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Can You See Who Viewed Your Profile On Linkedin

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Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

How To See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile (2022)

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If youre looking for work or a new opportunity, its always good to see who has been checking you out. That feature used to be behind the paywall but free accounts can see the last five people to view their profile. You need to configure it first though.

  • Select your profile pic and then Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Change by Select Profile viewing options under How others see your LinkedIn activity.
  • Select to show your name and headline.
  • Your choice is automatically saved so no need to do anything else.

    To see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile all you need to do is select Notifications from the top menu and anyone who has checked you out will be there. What you see depends on that visitors own privacy settings but if they have the same as you have just configured, you should see their name, job title and where they found your profile.

    Basic And Premium Features

    When it comes to the Whos Viewed Your Profile feature, there are differences between having a basic and a premium LinkedIn account. A basic account will display the 5 most recent viewers in the last 90 days, as well as a list of suggestions for increasing your profile views.

    Even with a free LinkedIn account, you can view insights such as where your profile viewers work, where they found you from, as well as their job titles.

    Of course, a premium LinkedIn account will have access to even more helpful insights from the Whos Viewed Your Profile page. For instance, they will see the entire list of viewers from the past 90 days. This is in addition to the free account experience.

    Premium profiles also have access to weekly viewer insightsperfect for marketers, entrepreneurs, and everyone else who wants to expand their network. You can use the graph of weekly viewer trends to see data points for a particular week.

    It goes without saying that profile views will only be visible if visitors come to your page.

    Keep Your Profile Up To Date

    Make sure your LinkedIn has your latest roles or completed projects, current location, good profile pic, a full list of skills and contact details. Profiles with an image are apparently 13 times more likely to be selected than one without. Even if youre camera shy, that makes it worth putting up with a pic.

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    Tell The World Youre Available

    Use your profile headline to let people know youre on the market. Use a clear, consider sentence to outline what youre looking for and go from there. For example, Plastic surgeon with 10 years experience beautifying Hollywood now looking for ugly people in Florida or Auto mechanic with 8 years NASCAR experience looking to make your motor hum in Nebraska. You get the idea.

    Is It Worth Upgrading To Linkedin Premium To Access This Feature

    How To Nab A Job Using LinkedInâs âWhoâs Viewed Your Profileâ?

    A basic LinkedIn account

    A basic free LinkedIn account, which most people use, will provide you with the following Whoâs Viewed Your Profile features:

    Provided that you have set your LinkedIn profile viewing options to show your name and headline when viewing profiles, you will see the five most recent visitors that have viewed your LinkedIn profile in the last 90 days.

    You’ll also be given a list of suggestions for increasing your profile views.

    This list of viewer insights will simply tell you where the visitor works, where they found your profile and their job title.

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    Why Use Whos Viewed Your Profile Feature On Linkedin

    If you are thinking of changing a career or advancing into it, it helps to know your professional standing based on how potential employers see you. Knowing that there are organizations or company leaders that have viewed your work profile will give you a positive disposition towards your career.

    At the same time, seeing the companies represented by people viewing your profile will let you know of possible job openings that you can apply for.

    How To See Who’s Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

    Accessing the Who Viewed My Profile section of LinkedIn is simple, to access it from your desktop, simply navigate to the left hand side of the LinkedIn home page and click on the ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’link that appears directly below your

    To access the Who Viewed My Profile page on the LinkedIn mobile app, firstly tap your profile picture, then tap ‘view profile’.

    Now scroll down to the analytics sectionand locate the number of profile views that you’ve had. Click on this number to access the analytics.

    Please note, if you haven’t had any profile views in the last 90 days, this option will not be available to you.

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    Getting The Most Out Of Linkedin

    Once youâve finished filling out your profile, itâs time to use it to build your professional network and participate in industry discussions. Here are some tips to get started:

    • Expand your network: Start building your network by requesting to connect with people you know. From there, youâll be able to identify second-degree connections or people who your contacts know and may be willing to introduce you to.

    • Follow people and topics of interest: Stay up-to-date with industry trends and leaders by following organizations and people relevant to your professional interests to see updates and posts on your home feed.

    • Participate in conversations: Join conversations by reacting to and commenting on posts from people you follow. You may find an interesting conversation or a new contact through the comment section.

    • You can demonstrate your expertise and insight by sharing original posts, and potentially spark conversations and learning opportunities with others in your field.

    Faq: What To Do When Someone Just Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

    How To See Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile
    • If you dont do it in a private mode, then yes. Every time.

    This article was recently updated. The original article was written by Jakub Kaprál in 2019.

    • Kaja JurcisinovaJunior Writer

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    A Look Inside Linkedin Premium Account Features

    Whenever people write about LinkedIn, they mostly focus on the free features of the networks and say that those are all you need. And for most people, a free account will get you great results. But if youre looking for more, then here are some things you will get with a LinkedIn Premium Account …

    The Limitations Of The Who Viewed My Profile Page

    Be aware that if you have a , youcan only see the last 5 visits. Also, some people set their visit to be anonymous, so you will simply see a LinkedIn member has seen your profile or a journalist in the Information Services industry has seen your profile.

    To have full access to all members who have viewed your LinkedIn profile, you can sign up for a paid LinkedIn Premium version. Whether you have a free account or a Premium subscription, jump on these opportunities and take advantage of them to fine-tune the pace and content of your LinkedIn posts!

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    There Are 7 Sections On Your Linkedin Profile That You Should Optimise If You Want More Visitors

    ⢠Optimise your LinkedIn profile picture

    A professional and engaging LinkedIn profile picture makes a huge difference to how likely people are to click onto your profile.

    LinkedIn themselves claim that your if you have a profile picture as opposed to leaving it blank.

    Before they even meet you, your LinkedIn profile picture will give someone an idea of what you are like, your personality and your disposition.

    Discover how to choose a great

    ⢠Create a great LinkedIn banner image

    A well designed and eye-catching is a great way of instantly communicating who you are, what you do, and why someone should connect with you on LinkedIn.

    A LinkedIn banner can be created on Canva with hardly any effort, you can learn how to create a great LinkedIn banner on the video below.

    â⢠Make sure your location is correct on LinkedIn

    I’m not suggesting that you forgot where you live, I am however suggesting that if you are in the process of relocating to a new city and you want to find a job there, you should consider ensuring that your location is changed ahead of time so that you start getting views from people in your target city.

    â⢠Write an attention-grabbing professional headline on LinkedIn
    ⢠Make your LinkedIn about section really compelling

    Your about section on LinkedIn allows you to type a relatively in-depth and compelling narrative about yourself.

    ⢠Fully complete your experience section on LinkedIn

    Manage Emails And Invitations

    LinkedIn Membership Levels: Free vs Premium Business vs Sales Navigator
  • 1.

    Navigate to the Accounts & Settings page if you are not there already by following Steps 1 and 2 in the above section. Click the “Email Preferences” tab in the bottom left menu of the Account & Settings page.

  • 3.

    Check the Blocked Messages folder in your LinkedIn Inbox from time to time to ensure you have not blocked important messages. You can find blocked messages by navigating to your Inbox, selecting “All Messages” and then clicking “Blocked Messages.”

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    You Can See Exactly Who’s Been Looking At Your Linkedin Profile And This Is Really Important

    If you have a Premium LinkedIn Account, LinkedIn will show you all the people who have found their way onto your LinkedIn profile, going back a full 90 days.

    This is a good thing because if someone has taken the time to click onto your LinkedIn profile, it must mean that they have an interest in what you do, your skills, experience or work history.

    As a job seeker or entrepreneur, it’s important to understand who your LinkedIn profile is attracting.

    If someone chances upon your LinkedIn page it will likely be because they’ve seen a piece of content that you have posted, or LinkedIn has recommended your page to them, or your profile has featured in a search that they have conducted on LinkedIn.

    The latter two happen when your LinkedIn profile contains the right keywords, or is optimised in such a way, that LinkedIn believes that your profile could be of interest to that individual.

    Disclosure: We are affiliates for some of these products and services, if you click and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

    What Information Will Linkedin Show You Regarding Your Profile Visits

    The information that LinkedIn provides regarding the visitors to your LinkedIn page depends on the profile viewer’s privacy settings, and there are three variations that you should be aware of:

    ⢠If the LinkedIn member has their privacy settings open you’ll be able to see the viewer’s name, headline, location, and industry, this is of course very helpful information.

    In my experience, a majority of LinkedIn members have their profile open, and therefore you’ll likely be able to see this information for most of your LinkedIn profile visitors.

    ⢠If the LinkedIn member has their profile set to semi-private, you’ll see certain characteristics such as their job title, company, industry and place of education.

    The actual information shown varies so that LinkedIn can protect the users privacy, for example it might say VP of sales in manufacturing industry, or student at NYU, or someone who works at Heinz.

    ⢠If someone has their LinkedIn profile set to private mode you’ll only see ‘LinkedIn Member’.

    As a side note, this information is helpful if you want to restrict the amount of information someone can see when you visit their profile page, this is helpful to bear in mind if you are conducting

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    How To See Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile From A Pc

    LinkedIns Who Viewed Your Profile feature is technically available on both Basic and Premium LinkedIn accounts. However, there are a couple of differences.

    When it comes to the Basic, free LinkedIn account, you can see who viewed your profile only if you allow other LinkedIn members to see your account when you view their profile. This is done by adjusting the private and semi-private modes you can set when you go to Profile viewing options. In other words, if you use private mode on LinkedIn, then you wont be able to use the Who Viewed Your Profile feature.

    However, if you have a Premium LinkedIn account, youll be able to use this feature even if youre in private mode.

    To set your profile viewing options to display your name and headline when you visit other profiles on LinkedIn, follow the steps below:

  • Visit on your browser.
  • Log in if you havent already.
  • Select Settings & Privacy on the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Visibility on the left sidebar on the new page.
  • Proceed to Visibility of your profile & network right under the Visibility tab.
  • Next to Profile viewing options, click on Change.
  • Choose Your name and headline.
  • The changes to your account will be saved automatically. Now that youve enabled others to view your name when you see their profile, youll be able to see who viewed your profile as well.

    This is how its done on a PC:

  • Open on your browser and log in to your account.
  • Click on Me under your profile picture in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • How To Change Your Browsing Mode

    How to see who has viewed your profile on Linkedin

    Step 1: Open and log in the LinkedIn app on your phone.

    Step 2: Then, click ‘me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

    Step 3: Tap on ‘settings & privacy’ from the dropdown menu.

    Step 4: Now, click ‘visibility’ on the left rail.

    Step 5: In the visibility of your profile & network section, click ‘change’ next to profile viewing options.

    Then, select the mode you wish to browse in from the three options:

    • Your name and headline
    • Private profile characteristics

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    Will Linkedin Let Me See People Who Visited My Profile

    You’re probably eager to know who’s been checking out your profile on LinkedIn. And you can find this out.

    However, the amount of information regarding the people who have visited your LinkedIn profile differs depending on whether you’re using a basic free membership account or a premium subscription.

    Naturally, premium membership comes with extra features that make it worth considering .

    Let’s sum up the differences.

    With a basic free LinkedIn account, you can see:

    • up to 5 results of who has viewed your profile
    • the number of visits to your profile
    • the number of times you’ve appeared in search results.

    With a premium LinkedIn account, you get:

    • everything from Free
    • to see an unlimited number of people who have visited your profile
    • to see other information like trends in viewership and industry representation.

    However, note that the information you can see concerning people who’ve viewed your profile depends on their privacy settings, not on your membership.

    Having a premium account doesn’t let you see any additional information about viewers if they choose to provide restricted access to their profile via their own privacy settings.

    There are 3 levels of privacy settings on LinkedIn that can prevent you from seeing the identity of other people checking out your profile:

    Where Can I See My Profile Views

    There are two ways to see the information about who has viewed your profile:

    • In your profile. The first way is to click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Then proceed to click on the View profile, go to Analytics and then click on Discover who’s viewed your profile. Easy peasy.
    • On your homepage. The second way is even easier. Just click on the Who’s viewed your profile button placed beneath your profile photo . The “Who’s viewed your profile” feature displays your profile visitors in the last 90 days.

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    How To Make Linkedin Profile Private

    Here is a complete guide on How to activate LinkedIn Private Mode. Follow the steps & explore what you can do with your LinkedIn Private Profile:

    Many of us know LinkedIn informs us about those who have visited our profile. But then, there is a disadvantage that one couldnt browse someones profile without their knowledge.

    Here comes the role of LinkedIn private mode. Through this, you can now view other peoples profiles without them knowing it was you unless you want them to.

    In this article, we will tell you how to make LinkedIn private, browse anonymously, hide your profile from public search, anonymous access, and more. But remember, it might take some time for the search engine to detect the change in the settings in your profile and refresh accordingly.

    What You Will Learn:

    How To View Your Profile As Others See It + 5 Secret Tips

    Social Scams

    View your LinkedIn Profile the way other users see it. I will explain to you step by step how to do that. Also, you learn how to change LinkedIns Visibility settings.

    You are here because you want to know how to see your profile that way other people on LinkedIn see it when visiting your profile. So let’s get right into it:

    To view your LinkedIn profile as others see it:

  • Login to LinkedIn
  • Navigate to the top right side and click “Me ð»”
  • In the dropdown click on “Settings & Privacy”
  • In the left sidebar click on the tab “Visibility”
  • Now click on “Edit your public profile” link
  • Again, a new site will open. This time you see a preview of your profile – done.
  • another option would be to copy the Link of your Profile and paste it inside of an incognito tab in chrome. The result would be the same – you see your profile out of the perspective of an external visitor coming from google.

    This is the way that someone would see your profile when he/she is not logged into LinkedIn. For someone that is logged in, it’s a little different.

    Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to view your profile out of the perspective from a specific person, let’s say a 2nd-degree person out of your network.

    This is because LinkedIn removed these features some time ago. However, I have some more relevant pieces of information for you to check out. Starting with:

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