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Can You See Who Watches Your Instagram Highlights

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How Does The View Count Work

Why can’t I see who viewed my highlights on Instagram?

View counts on Instagram work similarly to how they work on other social media platforms.

A storys view count goes up when you view it on Instagram. The same applies to when you watch a video Instagram will count it as one view.

This means that if you have multiple people viewing your story simultaneously, it will only show up as one view in your storys view count.

When someone views your story, they will see a counter underneath their name indicating the number of times theyve viewed it.

Your analytics report will also show this information. Its important to note that the number doesnt include views from non-users, so if you have an active following on Instagram, your numbers might be lower than you expect.

How To Identify And Access Them

As a viewer, there are multiple ways to access and identify stories. The prominent one is from the stories bar on the Instagram home screen. Whenever a user uploads a story, it will be available in the stories bar for twenty-four hours.

While browsing Instagram, if you see a red circle around someones profile picture, it means they have published a new story. The red circle around the profile picture is visible in posts, direct messages , and comments. A green circle around a story means its visible to close friends only. So tapping on a profile picture with a red or green circle will take you to their story.

Lastly, if you visit someones profile and they have a red circle around their profile picture, tapping on it will open their story.

When it comes to highlights, there is no way to know if a user has added any new photo or video from a story to highlights except by checking it manually. Highlights are available on the users profile beneath the bio.

How To Design Instagram Highlights Cover Icons

As for your other social media and , you can also design your own free icons for your Instagram stories.

For this challenge, I will definitely recommend Canva.

It is a very easy tool and it already has predefined icons that you can easily re-use to make Instagram highlights covers.

You will only need to follow the steps below, and in a very fast time you will be able to create your highlight covers:

  • Open Canva and click Create a design
  • Choose the Instagram story format
  • Choose any template, delete its content and change the background color
  • Go to Elements and in the search field type icon. Choose the preferred icon, set it in the middle and choose its color
  • Once you want to change the cover, just choose this icon from your phones camera roll.

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    Why Cant I See Who Viewed My Instagram Highlights

    If you cant see who viewed your Instagram highlights, its because the story has been posted for more than 24 hours.

    You can only see who viewed your Instagram highlights if you added a brand new story to it.

    Instagram will stop updating new viewers after the story has been up for more than 24 hours.

    Who Can See Your Instagram Highlights

    Can people see if you view their Instagram Story?

    Anyone can see your Instagram Highlights if:

    • Your account is not private
    • You did not hide your Instagram Story from them
    • Your posted story are not for Close Friends only

    Thus, a random person who comes across your profile can view your Instagram Highlights as long as your account is public and you did not hide your Instagram Stories from them.

    If you choose to make your account private, in this case, only your followers could view your Highlights. Unless you choose to hide your story from your followers, or posted the story for Close Friends only, otherwise, people who follow your account will be able to view your Instagram Highlights.

    Thinking of hiding your Instagram Stories from a specific person? Follow these simple step:

    • Tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the profile page
    • Choose Hide your story

    Once you choose to hide your story from someone, automatically they wont be able to view your Instagram Highlights.

    Regardless of whether they are your followers or not, as long as you hide your story from them, they cant view anything from your Highlights section whenever they visit your profile.

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    Create Highlight From The Archived Stories

    There is a possibility to create highlights from the stories archive as well. Using the story controls and options you can pull the stories you save to archive.

    To add Instagram stories from your archive to a highlight and pin them on your profile, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap Story Highlights below bio
  • Tap the plus icon
  • In the new window, tap and select the stories you want to appear in the Highlight and tap Next.
  • Tap Edit Cover to choose which story will appear as a Highlight icon or just upload an icon
  • Enter a name for your Highlight
  • Tap Add or Done .
  • Does Instagram Show Who Viewed Your Video

    Instagram is a popular place to upload videos. It allows you to add great filters and cute stickers for more fun and appeal.

    If youre uploading a lot of videos to Instagram, then you probably want to know who is watching your videos! There are a couple of different reasons you might want this information. First, you might just want to know who is interacting with your posts for personal reasons. That lets you know which of your friends and followers are actually paying attention to what you post.

    The second reason pertains to those who are promoting their businesses on Instagram. If thats you, then of course you would want to collect as much information as possible on who is checking out your videos. This allows you to work more on getting more engagements and reactions to your posts.

    In this article, Im going to show you how to find out who is viewing your videos, how many people have seen it and teach you some of the inner workings of Instagrams video viewership metrics.

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    How To See Who Viewed Your Videos On Instagram

    Robert HayesRobert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read moreJuly 31, 2022

    Instagram is a very powerful tool to reach people, whether you are using a personal account or a business one. If you utilize Instagram to grow your company or your audience, you need to be optimizing your performance on the platform, and that means collecting data. One of the most important pieces of data is how many people see your posts and watch your videos.

    Checking the basic popularity of a video is simple. For example, you can see how popular an Instagram video is just by checking out its plays/views or follows. You can then assess how well it has performed with your audience by comparing those views to other uploaded videos.

    Can Someone See If You View Their Instagram Story

    How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

    Of course, if you can see who views your Instagram story, other people can see that youve viewed theirs. For many reasons, you might want to see someones story without them knowing. Instagram doesnt allow users to remain invisible while viewing stories. However, troubleshooting tips like viewing on airplane mode can keep you from blowing your cover.

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    How To Use Instagram Story Highlights

    Youve probably seen Instagram influencers have many Highlights on their profiles. They can spice up your profile, as well as give new followers a chance to get to know you before they see your fresh stories and posts. If youre running a professional Instagram account for your business or have a blog on Instagram, you need to learn how to use Instagram Highlights for marketing purposes.

    First things first, lets take you through the path of how to create Highlights on Instagram, add or delete stories from them, as well as how to decorate them with a custom cover photo.

    How to Enable the Archiving Feature on Instagram

    You can create a new highlight on Instagram using your current active stories or your archived stories. To do that, you need to have an archiving feature enabled on your account. Normally, its set to active by default but if you have it turned off, heres how to switch the archiving feature back on.

  • Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  • From there, select Menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Follow the path Settings> Privacy> Story.
  • Scroll down until you see Saving and select the toggle next to Save story to archive to turn the feature on.
  • Once you make sure that you have the archived stories enabled, you can proceed to creating your first Instagram Highlight.

    How to Create an Instagram Highlight

  • Open Instagram and open the story that you want to add to the Highlight.
  • Select Highlight from the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Spotlight Your Customers Or Employees

    Nothing builds a brand better than getting to know people behind it. Whether it is your customers wearing your T-shirts, influencers who have contributed to your guide or employees discussing what it is like to work for your business showing people who are in some way associated with your brand is a great idea.

    @Sheertex has a separate highlight featuring their customers, designers and models. The highlight is in the form of a quick Q& A letting the followers know more about each person and better relate to the brand through knowing people behind it.

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    Do Archived Stories Take Up My Storage Space

    Since they are unique to you, they do take up some of your internal memory. They are stored under the app memory, classified under App Data in the phone settings. However, they are not completely saved onto your phone. Rather, a trace of them is saved on your phone, to facilitate retrieval from the main servers, hence they cannot load up without an internet connection.

    Can You See Who Viewed The Instagram Story After 48 Hours

    Can You See How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Instagram Story ...

    If youre looking for the story or highlight that will still be available on the persons profile but the viewer list expires in 48 hours and with that, all information is wiped off from there.

    The simple answer is, No, you can not see who viewed your Instagram story after 48 hours. Instagram allows you to view your viewers list and view counts only for a limited 48 hours. This system has increased the timeframe from before and now its 48 hours according to the new update by the Instagram team which is based on Instagrams policy.

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    How To Check Views Of An Instagram Story

    Aside from Reels, you can upload videos as an Instagram Story. Stories can be viewed by your followers for 24 hours. After that, they automatically disappear, and they get sent to your archive. For stories, the term Views still gets usednot Plays as it does for Reels.

    To check the number of views on your IG Story video, follow these steps:

  • On the Home page, Tap on Your Story in the upper left-hand corner.
  • While your IG Story plays, tap on the Activity icon in the bottom-left corner.
  • An eye icon appears, showing the number of views. To see who actually viewed your IG Story, check out the Viewers section on the bottom half of the screen.
  • The advantage of posting a video through Instagrams Your Story is that you can see both the total number of views you have and who viewed it. Replays do not count as views, and viewing it yourself also does not count as a view.

    Know Who Viewed My Highlights After 48 Hours

    So you wonder, maybe these rules dont apply to me and I still could see who viewed my Highlights after 48 hours. Unfortunately, the same rules apply here.

    As already mentioned before, only a freshly posted story that is added to Highlights right away and is no older than 48 hours can see its viewers.

    So, if you are adding the story to Instagram Highlights after two days of posting it, you wont be able to see the profile that has viewed the Highlights.

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    How To Create And Edit An Instagram Highlight

    To create an Instagram Highlight:

    • Go to your profile page on Instagram
    • Tap New above your post grid:

    To edit an Instagram Highlight:

    • Tap your highlight to watch it
    • While it is playing, find More option in the bottom-right corner and tap it
    • Tap Edit Highlight

    You can add and edit highlights only using your mobile Instagram app. You can delete highlights from the desktop.

    Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

    Can I see who viewed my Instagram highlights?

    If youre trying to figure out if someone is cyberstalking you, Instagrams information cannot help. If you want to know because youre running a business and want to reach out, it can help.

    Currently, there is no way a regular, everyday, personal Instagram account can tell how many people have viewed your Stories or profile. There are no counters built into the app and no way that I know of to do it. So if someone is viewing your profile several times a day, you wont be notified and there isnt a way to see who they are.

    If you found this article through Google, chances are that you had to wade through lots of low rent websites offering Top ways to see who viewed your Instagram profile. They all say pretty much the same thing. Use this app or that app to spy on your own profile and generate a list of who has visited your profile or looked at your stuff without saying anything.

    The vast majority of these dont work. They are pointless, like many third-party apps that say they can give you insights into who visits your social media profiles or show you who has lurked but not said hello. While there is nothing to say Instagram doesnt track who visits whom, there is currently no mechanism by which an app can find that out.

    You can, however, check to see who has been looking at your Instagram Stories. Its very simple.

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    Who Can See Your Highlights On Instagram

    The Instagram viewers depend on the type of Instagram account you have. For users having private accounts, their followers can only see their IG Highlights. However, any Instagram user can view your highlights if you have a public Instagram account.

    But, the viewers list wont be available in the highlights. Since your Instagram privacy influences your Instagram highlights visibility, you might need to manage it. Check out the steps for changing the Instagram account privacy below.

  • Open Instagram and Log In to your account
  • Tap on three-horizontal lines > Settings
  • Click on Privacy
  • Switch the toggle on Private Account to make your profile either Public or Private
  • Note:

    Can I Tell If Someone Views My Instagram Profile

    Again, thats another no. Most social media platforms dont provide this option because people should feel confident to explore one anothers profiles without detection. This increases engagement and follows.

    At one time, years ago, there were rumors that you tell who viewed your profile more frequently based on the order of followers in your friends list. Today, thats an unfounded claim. There are also websites and apps that promise to tell you who is viewing your profile. Again, this is unfounded as we have yet to find one that legitimately does that.

    You can make your account private of course, if you dont want everyone in the world to know what youre up to. If someone is viewing your account frequently, its likely because they enjoy your content, but if youre concerned about your privacy, make your account private.

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    What Are Instagram Highlights And How To Use Them

    A great way to upgrade your profile

    Whether or have been using it for a few years, its never too late to upgrade your Instagram profile. Compared to other social media platforms, a profile page on Instagram doesnt require too much work if you know what youre doing.

    This time well specifically talk about Instagram Highlights. Have you seen people feature their Instagram stories in little circles on their profiles? In this tutorial, well show you how to add those to your profile page as well. Here youll find out what Instagram Highlights are, why you should use them, and how to create your own.

    How To Add A Custom Instagram Highlights Cover

    Can you see who views your Instagram?

    If you have already added your Instagram highlight, and wish to change the cover photo of your highlight, it is pretty easy:

    • Go to your Instagram profile page.
    • Tap and hold the highlight where you want to change the cover photo.
    • Tap edit highlight. Then tap edit cover.
    • Now you will see a gallery icon, tap on it.
    • Now choose your custom cover image, and resize the image by using pinch to zoom.
    • Now tap the next arrow.
    • Now tap Done. Resize the photo if you have forgotten, and again tap Done.
    • Your cover photo should be updated now.

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    Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos: Misconceptions

    The question of who viewed my video on Instagram does not lose its relevancy among users. People have a constant need for knowledge about who interacted with them, who will, and profit from that relationship.

    However, its worth noting that many apps and programs allegedly help to find out in the public domain. This is not the case, and these applications do not perform the mentioned process as they claim.

    • It is recommended that account holders do not use these types of applications. Otherwise, your account and personal information may get stolen.
    • The mere purpose of apps that claim to show video viewers is to make money or steal account information from a subject that interests them.

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