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Can You Send Gifs On Instagram

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Frequently Asked Questions About Uploading Gifs To Instagram

How to Post a GIF to Instagram – Instagram a GIF

1. Can I upload GIFs to Instagram?

Adding GIFs directly to your Instagram feed is an option you have at your disposal, but the platform is going to treat an entire GIF as a single frame and youâll end up posting a still image instead of a GIF.

However, there is a quick workaround for this issue, as you can simply convert a GIF file into a and upload your GIF as a video.

Installing the GIPHY app on your Smartphone is another option you have because the app allows its users to share GIFs from their collection directly to Instagram.

2. How to find the best GIFs on Instagram?

Currently, Instagram doesnât have a collection of GIFs you can add to your feed, but it does offer a rich selection of GIFs that can be added to Instagram stories. Once you upload the content you want to include in your story, you should tap on the Sticker icon and choose the GIF option.

You can then start browsing through Instagramâs collection of GIF stickers, so you just have to tap on the option you like and proceed to adjust its size and position on the screen.

Applying For A Giphy Branded Channel

Applying for a Giphy Branded Channel takes 3 simple steps:

  • Set up a regular Giphy Channel as I outlined above.
  • Add some GIFs to your channel. I recommend you include a few GIF Stickers too .
  • Apply to become a Giphy Branded Channel.
  • You can apply to be a Brand Channel with this form.
  • You can apply to be an Artist Channel with this form.
  • If you are lucky to be accepted you’ll get a welcome message, something like this:

    • Save

    Giphy recommends that to be successful with your application you need to:

    • ensure that your e-mail address is a company domain, otherwise it will be rejected. They are looking for legitimate applications, naturally.
    • provide a functioning company website address .

    My application was accepted quickly but others have taken longer or even two attempts. Some people have not had any luck at all. How it all works is not entirely clear, so it’s hard for me to dive difinitive advice.

    However, Giphy are providing more and more tips for getting accepted so I would I would follow their recommendations and add a mix of branded and non-branded GIFs that your audience would love to use and share .. and cross your fingers!

    I believe it’s worth applying if you already have a Giphy Channel set up. It takes just a few minutes to do the form and apply. Unfortunately it’s getting harder to get accepted as more and more people apply, but it’s worth a shot!

    How To Send Gifs On Instagram In Direct Message

    You can now send GIFs in a Direct Message or share them on your story on Instagram. Let us first learn how to send a GIF in a Direct Message on Instagram. To send GIFs in a direct message on Instagram, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.


  • First of all, open your Instagram app on your device.
  • Then tap on the DM icon from the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Once done, select a username or a group to open the conversation screen. You can even search for a user from the search bar.
  • If you havent started the conversation yet, you can start a new conversation by tapping on the New Chat icon. Otherwise, skip this step.
  • After that, you will see the section to enter a message at the bottom. Tap the Sticker icon from there.
  • Next, tap on the GIF icon from the bottom right corner.
  • Now, you can select any GIF or search any from the search bar.
  • Once you select the GIF, tap on it to send it. The GIF will be sent instantly to the other person.
  • This is how you can send GIFs on Instagram. This is the only method to send a GIF to your friend on Instagram. There you can find hundreds of amazing GIFs you can choose according to your mood and the situation.

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    Tap The Instagram Icon To Upload Gif To Instagram

    If you want to add a GIF to Instagram, tap the purple Instagram icon, allow access to your camera roll, and then open Instagram. It will then give you the choice to post to your Feed or to your Instagram Story.

    This will save the GIF as a 15-second video square on your phone.

    If you want to add a GIF to Instagram, tap the purple Instagram icon, allow access to your camera roll, and then open Instagram.

    Our Proven Process Delivers The Highest Quality Animations Every Time

    Step 1: Creative Consultation

    First we want to talk to you to get an understanding of your brand! Weâll outline the concepts behind your first 5 gifs.

    Step 3: Creative Revision

    We want to make your Instagram gifs perfect! Youâll give us your feedback and we will make any necessary changes. Within 1 week, youâll receive the final versions.

    Step 2: Production

    Sit back while we create the outlined gifs â weâll send them over to you within 3 weeks for revision!

    Step 4: Asset Management

    We handle the entire backend process for you to ensure your brand gifs are available on Instagram and other socials. This can take up to 10 business days.

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    How To Post A Gif To Instagram On The Iphone

    Step 1. Launch GIPHY App

    Step 2. Get the Desired GIF

    On the main interface, you will find trending GIFs and suggestions from where you can choose. Or, you can also Search GIPHY from the search bar to let it go along with your perspective.

    Step 3. Find the Share button

    On the GIF interface, you will find a share icon , click on that to get redirected to the social media options.

    Step 4. Share It on Your Feed

    Now, click on the Instagram icon. GIPHY will ask you for permission to Access Your Photos and then to open Instagram – allow it to go ahead with the uploading procedure.

    Step 5. Upload GIF to Instagram

    How To Fix Gif Not Working On Instagram

    Is the GIF that youre trying to upload not working on Instagram?

    Maybe youre looking to post a GIF on Instagram but youre unable to.

    Or maybe you want to send a GIF in your camera roll as a direct message but it isnt working.

    Either way, there are solutions that you can use to fix these issues.

    It can be frustrating because you might be trying to send a GIF as a direct message.

    However, the GIF happens to be an image, and not an actual GIF.

    When you tap to view it, the GIF isnt animated.

    Instead, its sent as a normal image that doesnt move.

    In this article, youll learn why your GIF is not working and three different workarounds for it.

    At the end of the article, you should be able to send a working GIF to someone.

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    Why Can’t I Send A Gif On Instagram

    To send GIFS and animated stickers through Instagram’s direct message feature, you have to use one of the social platform’s built-in keyboards. … At present, sending GIFs through direct message is not yet possible while on Instagram’s desktop site, and can only be done through the iOS or Android apps.

    Your Cheat Sheet For Posting Gifs On Instagram

    How to Create and Post GIFs on Instagram

    GIFs are fun, digestible, and, most importantly, relatable — which is why everybody loves them and shares them on social media so much.

    Additionally, since Instagram is the top social media platform for visual content, your followers expect your brand to post more compelling content than just the photos of your companys complimentary lunch each week.

    Your audience want to feel something when they scroll through Instagram, and GIFs can forge that emotional connection with them.

    Below, well show you how to post a GIF on Instagram — with a series of GIFs — and share some of the social networks best GIF apps.

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    How To Post And Send A Gif On Instagram From Your Iphone

    Officially, the acronym GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is a way to store short animations as a series of photos in a single file. Unofficially, a GIF is a way to share your funny, snarky, or sarcastic side with your friends by using clever animations that capture moments and moods like no other. Did you know that you can share your favorite GIFs on Instagram posts and Stories and send them as DMs? Heres how to post a GIF on Instagram to make it way more fun.

    How To Send Message:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to the home screen on Instagram
  • Swipe to the left. Then, you will see all your recent messages that you have sent and received.
  • Next, you can either select a recent conversation or search a user to start a new one.
  • To search for a user, tap the pencil icon on the top right corner of the screen. Then, type in the users name. If making a group chat, select the users youd like to add.
  • Next, tap chat
  • Now, youll be able to send your message! If you have messaged this user previously, your recent messages will show up on the screen.
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    How To Post A Gif On Your Instagram

    There’s no denying it: GIFs are everywhere. Whether you’re reacting to the latest viral news story or responding to a friend’s funny DM, these animated images are the perfect tool for expressing how you feel.

    If you havent quite figured out how to upload GIFs on Instagram, sit tight. We have put together a quick guide on how to do just that.

    Easy Ways To Add Your Own Gif Stickers On Instagram Stories

    Want to add your GIF Stickers on Instagram Stories? In this post I share 3 easy ways to create your own GIF Stickers and share them on your posts.

    You might be surprised by the potential of GIFs and GIF Stickers for your brand!

    • Save

    Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through a link.

    If you’ve been using Instagram for a while now you would have met GIF Stickers. They’re the fun GIF images, videos or illustrations that you can use as overlays to place over your Instagram Stories made possible by their transparent background.

    They let you add personality and interest to your posts, making them more engaging!

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    How To Add A Gif To Your Instagram Story

    • User

    GIFs are still going strong in 2018. Instagram has just added support for GIFs. You cant post GIFs as actual posts. Instead, you can add GIFs to your Instagram story as stickers. They will be animated even if youre sharing a photo and not a video. Heres how to add a GIF to your Instagram story.

    GIFs in Instagram are a new feature powered by Giphy. You dont need to install the Giphy app or the Giphy keyboard however, you do need to update the Instagram app. The update is available for everyone worldwide and its available for both iOS and Android. Once youve updated it, you can add a GIF to your Instagram story.

    Open the app and swipe right, or tap the camera icon at the top left. Take a photo, or pick a recent one from your camera roll. Tap the Sticker button at the top. Its the one with a smiley face on it. This will open the stickers drawer. Look for the one with a search bar that says GIF.

    You can see which GIFs are trending on Giphy or you can search for a GIF via the search bar. Tap the GIF you want to add. Like the static stickers, you can move the GIF around, and pinch to resize them. Tap the Share button and share the photo to your story, or send it to a friend.

    You cant add GIF stickers to your Instagram posts. It might sound appealing but the last thing you want is GIFs in your home feed. It would turn Instagram into a mess instead of a place for nice, visually appealing photos.

    Why Does Giphy Work With Instagram But Other Gif Creators Dont

    If you dont like GIPHY or you dont want to create an account and sign in, you may be on the lookout for other gif creators that work with Instagram. Many of these other sites dont have the share to Instagram option while some, you can save to you device, dont upload properly.

    This happens because GIPHYs files are not actually in the .gif format. Its slightly misleading, but the gifs that you download from GIPHY are in the MP4 format making them compatible with Instagram.

    As mentioned previously, there are too many free gif making apps and websites to review all of them in one article but, browse online for some that do offer Instagram compatibility if youd like to avoid GIPHY.

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    How To Put A Personal Gif On Instagram

    If you want to get a little more creative and make your own custom GIFs, Instagram has an easy way to do that.

    In 2015, the social media app rolled out Boomerangs. While they’re not technically GIFs, they are similar short videos that loop back and forth. You can record and post them directly onto your Story, or you can record them on the Boomerang app and then share them to your feed.

    Heres how you can shoot and post a Boomerang directly on your Story:

  • Open Stories.
  • Slide right through the options at the bottom until you get to Boomerang .
  • Hold down the record button , and record your Boomerang.
  • Press the Your Story option in your bottom left to share to your Story.
  • Heres how to post a Boomerang from the Boomerang app:

  • Download Boomerang and open it. It’s free for both iPhone and Android.
  • Press the record button to shoot your Boomerang.
  • Select the Instagram option to share on your Instagram.
  • Select either Stories or Feed. If you tap Stories, the Boomerang will upload directly onto your Stories. If you press Feed, it will format the Boomerang like a post, allowing you to keep the GIF cropped or zoom out.
  • Can I Create My Own Gifs

    How to Get Your GIFs into Instagram’s Sticker Menu

    Absolutely! You can create your own gifs using one of the many free online gif makers and apps available for both Android and iOS. We actually have an entire article on how to make your own gifs, but since youre here, Giphy and Tenor are excellent resources.

    Aside from a Boomerang video you can create gifs online. Just remember, they may not upload properly to Instagram unless you follow the steps above.

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    How Do You Get Gifs On Instagram

    Instagram now allows users to send GIFs on Instagram. You can directly send GIFs to a user on Direct Message or post them on your Story with the help of the Sticker Button. When you tap on the Sticker Button, you get a GIF option form where you will get a huge library of GIFs and stickers. You can send any GIF on Instagram from there.

    How To Send Gifs On Instagram Dm

    If you are sending a Happy Birthday! or going crazy with the most recent episode of his show TV favorite, you can easily send GIFs on Instagram DM for your friends to express themselves.

    To send GIFS and animated stickers using Instagram’s direct message feature, you must use one of the social platform’s built-in keyboards. After starting any new conversation or opening an old topic private messages, you can access the keyboards GIF and stickers touching the icon + on the message bar.

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    After selecting and touching the desired GIF, Instagram will automatically send the image to your friend. At the moment, sending GIFs by direct message is not yet possible on the Instagram desktop website, and can only be done through applications iOS ou Android.

    see how send GIFs on Instagram DM to your friends on your mobile device.

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    How To Upload Gifs To Your Instagram Feed

    Finding the perfect GIF might seem difficult at first, but not when you use GIPHY. GIPHY is the largest collection of GIFs in the world, with a powerful engine to search for the exact GIF you need. Another benefit of GIPHY is its absolute integration with all the most popular apps in the world, including Instagram. In fact, sharing through GIPHY is the easiest way to upload GIFs on Instagram.

    Heres how to do it on Mac

  • Visit
  • Search for the GIF you like and open it
  • Pick Share from the menu
  • Select Instagram
  • Include your email and send yourself the results MP4 of your GIF
  • Post the MP4 of the GIF to Instagram
  • You might be wondering whats the best way to quickly upload GIFs on Instagram from your Mac? Use Uplet!

    Uplet is one of the quickest and most straightforward ways to upload photos and videos to Instagram using your Mac. This app is super fast and minimalist enough to not distract you with a feed or anything else. Just upload images and videos in the best quality, edit on the spot, add all the necessary captions, and youre done!

    You can also use GIPHY for Instagram GIFs on your phone:

    Your GIF will be uploaded automatically.

    Make Sure Its Animated

    The gimmick of animated GIFs is that theyreyou guessed itanimated. Some GIFs arent animated at all, which is a great tragedy. Some are animated, but the animation wont play properly when you embed it in an email. Check to be sure its animated before you hit send oftentimes, a still image of the first frame of an animation isnt nearly as exciting as the full loop.

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