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Can You Switch Between Instagram Accounts On Computer

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How to Login to Multiple Accounts on Instagram Desktop – NEW FEATURE

Go to the People section and select the person you want to give Instagram account access to or click on Add New People to add new users. Click on Assign Assets and select either Pages, Ad Accounts, or Product Catalogs Select the specific assets youd like to share access to and choose a role.

How To Switch Accounts On Instagram

We all agree with the fact that and business than merely posting pics to share with friends and families. And Instagram too agrees with this fact that a user possessing two different accounts wants to manage his multiple identities separately. And here comes a handy that allows users to switch between multiple Instagram accounts.

So, guys if you too are wondering how to switch accounts on Instagram then continue your read till the end. And in case you do not have multiple accounts but wish to create multiple Instagram accounts then we will share the steps for that as well.

Please note that as per Instagram you can add up to 5 accounts.

Is There A Limit To How Many Instagram Accounts You Can Have

Have you ever wondered, “How many Instagram accounts can I have?” The answer is, as many as you want. However, you can only manage up to five Instagram accounts simultaneously per device. If you have more, you will need to log out and back in as necessary to manage them. Also, each account will need its own email address or phone number. While it is possible to have multiple accounts under one email address or phone number, this can cause a lot of problems, so avoid it at all costs.

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How To Switch Accounts On Instagram On Mobile

Before going to see how to switch accounts on Instagram on PC, letâs have a review on switching accounts on the official mobile app. As mentioned in the , this is really easy. Actually, on the mobile app, you can add up to 5 Instagram accounts, switch between them easily, and manage them without logging out of the other ones. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

1) Open your Instagram profile and tap on the three-line icon on the top right side of the screen.

How to Switch Accounts on Instagram on mobile

2) Then, tap on the âSettingsâ button.

How to Switch Accounts on Instagram on mobile

3) Now, swipe up the screen and simply tap on âAdd Accountâ.

add multiple accounts instagram

4) Finally, enter your login information or sign-up on Instagram.

Thatâs it! Now, whenever you want to switch to another Instagram account, you just have to tap and hold on your Instagram profile icon and tap on the intended account.

How to Switch Accounts on Instagram on mobile

But how can this be done on the desktop version? Can you switch accounts on Instagram on PC, Mac, and all other devices? Letâs see!

How To Manage Comments And Messages For Multiple Instagram Accounts

How to use multiple accounts in Instagram for Android ...

If you need to manage comments and DMs across multiple Instagram profiles, or youre wondering whats the easiest way to manage comments for a large Instagram account, the Social Inbox should fit your needs perfectly. Heres how it works.

The Inbox is where youll find all the comments from your organic posts and Instagram Ads as well. Its all located in one simple stream, one dashboard, all ready for your moderation.

And now, you can also manage your Instagram DMs, which is a huge advantage:

Of course, you dont want to be overwhelmed with all those social interactions. You can e.g., set your filters to show comments only for specific accounts of your choice.

You can also set a custom time frame to see all the interactions from that specific time.

From the Inbox, you can easily manage all your comments you can reply to them, delete them, or even hide them.

Hiding specific comments of your choice is something that is not even available in the Instagram app, but the Inbox solves that problem.

Bear in mind that the Inbox also works for other social platforms Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business.

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Switch Between Multiple Accounts

The real genius here: you can switch between multiple Instagram accounts, and from what Ive experienced so far: unlimited Instagram accounts. This is a huge deal, the native Instagram app only allows you to use 5 accounts. Even if Instapic does put some limit, you can easily log in and out of as many as you want.

With this method, it makes it really easy for SEO and social agencies to post photos to multiple clients without having to worry about lugging around a phone or tablet, or using some obscure method or app. InstaPic has been around for years, and I dont see it going anywhere.

The other great thing about this method is it makes it extremely easy to add hashtags to posts, save hashtags from older posts , add emojis, and write longer captions.

Questions, hit us up!

-begin old method-

read below at your own risk.

Im sure Im not the first person to figure this out, but its always been a huge challenge that you arent able to use Instagram as a desktop client. It really doesnt bother me personally, but for social media managers that have to deal with 5, 10 or even more different accounts, it can get a bit cumbersome to have to log in and out of the mobile device all the time.

So the workaround is this: Install a version of Android using Virtual Box, and run Instagram from inside a container.

If it gives you issues, just make sure you have unknown sources selected.

Once it is done, youll be able to see Instagram installed on your Android client.

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts At Once

Lets get straight to it NapoleonCat is a social media management app that, amongst other things, lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts from one place. Imagine being able to:

  • Manage all your Instagram messages and comments from multiple accounts using one dashboard
  • Set up different automatic replies to comments based on keywords that you define
  • Automatically hide or delete comments based on keywords of your choice
  • Schedule posts for multiple Instagram accounts at once
  • Schedule in-depth analytics reports for your Instagram accounts
  • Analyze the performance of your accounts
  • Spy on your competitors on Instagram

In short, its comments moderation and auto-moderation, bulk-scheduling, analytics, and reports all in one place. Let me break it down for you.

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The Problem For A Social Media Marketing Agency

If you are the owner of a social media marketing agency, you have to craft content, reply to queries and manage the ads. For that, you have to check the Instagram account almost every day. However, if you are operating from your desktop, you will find it challenging to take care of multiple accounts. You may use software solutions that allow you to switch Instagram accounts, but they are pricey. In case you are short on budget, tackling the issue could be a tricky alternative.

How To Analyze Multiple Instagram Accounts Side By Side

How to Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts on a PC- Year 2020

If you want to compare statistics for multiple Instagram accounts side by side, thats also no problem. Heres how it works.

You create a data set, name your set, choose the accounts, and ta-da!

You can compare multiple Instagram profiles side by side in the same way as you analyze individual accounts.

You can check which of your competitors posts received the highest engagement rates, which hashtags worked best for them, and more.

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Why Do We Use Instagram On Our Computers

Instagram gives its users access to a desktop version of Instagram, but do we really need to use it on our PCs or Macs? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, and the reasons vary according to the kind of user you are and how or why you use Instagram.

If you are a regular user, Instagram can turn to a photography journal in which you enjoy the quality of huge images without having to scroll up or down so quickly. If you are a marketer, then Instagram on the computer will provide more use rather than taking pleasure in this platform.

As a marketer, you must be more obsessed with the quality of your contents, and with the growing popularity of remote jobs, those whose work is related to Instagram and they work at home for all their working hours, required to share their desktop with their managers, the Instagram web would be a must.

Should You Switch To A Personal Account On Instagram

If youve ever tried changing your Instagram account from business to personal, youve likely come across a warning message. If you havent, youll see it here!

It explains how you cant use some of the apps features on your personal account.

To some people, the loss of insights might not be a big deal. But to professional brands and businesses that use Instagram as a main social media marketing platform, it can be disastrous.

The final choice between a personal and business account depends on your needs and preferences.

Lets explore the pros and cons of turning off your Instagram business account:

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Have Fun By Managing It

1. All Instagram accounts will be properly regulated.

2. Access any of the accounts present with ease.

3. Thanks to section distribution, each account will be arranged for you to access directly, without having to log out or change accounts.

Also, note that when you access Instagram from your computer with regular browser, you don’t have the messaging option. With Stack you get mobile version of Instagram on your desktop, it means that you can send messages as well.

How To Create In

Finally! You Can Now Add and Easily Switch Between ...

With NapoleonCat, you can extract your Instagram analytics into comprehensive Instagram reports in 1-2 minutes.

Simply choose the time frame for your analysis, select the account, and review the metrics that youd like to include in your report.

  • Key metrics
  • Engagement Rate by the number of hashtags
  • Top 10 most used hashtags
  • Top 4 most engaging posts
  • Top 4 most liked posts
  • Top 4 most commented posts
  • Top 4 most viewed Instagram Stories

You can also schedule your reports to be automatically generated and sent out to your superiors, clients, co-workers, etc.

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How To Manage Multiple Business Instagram Accounts

If youre managing multiple business accounts, its a good idea to use the Hootsuite dashboard for your posts, rather than managing your accounts directly within the Instagram app.

For one thing, while the Instagram app is limited to managing 5 Instagram accounts, including both business and personal accounts, business users can add up to 35 social profiles to the Hootsuite dashboard.

Managing multiple business Instagram accounts in Hootsuite also allows you to collaborate with team members and access advanced analytics from the same platform you use to manage and measure your other social accounts.

To effectively manage multiple Instagram business accounts, you need to make sure each of your Instagram accounts is connected to a Facebook Page. Heres how.

Step 1: If you are the owner of the Facebook Page, log into the Page and click on Settings.

If are not the owner of the Facebook Page, you will need to ask a Page Admin to add you as an Editor.

Step 2: Click Page Roles in the left column, then make sure you are listed as an Editor or Admin.

Step 3: In the left menu, click . Then click Connect Account and enter your Instagram credentials, then click Log In.

If you try to log in to a personal Instagram account, the system will walk you through the process of converting it to a business account at this time.

Step 4: Now open the Hootsuite dashboard and click + Add Social Network.

Step 5: Click in the left menu, then click Connect with Instagram.

Step 8: Click Done.

My Removed Instagram Account Is Still Showing

If youre still having problems, my wonderful readers have offered 3 different solutions.

Option 1:

  • Go log out of both accounts.
  • Then go back to the home page where you log in. Itll show the extra account still.
  • The name will appear on the left and on the right will say log in for both.
  • Hold down on the page and next to the log in tab an X will appear. Hit the X.
  • It will prompt you that you will need all the info to log in again and ask if youre certain.
  • Hit accept.
  • Heres another solution a reader found when that didnt work!

  • The X wasnt active next to the account I wanted to remove.
  • I removed Instagram from my iPhone by holding down the icon and tapping the little x in the corner.
  • Then I re-downloaded the application from the App Store.
  • I logged into my main account with my username and password.
  • I went into settings and then to Add Account and added my second account again.
  • The third account is finally gone! PS. You have to be careful that you remember all of your usernames and passwords for this fix.

    Plus, a third solution provided February 2019:

    Here are the steps for removing an account from showing in your list that youve already deleted.

  • Make sure you know the passwords for all your accounts.
  • Log out of all your accounts.
  • On the home page of the IG app, tap, Manage accounts.
  • An X will appear next to the account name, tap that to remove the account you no longer want to appear.
  • To remove another account, repeat step 4.
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    The Problem For Personal Commercial Use

    Youve started a side project and opened an Instagram account to grab an awesome audience.

    Now youve started gaining traction, converting those followers into regular sales, and now you are constantly going back and forth to login and logout from your desktop between your personal account and your small business account.

    You are not at a point to make big commitments with platforms to handle your social media accounts.

    Can You Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts On Chrome

    How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Desktop

    Unfortunately, theres no simple way to switch between Instagram accounts on chrome. The easiest way to switch between Instagram accounts in your browser is to use Shift and aggregate multiple accounts in the sidebar. There are various functions to make switching to another account simple and save you the hassle of logging in and out.

    • Customize the name of your account
    • Color code your profiles so you can easily differentiate between them
    • Eliminate the hassle of logging in and out of different accounts
    • Create a workspace for each Instagram profile
    • Monitor engagement rates, link clicks, and scale your business

    Tip: Save your passwords! Move all passwords from Chrome into your Shift account with the click of a button and never worry about logging in and out again. Store all of your Instagram passwords in Shifts’ secure vault and start managing additional profiles efficiently.

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    How To Delete Multiple Instagram Accounts

    Instagram doesnt like seeing users go, so they make leaving the platform a bit of a hassle. So, unfortunately, you cant delete multiple accounts at once you will have to handle them one by one.

    When you delete an account, all of your data is permanently removed, so consider temporarily disabling your account instead. If youre sure you want to get rid of an account once and for all, follow Instagrams process outlined in their Help Center.

    Manage multiple Instagram accountsand all your other social networksfrom a single platform with Hootsuite. Schedule posts, engage fans, measure performance, and a whole lot more. Try it for free today.

    How To Get The Instagram App On Desktop

    As you have gathered, accessing multiple IG profiles on desktop can be a real pain and the best way to get around this is using a third-party app. You can get the Instagram app using Shift. Shift is supported on both Mac and PC, which means you can organize your multi-accounts with ease.

    Use the following guide to add an Instagram account to Shift:

  • Go to Add Application
  • Enter an account name and choose a color
  • Login using your Instagram account or Facebook
  • Tip: Easily toggle between Instagram accounts in Shift by adding multiple IG apps to your side bar and customizing your preferences to differentiate between them.

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    The Problem For Agencies

    If you are running a Social Media Marketing Agency crafting content, managing ads, and replying to queries for your clients on Instagram, youll need to login to their account daily.

    You are used to doing your work from your laptop and dont want to have your phone to be clouded by your personal Instagram or Whatsapp.

    There are robust solutions out there that will do the trick for you and also will give you more than what you need right now, but they are also pricey.

    If you are on a low budget or didnt want to throw away money with platforms like Hootsuite, until now you were screwed.

    Use Your Mobile Device

    Multiple Instagram Accounts Made Easy: Account Switching

    Another simple option is to keep your personal accounts on your phone or tablet, and only use work accounts on your computer. You’ll be logged into every account, but they’ll be separate enough that you’ll never have to worry about accidentally using the wrong account.

    There’s another option on mobile: apps. Just download the app you need to use, and sign in with your default account. Then, use the browser to stay logged into another accountand perhaps use a 2nd browser to add yet another account. It might get a bit confusing, but you’ll be able to use every account you need at the same time.

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