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Can You Post Videos To Pinterest

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How To Make A Long Pin Graphic For Video

How To Pin Or Add Video To Pinterest ( Mobile App and Desktop Demo)

Make a long pin from the screenshot of a 16:9 video. Place the screenshot from the video at the top of the pin graphic and adding a play button graphic to the center of the long pin image. The play button graphic is a circle with a triangle in the center, pointed to the right. Most internet users recognize this as a play button and understand that clicking it allows a video to play.

While the video wont play when they click the pin button the first time, the link to the video will open when they click the pin a second time. Pinners will understand that the play button is a graphic that does not actually play a video. Including the play button will also help them to understand that this pins links to a video and not a blog post or product page.

Repurposing Instagram And Facebook Stories As Video Pins

Simply head to your Stories and tap the three-dot ellipsis button in the bottom-right corner

Next, either tap Save video on Facebook or Save on Instagram, which will save your video as an MP4 to your camera roll.

NOTE: If your video has any interactive stickers or swipe-up CTAs, they wont be clickable on Pinterest.

If your video does have stickers or swipe-up CTAs, there are plenty of video editing apps that can help remove them before you upload.

Find out how to do this with the InShot app in our blog post.;

What About Video Pins

Pinterest recently announced at VidCon that they have been slowly rolling out a new video upload feature. This feature will allow users to upload video directly to Pinterest aside from promoted pins. Previously, video uploads were only allowed on the platform if they were promoted pins. Now you can actually pin video directly on Pinterest!

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Save Try And Share Pins

If you click through the Pin, you can visit the website to learn how to make it or where to buy it. As you discover Pins you love, click the red Save button to save them to your boards.

When you try a Pin, you can show people on Pinterest how it went. Tried the perfect birthday cake recipe? Add a photo of your cake to the Pin, to tell people how it went or add helpful tips.

Sometimes you’ll find a Pin that you know a friend will love. Click the share icon to send Pins directly to a friend or a group in a message to pass the inspiration around. You can also use messages to chat with your friends. You can see your messages by clicking the speech ellipsis icon on your computer or tapping the bell icon followed by Chats on your mobile device.

How To Schedule Video Pins With Later

How To Embed A Pinterest Widget On Your Blog and 2 Big ...

With Later, you can:

  • Expertly plan Pins with our visual Content Calendar
  • Easily crop photos and videos, and trim videos to the desired length
  • Create custom descriptions, use saved captions, or add emojis

To get started, go to your Later dashboard, select your video from the media library, and drag-and-drop it onto your content calendar to schedule!

The content calendar will give you a quick overview of your scheduled Pins and help you maintain the right aesthetic for your boards.

When youre ready to format, youll see that Laters native editing allows you to choose from four different sizing options:

  • Freeform: Choose a custom crop size
  • Square: 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Portrait: 4.5 aspect ratio
  • Landscape: 16.9 aspect ratio

You can also trim the beginning or end of your video. Theres no limit to the amount you can trim, but remember videos need to be at least 4 seconds long.

Add a caption and a link drive traffic to your website, and keep your followers engaged by adding the perfect description for your Pin. Now youre ready to hit save and schedule your video Pin with Later!

Once you save your post, Later will submit your Pin for approval for you. When your Pin has been approved, youll see an Approved tag right there in the calendar post.

Need more help with scheduling videos to Pinterest? Check out our help guide here.

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Tip #3: Keep It Short And Captivating

While you can technically publish videos up to 15 minutes long, short videos between 6-15 seconds long.

Shorter videos typically perform better on the platform, and from a strategic standpoint, its also a good idea to leave your viewers wanting more.; When your video gives away everything, theres no reason for the user to click through to find out more.

NOTE: Video Pins must be over 4 seconds in length.

Tip #5: Set Your Video Pins Up Seo For Success

Just like images, Video Pins should have clear titles, descriptions, and hashtags to help improve their discoverability in search results!

Categorizing Video Pins with tags will make them easier to find which means more views for your content!

TIP: If you want more in-depth Pinterest SEO tips, check out Laters .

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Where To Post A Video No Matter What Your Goal Is

1. Your website No matter where else online you post your video content, your videos should live on your website. And were not just talking about sharing a single About Us videoyou should create a place, like a company blog or news page, where you regularly share video content. Not only is it good to have it all accessible in one place, but adding video to your website increases SEO and increases product comprehension as well as sales. Plus, 83% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website .

2. Your social media accounts Your companys Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages are all critical places to share your latest video content. Well get into the specifics of how to use video on each platform below, but if youre just starting out in video marketing and wondering where to feature your video, your social accounts are an obvious given. Why? According to Animoto, 60% of consumers who made a purchase from a brand found out about them on social media, and using video content helps you capture that attention.

What About Promoting Your Video Pin

How to Upload Videos on Pinterest 2021 *NEW UPDATE*

Absolutely! To do that, you would create an ad from the top left menu, then select Awareness > Video Views.

Give your campaign a name and set a daily budget for it. This will help you control ad expenses.

On the next page, youll see Ad Group details.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to name ad groups according to the audiences youre targeting. This will help you determine which audiences give you the best results at the lowest cost. .

Even though you set a daily budget for the campaign, its important to set a budget for the ad group. This way, you can test multiple audience/targeting combos within the campaign.

Next up, choose the video you want to advertise, give it a title and a website destination, and select Promote pin. You just created a video pin. Woo hoo!

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Here Are Those Specs:

File type: .mp4 or .movMax size: 2GBLength: Min 4 sec up to 30 minutesResolution: Minimum 240ppiFrame rate: Minimum of 25fpsRecommended aspect ratio: Square or vertical Recommended length: 6-20 sec. video length

Now, about that recommended aspect ratio.

#PERK The 9:16 aspect ratio also works for Instagram.

Now Im wonderingcan I promote my horizontal video pin with autoplay? Ill have to check on that. If youre curious, you can advertise your video pin foreal with an active campaign. See more on that in the next step.

Side note: This 360-degree tripod mount makes it easy to switch between vertical and horizontal mode on your smartphone:

Places To Post Your Video Now That Its Done

Video marketing for your business used to mean creating one video for your company and posting in a single location. Today, video marketing is about utilizing your video content in as many of your marketing efforts as possible. Its not just about one video, but a slew of video content that can be used and reused throughout the buyers journey to attract new visitors, engage more followers, nurture more prospects, and delight recurring customers.

So how do you do that? Lets say you just completed a video. Your first step should be to consult your video marketing strategy and consider what stage in your sales funnel youre trying to improve. For example, if your goal is to attract more eyeballs to your company or product, then youll want to consider using your video in efforts where you can reach a wider audience.

Alternatively, if you find youre losing visitors once they come to your homepage, you may want to use your video to better engage with and educate them on your company website or in your marketing emails.

In order to help you decide when and where to post your videos depending on what stage of your marketing plan youre working to improve, weve put together a list of 20 different places you may want to post your videos to increase your viewership, build brand awareness, and drive more business. Lets dive in.

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Follow Below To Upload A Video

and got to setting.

Go to account settings.

Change your country/region to .

The another page will appear. Select you business name, A website if you have, Do not change country/region. Just click on next.

After next, Select the focus of your brand and goals as your need.

Now select which one Describe your business.

Here are you are done with all settings. Now you can Upload videos with no issue, no problem. I hope your problem is solved. Try this on mobile too.

This method can be used to add video on Android App or iPhone from your phone gallery.

Please comment below to let me know this worked for you.Read more articles thank you.

Using A WordPress Plugin

You Can Post Affiliate Links on Pinterest Again!

Another way to handle the Pinterest image is to add it with a plugin.; There are a few out there, mostly paid but generally not too expensive.; They work by hiding the image until someone either uses the Pinterest save button, a social share option, or something like Tailwind. I like to use the plugin called WP-Tasty. Its especially popular with food bloggers.

Some plugins even let you add more than one image.; Thats a great way to test to see what people like a bit of an A/B test!; You can monitor your analytics and see which pins are showing up the most often as being pinned by other people.

If you do use a plugin, you might still want to add the image to the post as well.; Then you can have that CTA to prompt people to share.

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Use Hashtags In Your Pin Video Description

  • Broad: #Recipe #RecipeVideo #Video #Tacos #YouTube #Chicken
  • Specific: #TacoRecipe #ChickenTacos #ChickenTacoRecipe #TacoRecipeVideo

Use hashtags that reference video keywords such as video and YouTube to help pinners find your videos in search. To learn more about using hashtags, reference this free guide.

Pin Descriptions Should Indicate This Is A Video Pin

Next, add text to the pin graphic indicating that this pin leads to a video link. We want to make sure the pinner knows what kind of content will be delivered once they click.

Always include a keyword rich description with your pin.;Use the keyword video in conjunction with the other keywords. This can ensure pinners who are looking for videos on a specific topic can find your video. For example, a pin to a video for a chicken tacos recipe should include the keywords chicken taco video or taco recipe video in the pin description.

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How To Schedule Videos From Youtube And Vimeo Using The Tailwind Browser Extension

You may have noticed that the Tailwind Publishing Extension doesn’t show up as easily on videos, but don’t fret — we have a work around for you that will let you schedule playable videos to Pinterest.

1. Go to the or Vimeo video page you want to schedule.

2. Click on the “button , and then click Helpful Tip:The share button in Vimeo will be a small paper airplaneicon in the top right-hand corner of the video.

3. Click on the Tailwind Schedule button in the new window that pops up.;

4. And there you have it, a draft Pin ready for you to schedule!

Tip #4: Remove The Need For Audio

Create a PINTEREST PLAN SCHEDULE! | ( How to Post to Pinterest in 2021?)

This makes adding text overlays and captions to your Video Pins all the more important. Make sure your audience understands the message, even without sound.

This helps your video be viewable to a larger audience and be more inclusive overall!

Subtitles, text overlays, and text intro and outro slides are all great ways to make your video content easy to follow without audio, which is also a great way to make your content more inclusive for the hearing impaired community.

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Use A Schedule To Automate Your Pinning Process


Im a busy mom, freelance writer, and course creator.

I have over 7 blogs, two email lists, two Facebook groups, multiple Facebook pages and am on social media.

I cant be bothered to pin 25 times a day.

Instead, I use Tailwind to automate my entire pin strategy and to help me post on Pinterest more consistently.

If you need more help deciding if Tailwind is for you, check out my post and get your first 100 pins free.

Tip #2 Start With Your Branding

Dont wait till the end to show your branding, you should start your video with it. A study shows that viewers are more likely to remember your brand if it is displayed in the first 3-seconds of the video. While the study was conducted by Facebook, it still applies to Pinterest. It relates to how viewers watch videos on social media.

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Publish Videos To Your Social Channels Instantly

If youve been online at all in the last few years, one thing is clear: videos are dominating social media. Weve talked before about why its so important for brands to incorporate social into their video marketing strategies and we want to make it even easier for you to succeed. Thats why we offer publish-to-social features for users of any tier, which allow you to publish videos as native posts on social, directly from your Vimeo account.

Consider Creating Two Pins For Each Blog Post

You can guest post with us if you like!

As I mentioned in this post, for a while I was creating two new pins for each new blog post I published.

I found this was a great way to pin more and grow my followers and traffic. If you have the time, go ahead and create two pins for each blog post, then when you publish your post, pin the first pin to a board.

Then, wait a day or two before pinning the second pin to a board. Afterward, you can schedule both pins using Tailwind!

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Work Backward From Your End Goal

The big question with video pins is, Where do you want to drive traffic?

? Want more website traffic? Upload the video to Pinterest and link to a post or page that is relevant to the video. I recommend linking to a blog post with the embedded video. This is called repurposing and is a powerful way to leverage content youre already creating to boost traffic to blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, and more. High five!

? If you want to grow your YouTube channel, select Save from site and enter the YouTube link. You can also upload the video to Pinterest first, then edit the pin and add the link.

? If you want to , no problem. Pin the Instagram post to Pinterest. Make sure you update the pin description with Pinterest-perfect keywords and hashtags .

#PROTIP Claim your YouTube channel and Instagram account to ensure that all video pins from these platforms are attributed to you. Youll also gain access to Pinterest stats on any video pin you save from these accounts .

First Who Can Upload Video Pins

If you want to squeeze the juice out of any pin, youll need a business account. Video pins are no different here. Make sure you switch to a business account to access the video upload option.

You can still save your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and TED, but theyll only play if you view them close up.

Note: You may not need to create a billing profile. If you follow the steps below and see a video option when you create a new pin, youre all set. If you dont see that option, go ahead and set up a billing profile and enter a credit card. The good news is, you wont need to set up an ad campaign or pay for organic video pins. A billing profile is simply a requirement to upload videos.

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Purchasers Are Using Both Platforms To Make Purchasing Decisions

In December 2017, Pinterest issued a report on millennial behavior, which found that millennials are using Pinterest to make purchasing decisions. Millennials are even creating boards named Should I buy this? for example. The study found that millennials are largest consumer group in history, spending $65 billion per year. With video marketing on the rise, its not surprising that 4 in 5 millennials use video to make purchase decisions, according to Social Bakers.

Want to schedule pins in just a few minutes a week? You gotta get Tailwind . See how here: How to pin stack

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