Friday, February 3, 2023

Can You Screen Share On Facebook Live

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Mic Sound In Screen Share

How to Screen Share on Facebook Live

For viewers to hear you while using screen share, add your camera source along with screen share to the broadcasting area. This will enable your microphone during broadcast and the audience will hear you.

Simply connect your camera and click on Show in Stream in the top right corner to move it to the broadcasting section.

If you do not want people to see you, simply click Solo in the top left corner of the shared window so the broadcast only displays your presentation.

Alternatively, you may also click Stop Video on your camera source to hide yourself from the broadcast:

You can learn more about Solo Mode and disabling camera here.

How To Screen Share

  • In the broadcast studio, thereâs a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Click the âShare Screenâ button. Your guests have this option as well.
  • The screen sharing tips will pop up on screen. Click the blue âShare Screenâ button.
  • Another popup will appear with three options:
  • Your Entire Screen: Shares your entire desktop screen
  • Application Window: Lets you choose one application at a time great for sharing a powerpoint or keynote.
  • Chrome Tab: Lets you share ANY file from your computer in a Chrome Tab. Open a new tab, drag the file into Chrome from your computer desktop or folder. Your cursor displays a little â+â sign if the action is successful. This is the best way to share audio
  • NOTE: To share audio from your screen you MUST click the âShare Audioâ button.

  • Then click Share, and your screen will be added to your show. Use the layout buttons under the screen to change how the screen appears alongside you and your guests. Click the tile that lights up blue to REMOVE the screen share.
  • Sharing Your Screen With The Audience

    Once you start sharing your screen, you will see this pop-up at the bottom of the screen:

    Push the screen to the broadcast by clicking Show in Stream. This will make it visible to your viewers.

    To disable screen sharing, click Stop Sharing. Refreshing the studio page will also disable screen sharing.

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