleted posts

    As for the feed content, you can see only the number of likes. But you will see the captions, tags and reactions on your profile again after you recover these deleted Instagram posts.

    Old Stories

    If you delete a Story before the 24 hours since its been posted, then youll see views and reactions in the Recently Deleted section.

    Stories are recovered in the user’s feed. It can be viewed by tapping your profile picture. 24 hours to deleting are counted from the beginning. Views and reaction statistic are being collected again.

    If you added Stories to Highlights, they appear there again too.

    Deleted Reels

    In deleted Reels, you can see only the number of likes. After you get the video back in your Instagram profile, you see them, comments and views.

    IGTV recovery

    In deleted IGTV, the author sees the number of likes and comments. But they can read them only after they recover deleted Instagram content.

    Can I Get Hacked Through My Instagram Dm

    Yes, you can get hacked through your Instagram account which is not the first this is happening. However, you can prevent that:

    • Be careful of people who send you messages stating that theyve hacked you just might be their next catch
    • Avoid sending your username/ password to strangers especially via a phone call.
    • Avoid logging in to your Instagram account with other peoples devices.

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    What Happens When You Delete Content From Instagram

    Earlier, if you pressed the , it was gone forever. There was no way to retrieve the deleted content. Things have changed with The Recently Deleted feature. Now, when you delete something on Instagram be it from a profile or Archive, it goes to the Recently deleted folder. You can restore or permanently delete content from the folder.

    Note: As a precautionary measure, Instagram asks you to verify your account when you try to restore or permanently delete something.

    The content you can restore includes:

    • Stories
    • Reels
    • IGTV videos

    The deleted content can be restored within 30 days of deleting it. Each deleted content will have a different remaining time left within which it can be restored. After 30 days, the content will be permanently removed from the Recently deleted folder, and you will no longer be able to retrieve it.

    However, stories have a slightly different rule. The deleted stories will stay in the Recently deleted folder only for 24 hours and not 30 days. But if the story archive feature is enabled and the deleted story is archived, the same rule of 30 days will apply. You can restore or permanently delete the archived story within 30 days.

    Tip: Find out .

    Why Instagram Deleted My Photo And How To Fix It

    5 Steps to recover a deactivated Instagram account
  • Final Thoughts
  • In 2020, and right now, they have strict rules about the photos and videos that are being shared out there. For this reason, in the past few months, some users have reported an issue telling that Instagram deleted my photo. But what is the exact reason behind this problem? How to fix it and more importantly, how to prevent it?

    In the following, Im going to talk about the reasons behind Instagram post eliminations, ways to troubleshoot the issue, and related topics. So, stay tuned.

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    S Recovery Restore Deleted Pictures Images For Android

    To recover Insta pictures on your Android smartphone instantly, you need to follow the steps below:

    STEP 1- Install on your Android.

    STEP 2- A short tutorial will appear on your screen to walk through the steps you need to follow to complete Instagram recovery.

    STEP 3- Tap on the Start Scan button to initiate the scan & wait for the process to finish. Once done all the deleted, missing and lost images will be displayed on your device.

    STEP 4- Allow necessary permissions to the app to work properly.

    STEP 5- As soon as the scanning process gets finished, a list of lost pictures will appear on your screen, folder-wise. You can also Preview each photo before restoring!

    Note: Instagram deleted Photos can be found under any folder.

    STEP 6 To recover the image tap the download icon, this will save the selected picture on your device.

    Take a look at other popular !

    How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

    Instagram now is one of the most popular social media platform, which used by billions of users worldwide. This app allows users to send private messages, photos, videos, or share profiles, stories, and links with friends and family via the Direct Messages feature.

    If you are an Instagram user who use its Direct Messages often, sometimes you may delete important messages from Instagram by mistake and then need them back. So, how to recover deleted Instagram messages?

    Dont worry, keep on reading this guide to find out how to recover Instagram direct messages or restore Old Instagram DMs. All of these methods are explained in details and quite easy to follow. Lets get started.

    • Way 5.

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    Checking The Recently Deleted Folder On The Mobile App

  • 1Open Instagram. This app icon looks like a camera icon over a rainbow background that you can find on your Home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching.
  • Log in if prompted.
  • 2Tap your profile image or the silhouette icon. This is in the lower right corner of your screen. Your profile page will open.Advertisement
  • 3Tap . This three-line menu button is in the top right corner of your screen.
  • 4Tap Settings. It’s the first option in the menu next to a gear icon.
  • 5Tap Account. You’ll see this near the middle of the menu next to a silhouette icon.
  • 6Tap Recently Deleted. This is near the bottom of the menu .
  • 7Tap the thumbnail that you want to restore. You’ll be able to see all your photos, Stories, reels, IGTV videos, and video posts here.
  • Tap Restore to restore it to your profile.XResearch source
  • How To Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Comments

    How To Recover / Restore Deleted Instagram Posts and Stories

    Unfortunately, you cannot recover permanently deleted Instagram comments. Suppose you deleted a comment and couldnt hit the undo option within 3 seconds, the comment will be removed permanently, and you cant recover it.

    Whether it was on your account or someone elses account, once the comment is deleted, it is deleted forever so long as you did not tap the undo option.

    However, if you really want to retrieve the comment, you could try to reach out to the Instagram support department to restore the comment. But dont count on the team to help you. They have hundreds of thousands of such requests pending.

    Heres what you must keep in mind to avoid deleting your Instagram comments in the future.

    So far, the only way you can prevent the Instagram comments from getting removed or deleted is by capturing a screenshot of the page. This way, you will have proof of the comments you received on the post.

    There is not a lot you can do to protect Instagram comments. Once they are deleted, they will be gone forever unless the person has accidentally deleted and they click on the Tap to Undo button to retrieve the comments.

    There are quite a few Instagram comment recovery tools designed to help you recover the deleted comments on Instagram. These tools may or may not work.

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