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Can You Make Money Posting On Pinterest

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How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Link

EASIEST Way To Make Money On Pinterest With CLICKBANK & GOOGLE = $500/Day (Pinterest Tutorial)

First, create a tracking ID with the name of your board. Go to Amazon associates central. At the top right, hover your mouse cursor on the drop-down menu bearing your email address > Manage Your Tracking IDs > Add Tracking ID.

Its advisable to create a tracking ID that you can easily associate with your content. For the sample board, the tracking ID will be backless-maxi-dresses02-20.

You get your affiliate link from the SiteStripe located at the top left of any page as shown below. Choose between the long URL and a shortened one. Remember not to use a URL shortener. I prefer the longer URL because pins that bear it are clearly marked as from Amazon.

Getting your affiliate link from Amazon’s SiteStripe

Select The Right Images

Pinning products directly from Amazon is not recommended because:

  • Its hard to get the image you want
  • You can’t edit a photo
  • You are likely to pin a poor quality image
  • You cant change the file name
  • Always use high-quality images. If you cant download high-resolution images from Amazon, use the Chrome extension Hi-Res Image Downloader for Merch By Amazon.

    Select photos that are captured while the product is being used. People are able to better associate with a product if they see it being used. This leads to more sales.

    Example pins

    Change the image file name. Search engine robots can crawl pages and learn whats in them. But theres currently no technology that can effectively discern what exactly is contained in an image.

    To ensure that search engines rank your images for the correct keywords, you have to use the right file name and description. In the sample board, Ill include backless maxi dress in every photo before uploading. An example photo will have the name Toptie casual backless maxi dress.jpg.

    Method : Link Straight To A Course

    Perhaps there is a course theyd love that theyd be willing to try.

    You can actually pin images that talk about the course, and link straight to that course.

    For example:

    • I share a pin saying how this blogger makes $50,000 per month.
    • I use my affiliate link as the link for the pin, which goes straight to the landing page for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.
    • People who want to make money will be interested.
    • They will then be taken to a sales page for a course hat will teach them how to make money online!

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    Generate Traffic To Your Ecommerce Products

    Best for: eCommerce businesses.

    Before you start sharing your products on Pinterest, make sure youve enabled Rich Pins, which sync the latest information from your website into any pins created from your site. Product Rich Pins are able to pull the most up-to-date price, inventory, and product description from your website so you dont need to worry about manually updating existing pins.

    Rich Pins are free to use and only require adding a bit of code to your website. New websites requesting Rich Pins are typically approved within 24 hours.

    Schedule Pins In Advance

    How To Make Money Using Pinterest

    Speaking of automation, ditch the mental reminder to share new pins by scheduling them in advance. Tools like Tailwind, Later, and Hootsuite exist to take this job off your hands. Set a custom schedule and add new content to your queue. Itll automatically get pinned to your board when the time comes.

    If your niche site and/or Pinterest account is relatively young or non-existent, then starting slow is a must. Don’t expect to be publishing two articles and 30 pins per day at an early stage. Instead, strive to publish one to three articles per week, with three to 30 pins per week. Ally Mashaura, Editor-in-Chief of Adventure Pursuit

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    How To Make Money On Pinterest: How Much Can You Make

    Before I even tell you how youll probably want a rough idea of how much you can actually make, to see if its worth your time. .

    The truth is there isnt really a maximum amount you can make.

    It is limitless.

    But if youre looking for a more accurate figure to aspire to

    Dale from Blogging Her Way currently makes around $500 per month simply pinning images on Pinterest.

    Even better is she created an ebook teaching you exactly how she does it- Get paid to Pin.

    Heres an extract from her blog:

    Thats just the start of it.

    But I have no doubt that you could make even more than what I make using Pinterest!

    Sponsorships From Promoting Brands

    Companies are always looking for a cost efficient way to market their products to interested customers. Sponsorships have become a very popular option because the return on investment tends to be so high.

    Think outside the box. There are likely to be obvious brands or companies to go ask for a sponsorship. There are also plenty of related niches where you might find potential partners. That means many good opportunities for creating a partnership. This is often especially true with smaller to mid-sized brands. They also often don’t require the same traffic numbers as larger ones when it comes to sponsorship options.

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    The Importance Of Having A Blog

    One of the best ways to make money on Pinterest is by using the site to grow your blog. Many bloggers focus on SEO in terms of increasing their traffic, and this is not a bad idea.

    However, SEO does take time to work, and utilizing Pinterest can be a much quicker way to get more eyes on your content. By increasing your traffic, you can earn money on your blog in a variety of ways.

    Use Tailwind To Schedule Your Pins

    How To Make MONEY On Pinterest For BEGINNERS (2022)

    Tailwind is essential for anyone who wants to know how to make money on Pinterest and is serious about making it happen. With Tailwind, you can set your pins on autopilot. You can set them to go out in certain intervals and to repin in loops so you dont have to keep doing it manually.

    With Tailwind, there is a free trial, but it will only allow you to pin 100 pins for free. After that, youll need a paid plan, but it is very worth it and will save you hours and hours of work.

    Another thing that makes this tool so incredible is that it analyzes the engagement on your pins and sends out your content at the times throughout the day when your audience will see them and engage with them the most.

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    Collaborate With Brands And Creators To Reach New Audiences

    And it doesnt stop there. Partnering with like-minded brands or creators is an opportunity to get creative, elevate your brands perception, and generate a social buzz.

    For example, West Elm regularly partners with innovative creators on their Pinterest account, sharing their unique design stories to inspire their community:

    TIP: Use Laters to measure the success of your Pinterest campaigns. Available now on Growth and Advanced plans.

    How Many Products To Pin Per Board

    Again, there is no limit to the number of pins required per board. If you use too few pins, your board might never rank on Google. If you have too many pins on one board, there is a possibility youll later regret as I will explain further down this article.

    What, then, is the magic number? In my experience, Ive learned that boards that perform well have 35 pins and above. But you dont need to pin all of them at once.

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    Sign Up With Affiliate Programs

    There are lots of different companies that pay commission to affiliates. Pretty much any large retailer you can think of has its own affiliate program.

    My number one recommended affiliate program for general Pinterest marketing is called MagicLinks.

    Through MagicLinks, you can create affiliate links to products in categories from arts and crafts to fashion, pets, weddings, books, food and anything in between.

    I have heard they are getting more and more selective to get into. But no worries! There are plenty of other affiliate programs to try. Ive included a list of other affiliate programs to promote on Pinterest further down this page. .

    Initiating A Life Insurance Or Policy:

    Get Paid to Party

    One way to really show you care is by initiating a life insurance policy through Primerica reviews for your employees. This will help provide financial stability for their families in the event of their death and shows that you are committed to their well-being. Initiating a life insurance policy can also be a great motivator for employees, as they feel more secure in their job knowing that their families will be taken care of if something happens to them.You can still have proper management of your employees, but having that edge of caring will in the long run save you a lot of money.

    In conclusion, there are many ways to show you care about your employees. By getting to know them, being involved in their interests, and initiating a life insurance policy, you can create a strong bond with your employees that will lead to a more productive and positive work environment.

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    Do A Joint Promotion With A Brand

    This is when a pinner works directly with a brand to create pins that promote the companys products. It can be product placement things, like 10 ways to repurpose Coca-Cola cans or 5 epic Airbnb vacations.

    • The concept of the pin

    If youre looking for brands to work with, Pinterest recommends checking out the Pin Collective.

    What Is Affiliate Marketing

    If youre familiar with the word affiliate marketing, it is essentially where you promote other companies products and get paid when someone purchases.

    They will give you a special link kind of like this one.

    That idea will be specific to you, and anyone that clicks that link is now tracked as your referral.

    • Facebook does not allow direct links to affiliate products in posts.
    • Instagram is unclear on policies, but often removes accounts that do.
    • Even websites have a harder time ranking when they dont cloak their affiliate links .

    The reason for this is a lot of people who do affiliate marketing spam social media and ruin it for everyone else. But affiliate marketing, if done right, is a reputable and lucrative business .

    Huge companies like Amazon, Etsy, and Bass Pro Shops have affiliate programs, and plenty of smaller companies do as well.

    Looking for more ways to earn money?

    Check out the video below to learn how I went from $0 to $3,000,000:

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    Advertise And Sell Your Skills

    Well, you can create boards of beautiful photos and videos to show off your workmanship and skills

    Do you make cakes? Clothes? Knitwear? Are you a photographer?

    For example, if youre a cake maker, you could make different boards for kids birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, etc.

    Do you create clothes or knitwear? Then create different boards for your tops, bottoms, dresses, or even OOTD boards with a combination of your pieces.

    If you teach any of these skills to other people , be sure to add video footage of you in the act of creating. If youre anything like me, you love to see an expert at work and feel confident in their skills before you hire them.

    Key information to add to your profile includes your location, phone number, and other contact information so people can reach out to you.

    Here are some talented people getting loads of monthly views to their businesses on Pinterest:

    Ways To Show You Care For Your Staff

    How To Make Money On Pinterest in 2022 (For Beginners)

    When it comes to business, you often think about what you can get out of it. Of course, you want to make more money, increase your market share, and find new customers. But what about giving back? What if there were five easy ways that your business could show you care? This blog post will explore four different ways that your company can reach out and help the community. From donating time or money to volunteering or supporting a charity, there are many ways for your business to make a difference!

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    What Are Some Other Online Platforms To Make Money

    • WordPress You can start a WordPress blog and make money through display ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored posts.
    • Amazon Amazons FBA program allows you to resell products through the platform. Check out how Jessica makes over $5,000 a month from Amazon.
    • Shopify This is a one-stop shop to create your online store and sell products or through drop shipping.
    • If you enjoy making videos, YouTube can be a great platform to share your content online. You can make money from display ads on your videos, sharing affiliate links, or selling your own products.

    Step : Start A Website

    Before you can start making money on Pinterest, you need to have a website. I recommend using a self-hosted website.

    PRO TIP: Professional bloggers are self-hosted as this gives you the right foundation to make money on Pinterest. I recommend THIS web hosting because it only costs a few dollars per month and its one of the top web hosting companies. Plus, they have 24/7 customer service which is great.

    This is the same web hosting company I used when I first started my blog. Its the best option for beginners who want to start their own website for cheap.

    Can I just start a free blog? I know youre probably thinking you can start a blog for free on Blogger, but this is a big mistake!

    You do NOT want to choose a free blogging platform because they dont allow you to make money from display advertising or affiliates. These two are ESSENTIAL to making money from blogging and Pinterest.

    Its nearly impossible to make money from free Blogger websites. Many advertisers dont view them as professional as self-hosted WordPress blogs. Thats why I always recommend starting your blog the RIGHT way to anyone who wants to make money online.

    It only costs $2.95 USD per month to start your own blog when you sign up for the Basic Plan through my tutorial. This is a special price that is only available to Mint Notion readers, plus it includes a FREE domain name.

    For my fellow Canadian friends, check out this guide: How to start a blog that makes money in Canada

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    Write A Good Description For Each Pin

    When you add a new pin, there is space for you to add a description. Here is where you write an accurate, detailed description of your product.

    Use lots of key words the kind of words that people search for. This will help people find your pin, even if they dont follow you.

    You can find Pinterests recommend keywords by paying attention to the suggested search terms that drop down when you start typing in the search box for ideas.

    Hint: if you click on one of those coloured boxes, you will get even more key words.

    So if I want to pin some pens to my stationery board, a good description would be something like: These cute gel pens would be perfect for note taking in class!

    This should help my pin show up in search results for people searching for those words.

    Your description should also include a disclosure such as affiliate link or #ad.

    Regulators like the Federal Trade Commission in the US and the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK require a disclosure. Check with your local authority to make sure youre following their guidelines.

    Its also just plain spammy if you dont let your followers know.

    Include Affiliate Links In Your Pins To Earn Commissions On Sales

    Ten Incredible Ways to Use Pinterest To Save Money

    If you arent familiar with affiliate marketing, its a system that allows you to promote a brands products or services via trackable links you can generate from an affiliate network, like ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, or Rakuten.

    You can then insert these links anywhere on the web like in a Pin and earn a commission from the clicks or sales those links generate.

    TIP: For influencers and creators, affiliate links can be incredibly useful for monetizing a blog or social media presence. Find out how to use affiliate links here.

    Thanks to Pinterests wide range of tools and features, there are more ways than ever to make sales on the platform.

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    How Much Can You Make

    According to screenshots posted in an affiliate Facebook group Im in, some people are earning over $1,000 per month!

    My payments received from one affiliate network for the period September 17 to January 18

    Bear in mind this is a long-term game, though. I started off making just pennies a day, and my earnings slowly started to snowball over time. This is pinning several affiliate pins, every single day.

    Unless you are lucky enough to have a pin go viral early on, be prepared that it can take weeks or months of consistent daily pinning to see results like this. Watching your business grow is part of the fun!

    Start Pinning Your Affiliate Products

    You can use the image directly from the retailers website, or use a free image editor like Canva to make pretty pins with text overlays and other effects.

    Just make sure that the link associated with the pin is your unique affiliate link.

    This is essential! Without this, you wont get paid if somebody buys the product that you pinned.

    Heres how to add your pin and affiliate link to Pinterest:

    This will bring up the following screen. Upload your pin image to the block on the left hand side. Grab your affiliate link from the affiliate program website , and add your affiliate link where it says add your destination link at the bottom.

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