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Can You Message People On Twitter

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Hot Tip: Remember Direct Messages On Twitter Are Not Really Private

How to DM Someone on Twitter
  • When you delete a Direct Message or conversation , it is deleted from your account only.
  • When you share a link in a Direct Message, it is automatically processed and shortened to a link.Anyone with a shortened link will be able to navigate to the destination URL.
  • When you share photos or videos in a Direct Message, it will be viewable by everyone in the conversation. Recipients can download or share whatever you send to them.

How To Dm On Twitter: From Web

Step 1: Go to & click “Messages” from the left navigation bar.

Step 2: Click the envelope icon with a plus sign from the top.

Step 3: Enter the name or @username of the person you wish to send a DM to in the address box and click “Next.”

Step 4: Type your message and click on the Send button to send the message in the message box.


  • If you want to send a Twitter direct message to a group of people, you can add up to 50 usernames in the address box.

  • You can include a photo, GIF, video, or emoji in your Twitter direct message.

  • Press the shift and enter keys together to start a new line in a message, as pressing just the enter key will send your message.

  • Can You Dm On Twitter


    Twitter DMs are the messages sent on Twitter that remain private between you and the recipient. They do not appear on your feed as well.

    You can initiate a private conversation with another Twitter user if you follow them . Similarly, you can receive a Twitter DM from any of your followers.

    If you have opted in your settings to receive messages from anyone , then you can receive Twitter direct messages even from someone who doesn’t follow you.

    Those who don’t follow you can still send you a Twitter DM if they have previously sent you a direct message. If you send DMs to accounts that do not follow you, you may need to verify your phone number.

    Direct messages can be started as a group conversation as well. In that case, everyone in the group can see all messages, even if they don’t follow each other.

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    Have A Separate Support Handle For Managing Customer Queries

    If your brand receives a large volume of customer complaints daily, consider creating a separate handle just for support. This will make it easier for your customers to reach the right people to solve their issues. Having a support handle also communicates to your customers that your brand cares about customer service and wants to be reached.

    While it’s essential to have a dedicated Twitter handle and support team, it’s even essential to strategize about its tone and voice as you definitely want to take customer issues seriously and show that in the way you respond to them .

    In this manner, your conversations will also be organized when it comes to managing Twitter DMs. Your customer complaints will not be spread across different handles, and you will know which handle’s DM to check to deal with queries.

    Protip: If your support team is only managing the support handle during specific hours or days, note that in your bio to help set clear expectations with your customers.

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    Include Photos Gifs And Videos

    Twitter on Twitter: " Are your Direct Messages open, to ...

    When Twitter provides you the option to include photos, videos, and GIFs in your DM, why not use it to the best of your advantage. Sharing a helpful photo, video, or GIF can make it very easy for your customers to understand how to resolve a problem.

    The best accounts on Twitter create engaging visual content to educate and help their customers through Tweets. Once created, this type of content can be repurposed for Twitter direct messages too.

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    How To Enable Or Disable Read Receipts From Twitter Website

    Step 1: Click on “More” from the left side menu.

    Step 2: From the menu opened up, select “Settings and privacy.”

    Step 3: On the new settings page, click “Privacy and safety.”

    Step 4: Select “Direct Messages” from the right side menu. Uncheck the box Next to “Show read receipt” to turn the feature off.

    How To Dm On Twitter: From Statusbrew

    Statusbrew unifies all your brand conversations and messages into a single inbox, thus allowing you to DM quickly on Twitter. You can even build a dependable response system along with your team effectively. Here’s how you can use Engage in Statusbrew to reply to your Twitter DMs:

    Step 1: From your Statusbrew’s homepage, select “Engage.”

    Step 2: You will be presented with a list of all conversations on the left side. As you select a conversation, a detailed preview will appear in the middle, and details of the conversation to the right side. At the bottom of the preview section, you will find the Reply Section.

    Step 3: If you want to filter all your Twitter DMs, select “Add filter” -> “Type” from the top. Select “Twitter DMs” from the list of “is.”

    Using Statusbrew Engage gives you a lot more features that can make responding to conversations easier and save you a lot of time.

    You can manage conversations from multiple Twitter profiles using Statusbrew. From the reply section, you can also choose from which profile you want to respond to from the ones integrated with Statusbrew. For instance, if you have a support handle on managing all support-related queries, you can choose your support handle from the drop-down.

    If multiple people are involved in the conversation, you can also tag people you wish to reply back in a conversation. Simply click on the “Reply-To” bar and select or deselect the users involved in the conversation thread.

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    Who Can I Dm With

    Generally, you can send a DM to anyone who follows you. But there are some exceptions. If the person doesn’t follow you but has opted-in to receive DMs from anyone, you can send them a DM. Or, if you have exchanged DMs with that person in the past, you can send them a DM even if they’re not following you. Also, if you initiate a DM to more than one person, anyone in the group can then respond to the entire group even if group members don’t all follow each other.

    If you want to send a DM to someone on Twitter, but they don’t follow you, you can still catch their attention by using their handle at the beginning of a tweet. The tweet won’t land in their Messages section as a DM would, but it will initiate a notification that the user is likely to see.

    Manage Both Tweets And Dms Together As Single Conversations

    How To Direct Message on Twitter // Privately Message Someone on Twitter

    It’s essential to treat both messages with equal priority and as part of one conversation with the customer. Try maintaining the continuity of conversation at a single channel, and don’t try to switch from public to private or vice versa quickly. This will only increase the confusion and delay the complaint from getting resolved fast.

    As your business grows, it will be beneficial to use a purpose-built social customer care tool to help manage these conversations at scale.

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    How To Dm On Twitter: From Android Or Ios

    Step 1: Open the Twitter app on your device.

    Step 2: Tap on the envelope icon from the bottom menu. You will be directed to your Twitter DM history section.

    Step 3: Tap the blue envelope icon with plus sign to create a new message.

    Step 4: Enter the name or @username of the person you wish to send a DM to in the address box. Once selected, tap “Next” from the top right side.

    Step 5: Start typing your message in the bottom “Start a message” box and tap on the arrow button to send the message.

    How To Know If Someone Read Your Twitter Dm

    Twitter’s read receipts feature helps users know if people have seen their messages or not. If you disable the Show read receipts setting, you will not see read receipts from other people.

    Though this setting is activated by default, you can disable or enable direct message read receipts on Twitter using the below steps.

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    Change Your Direct Message Settings To Allow Messages From Anyone

    When your business uses Twitter to handle customer queries, it’s highly recommended that you turn off this default setting and allow everyone to DM you to reduce the friction while getting in touch with your brand. This is especially important if you have a separate support handle just for managing customer complaints on Twitter.

    To update this setting, go to Setting and privacy -> Privacy and safety -> Direct messages and tick this box.

    Who Is A Part Of The Conversation

    Twitter on Twitter: " Are your Direct Messages open, to ...
  • Click or tap Replying to…
  • From here you can see everyone who is included in this reply. You can also follow or unfollow people in this list.
  • Note: An account that you have blocked will still be visible to you in the list of people in the conversation, indicating they are blocked, but without their profile information displayed. You may choose to unblock them from this list by tapping on the blocked icon

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    Ask For Proof Of Debt

    A debt collector is required by law to provide you with with certain information, according to the CFPB. The information includes the name of the creditor and the amount owed.

    “Legitimate debt collectors must send you proof that you owe the debt, such as a copy of the original bill owed to the creditor,” Sherry says. “If a collector continues to hound you after you’ve asked for, but not received, a verification notice that explains what the debt is and how much you owe, chances are it’s a scam.”

    If a collector continues to hound you after you’ve asked for, but not received, a verification notice that explains what the debt is and how much you owe, chances are it’s a scam.Linda Sherrydirector of national priorities at Consumer Action

    How To Send Group Direct Messages On Twitter

    Twitter’s direct messaging feature has long been a way for users to communicate privately in one-on-one conversations with their followers. But recently, to the DM feature that allows for group messaging with multiple users — up to 20 in one message.

    In this post, we’ll talk about the details of the group message function. Then, we’ll go over how to create a group message from scratch, how to add members to a pre-existing group message, and how to share tweets in a group message. Let’s get to it.

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    Whats Appropriate For My Brand Right Now

    01: Know your brand

    Understand the role your product or service plays in peoples lives. With the current enhanced quarantine situation, that may have changed a lot. Consider these changes and look for opportunities to help and be useful, and inspire others to do the right thing.

    02: Keep up to date with whats happening

    The whole #coronavirus scenario is developing fast across the globe, and theres always new information and data coming out multiple times a day. You need to closely keep up and keep watch as the crisis unfolds, and be sure to consider the context before replying or broadcasting. Its also important to note that sometimes its better not to say anything at all.

    03: Be thoughtful about tone of voice

    How do you get this right? The best way is by listening to what your Filipino audience and your customers are saying, and reflecting that in your copy and tone appropriately. For instance, right now might not be the best time to tweet snarky or sarcastic remarks. Be sensitive to your audiences sentiments and emotions, and work your message around that.

    05: Anticipate changes in your customers behavior

    The enhanced quarantine and social distancing protocols will trigger a number of behavior changes that might impact your customers needs, as well as how they interact with your business. Be creative and think in advance about how you can serve them by making adjustments to your offers.

    To Disable Direct Message Read Receipts

    How to send a direct message (DM) on Twitter®

    Direct Messages feature read receipts so you know when people have seen your messages. When someone sends you a Direct Message and your Show read receipts setting is enabled, everyone in the conversation will know when youâve seen it. This setting is enabled by default but you can turn it off through your settings at any time. If you turn off the Show read receipts setting, you will not be able to see read receipts from other people.

    Read receipts are only viewable on the Twitter for iOS and Android apps, and Please note, however, that read receipts will also be sent when you view Direct Messages on mobile web.

    To disable or enable using Twitter for iOS:

    To disable or enable via

  • Click the more icon, then click Privacy and safety.
  • Under Privacy and safety and next to Show read receipts, click the box to turn the feature off or click the box to turn back on.
  • Note: For conversations that appear under Requests, the sender will not be able to see if you have read their Direct Messages unless you accept the conversation.

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    Use Direct Messages To Only Discuss Personal Details

    Twitter direct messages are a great way to ask customers for the specific information you require to resolve their issues. Instruct your customers to use DM when they need to share more personal information that can’t be shared in a public Tweet, like a contact number, order number, registered email address, or the name of an employee they interacted with.

    Basically, you should know when to take a conversation public to private and when to keep it public only. If a message does not need a personalized reply and is common for a fixed set of customers, it is advisable to reply to the tweet in public. You never know when your reply might be seen by other customers of a similar set, facing the same issue and will give them clarity on the matter.

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    Beginner’s Guide To Direct Messages On Twitter

    Direct messages are a private message sent directly to a specific user on Twitter, that nobody else is able to see unless they have access to that account. There are three key things that you need to know about direct messages:

    • You can only send a direct message to someone that you follow and follows you in return.
    • Direct messages are still subject to Twitters 280-character limit.
    • You can only send up to 250 direct messages a day – this shouldnt be a problem, unless youre a particularly chatty tweep.

    So how can you use direct messages on Twitter? Not only are they a great way to privately connect with friends, but they can also help generate leads and drive traffic to your website by engaging with potential customers in a more discreet manner, rather than clogging up your Twitter feed with Tweets.

    How to send a direct message

    • A pop-up window will appear, showing you the history of all your direct messages, select New Message to start composing a message.
    • In the Address box, type the name or the username of the person youd like to send a direct message to.
    • If youd like to attach a photo to your message, click Add Photo. Remember, since direct messages are only visible to you and the message recipient, photos that you send through direct messages are also private.
    • Type your message and click Send.

    How to run a direct message campaign

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    How To Receive Direct Message Requests

    How can you tell if someone is trying to DM you? As with other social networks, you will get notifications in Twitter when you have received a new DM.

    To see these alerts and how many new DMs you have, look for a bubble with a number in it next to the Messages link in the left rail of your home screen. You can also enable text and email alerts for new Twitter DMs, which can be really handy if you dont want to have the open all the time.

    If you have enabled the Receive messages from anyone option, you will receive a request in your message inbox for any incoming messages from people you dont follow including group conversations that youve been added to. To see these requests, simply access your inbox, and from there you can either Delete or Accept the message. You will be able to connect with the person only if you accept the message, and they will not know youve seen their message until it is accepted.

    On occasion direct messaging wont work, like if you use a third-party or outside application to send or receive DMs. The issue has to do with permissions, so to check if the app you are using has permission from Twitter to access your DMs, simply log into your Twitter account, click the gear icon, and then click “Settings.”

    Additionally, you may be over the 1,000 DM daily limit Twitter has set for its users, so cool your jets for the day and try again tomorrow.

    For more tips about troubleshooting, click here.

    How Do I Know If I’ve Received A Dm

    How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter

    You can be notified of new DMs within Twitter, or with a text or email notification if you have your account set up that way.

    Within Twitter, when you receive a DM, an alert will show up in the left rail of your home screen in the form of a bubble with a number in it next to the Messages link. The number refers to how many new DMs you have.

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