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Can You See Who Looked At Your Linkedin Page

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How To Stop Linkedin Telling People You Viewed Their Profile

How to see who has viewed your profile on Linkedin

LinkedIn itself does actually have a way of preventing people from knowing when youve visited their profile. Activating this mode will mean that instead of saying your account was visited by from , it can be anonymised to be a in the or even just Anonymous LinkedIn Member. Just go to Settings & Privacy, then Profile viewing options under How others see your LinkedIn activity.

However, if you studied the above picture in any detail, youll see the sacrifice involved. Selecting Private profile characteristics or Private mode will disable Whos Viewed Your Profile and erase your viewer history, the page warns. Yes, in other words if you want to be anonymous to others, everyone becomes anonymous to you which is fair enough, really.

That is, unless youre willing to pay. If you , you get to have your cake and eat it too: being anonymous to others while seeing people who visited your profile .;

But what if you just want to see one persons profile without them knowing, but dont want to lose your entire history? Well, thats when Incognito mode is your friend assuming the person youre looking up has a distinct name and industry.;;

Simply open an Incognito window in your browser of choice, then Google your contacts name and company plus the word LinkedIn. Note that most peoples privacy settings will prevent this showing too much of their profile, but it might be enough for a top line and crucially they wont know who dropped by.

How Did They Find Me

If someones viewed your LinkedIn profile, they must have used one of these tools to land on your page:

  • LinkedIn News Feed
  • Regular search
  • Recruiters Tool

Regardless of the tool, its always a good sign when theres someone out there interested in what you do and theres a chance they might want to learn more about you.

Should I Contact Someone Who Views My Profile

So theres a bunch of people that seem to be for some reason interested in you. Now what? Should you message them right away or just connect with them? Or rather not?

It all depends on whos the one looking at your profile. It can be an old colleague youd love to get back in touch with, a hiring manager youd be thrilled to hear from or someone who could potentially help you network your way to a new job at your dream company.

You need to become a Sherlock Holmes of sorts. Understanding why they viewed your profile or how they found it will help you decide if or how to respond.

Here are three possible scenarios together with example messages that will help you start the conversation:

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Using An Incognito Browser May Not Help You Stay Private

If you are job hunting on work equipment, incognito web browsers can help you keep your search under wraps. You dont want your browser history to reveal your LinkedIn searches, after all. On an incognito web browser, you can run LinkedIn searches of people you want to work for without using your LinkedIn account.

Nick Guillory

But here is an important caveat. Although going incognito prevents your web browser from saving your search history, the websites you visit are still collecting your activity like normal. If you dont want people to know you viewed them, you must be logged out of your LinkedIn account, even in an incognito browser. Trust me: I tried snooping on two of my colleagues accounts in a private browser window and both of them saw that I had viewed their profiles because I was still logged in on LinkedIn.Now lets take the scenario in which youre opening a private tab on your mobile phone browser to search for a persons LinkedIn page. If you have the LinkedIn app installed on your phone, you will get a prompt that asks, Open in LinkedIn? Maybe you are too quick to click affirmatively, like I was, and suddenly you are on the LinkedIn app with whatever default settings you have. For me, the default setting is public, so my work to stay incognito was all for naught.

TFW u search someone’s LinkedIn in incognito mode, tap on link, and it opens the LinkedIn appNow they know #networking

Jared Erondu

When Youre Not Sure Why They Were Looking

LinkedIn Redesigns Its Whos Viewed Your Profile Page ...

Lets say you have no idea who the viewer is. First, check out their profile in return and see if theres anything you share with that person. You might have graduated from the same school in the same time period or with a similar major, for example.

Maybe you were both working for the same company , live in the same city or have lots of mutual connections. And thats a great reason to start off a conversation.

However, LinkedIns default connection message is an autopilot that will do more harm than good. Tailor it to make it more personal and motivate the person to engage with your profile.

It doesnt necessarily need to be a page long essay, but make sure to include all connections, interests or experiences you share. Focus on a common bond between the two of you and make it clear why youre making the connection:

Hey Katie,

Thank you for looking at my LinkedIn profile!;My name is James and Im a SoCal-based freelance writer. Im always looking to expand my network of contacts , so Id love to connect with you here.;Looking forward to keeping in touch and finding ways to help each other out.

Best, James

If nothing of that is true, chances are the viewers lacking an obvious connection may have accidentally clicked on your profile. Sometimes during the search one may click on the profile of someone else with an identical name, for example.

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Can I Stop My Profile From Showing Up When I View Someone’s Profile In Linkedin

If you are using a basic and you are not in private mode, you can’t eliminate your information from appearing in others profile history, but you can limit it. You can do this in your privacy settings, which can be accessed through your . To access your privacy settings and limit your profile information,

1.Click the Me Icon at the top of the page

2.Click on the middle banner that reads Privacy

3.In the first section, Profile Privacy, scroll down to Profile Viewing options and click change

4.Under change, Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile, and choose your preferred option.

You can choose if you want your name and headline to appear in a user’s profile history, or just your title and where you work or full on private mode.

Does Linkedin Show Who Viewed Your Profile

Does LinkedIn Show Who Viewed Your Profile?;

Yes, if they are not viewing in private mode.;

Does that mean if I visit someones profile, they will know I did?;

Exactly! If you are not viewing in private mode.;

However, there are a few other caveats that you should be aware of regarding LinkedIn profile views and anonymity.

You will need a premium LinkedIn account to see all of your profile viewers. The LinkedIn premium for individuals costs $29.99 per month. For business accounts, it is $59.99 per month.

With the free LinkedIn basic account, you will be able to see only up to 5 most recent viewers.;

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Everyone Can See You Are Job Hunting On Linkedin Unless You Do This

I dont know who needs to hear this right now, but your LinkedIn actions are not necessarily private. As a social network for job seekers and a database for recruiters, LinkedIn is a place where professionals can both connect with future employers and check out old colleagues, high school classmates and exes.

But if you check out your old college boyfriend without taking steps to conceal yourself, hell know you looked him up. And if your goal is to quietly switch jobs, know that your job hunt can become public with LinkedIn connections.

Take this cautionary tale detailed by The Wall Street Journal: After being contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn, Houston consultant Joshua M. Evans found out his job search had been revealed by a LinkedIn notification. Evans hadnt turned off his LinkedIn notifications to his network, so his boss saw his new connections with the recruiter and two managers at the company where he was applying. It created a very awkward situation, Evans told the Journal.

Use Linkedin To Your Advantage

LinkedIn – Who’s Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn is the most powerful professional network and its a great idea to harness all of its potential for networking. Its teeming with opportunities that are within your hands reach.

Never before has it been so easy to engage in conversations that can enhance your professional life. So if you want to advance your career, LinkedIn is the fastest way to connect with hiring managers and industry professionals from around the globe.

After all, firing off a message and kick starting a relationship online is far easier than having to attend dozens of job fairs and professional conferences, right?

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Why You Should Be Skeptical Of The Microsoft Study Saying Remote Work Siloed Employees And Made The Company Less Dynamic

At the beginning of a search especially, its hard to know exactly what the employer prioritizes. Of course, they give me their best guess, and I work off that to start. But once the search is underway, and I start introducing candidates particularly when we start interviewing candidates the criteria becomes more nuanced.

For example, I am working on an executive-level search right now where the priority is operational experience. However, the person also needs a track record of building from scratch, anticipating growth needs or changes in circumstance and other more strategic experience. The balance of operations and strategy is something that gets clearer as backgrounds are considered. So in the beginning, Im looking at a much wider net of profiles, but as I learn more about what my client needs, I contact just a subset of that very broad list. That has nothing to do with your profile, just the client need.

2 – I did reach out, and you missed it

I cant tell you how many times I get a message from a potential candidate months after I originally messaged them, saying that they just saw my message. Sometimes theyll add that they dont normally check LinkedIn, or they have their notifications turned off or they didnt realize that the email connected to their LinkedIn is something they dont check that often.

3 – Your profile matched a keyword but didnt have enough of it for further consideration

4 Youre still on the radar but havent been called yet

Linkedin Private Mode For Lead Generation

If youre doing lead generation on LinkedIn, you might want to turn off private mode at first.

And then, turn it back on again when youre doing outreach.

Heres why:

When youre creating a cold audience you want to reach out to, its better to not give it away that youre going to message them itll spoil the surprise.

Instead, when your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized, you have a list of leads, and you know what youre going to say in your connection request and social selling messages, you can turn it back on.

This way, when you click on their profile to connect, theyll get a notification that you viewed their profile. Then, in your connection request message, you can say how you came across something specific from when you were viewing the profile.

Something like:

Hey ,

Came across your profile from your latest post about using personalization for LinkedIn lead generation.

I was wondering if you could share the Top 3 LinkedIn outreach strategies you mentioned in your summary?


Heres why this works:

PS Be sure to check out our guide on that get a ~49% reply rate for social selling templates that work.

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How Can You Benefit From The Personalized Insights

As with any other social network, you’ll get . However, it makes more sense to connect with people who are related to your industry rather than random strangers. The right person can give you a career break or just spur you with a validation that you are on track.

LinkedIn says there are a few immediate actions you can take to touch base with people visiting your profile. But here are some other ideas which can help you leverage the insights LinkedIn provides. It’s all in the numbers and the slider you see on top.

  • Make it a part of your job hunt. Visit their profile and the company they work for to see if there are any open positions available. The person who crept into your profile could give you the inside track too if you ask nicely.
  • Check if your resume is getting attention. Your resume could be moving up the pile if the HR;has started checking you out. You can further .
  • Use it to confirm your LinkedIn efforts. Keeping your profile updates at all times is one of our . The “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” data tells you if you are attracting the right sort of people.
  • Ask for a side gig. Perhaps you want to get a start project. Offer your services with an introductory message and see if there’s any scope. You won’t get if you don’t ask.
  • See what you have in common. You may be part of a shared LinkedIn group or have connections in common. Use this base to build stronger relationships.
  • How To See Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

    How to Be Anonymous on Linkedin So People Cant See Youre ...

    With over 690 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most popular online platforms for social, career, and job-related networking. Are you interested in knowing who has been checking you out on LinkedIn?

    What you can find out about who has viewed your profile depends on whether you have a free account or one;of;LinkedIn’s paid, premium membership;options, which come with extra features.

    A premium membership will allow you to see everyone who has viewed your profile along with additional information and statistics.

    With a free LinkedIn membership,;you;can see less information and only a limited number of your profile views.

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    If You Search For Someone On Linkedin Will They Know

    Thankfully, it doesnt matter whom you search for on LinkedIn, they wont be notified of it.

    At whatever time someone search for your profileand subsequently makes a click to view itLinkedIn will notify you by saying that someone viewed your profile. However as per LinkedIn policy matters, a user isnt made aware about other users who are searching for themrather it only displays the number of searches that respective profile has.

    If you look at it from a rational point of view, its not practically possible as when you initiate a search for a name, a variety of results pop up. LinkedIn runs on an algorithm and theres no way, it can know whom you are searching for. Henceforth, not knowing, whom to notify.

    Nevertheless, theres a catch in the situation! If you actually end up clicking on a profile, the other person will get notified that you have clicked on their profile. Fortunately, theres a way to change this and we will be discussing about that in just a moment.

    When The Viewers Working For An Awesome Company

    However, if you notice the viewers work for a company thats been on your radar for years or if you see some sort of connection, failing to message them could as well result in a missed career opportunity.

    LinkedIn is not the place to be shy and wait for the miracle to happen. If you want something, you need to ask for it. The worst thing that can happen is that they wont reply at all.

    All in all, you have very little to lose. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt spend some time crafting your message.

    Start by making it clear why youd like to connect, including how you might be helpful to them. You can either reference that theyve viewed your profile or simply your reason for reaching out based on their background.

    Heres an example message if theres an open position you know about:

    Hello Katie,

    I see youre working as a Project Manager at Company X. I recently submitted my application for an open Account Executive position there, and am looking forward to finding out more about the opportunity it seems like an awesome place!


    And heres a message to send when the companys not hiring at the moment:

    Hi Katie,

    I hope youre doing well!;I see youre working work as a Project Manager at Company X. Ive admired their work for quite some time, so I thought Id connect with you here!;Looking forward to keeping in touch.


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    Whos Viewed Your Linkedin Post

    If you are publishing long-form content on LinkedIn you can or will soon be able to see who is reading your posts. This is eye opening and vital if you want to better understand the type of people who are interested in your content. If you cant see all of this yet, keep publishing and you will have access to this information soon. And it should be retroactive to all your published posts!

    If you are publishing content and not convinced its worth publishing your posts on LinkedIn, I think you might want to reconsider. You can choose which LinkedIn posts you want to view stats for and, once you click on the post, you can see how many people viewed it, liked it, commented on it and forwarded it. Good so far, right?

    I can drill down even further and see the top industries, titles, locations and sources of my readers. Here are two examples for different posts. You can see how the information changes. What can you begin to learn? How is your various content gaining traction on LinkedIn? Even better, right?

    And finally, LinkedIn is going to let me click on each of the numbers below and see WHO those specific people are?

    I just noticed someone who shared one of my latest LinkedIn posts. I clicked through and saw she works at LinkedIn. I sent her a personalized invitation thanking her, mentioning I wanted to feature her and saying that Id like to learn more about what she does.

    To learn more nifty quick tips, check out our blog posts at Intero Advisory.

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