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Can You Make Money On Pinterest

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Optimize Your Pins For Search

EASIEST Way To Make Money On Pinterest With CLICKBANK & GOOGLE = $500/Day (Pinterest Tutorial)

Be sure to use your keywords in your pin description

To give your pins the best chance of getting found in Search, the main thing youll want to do is use your keywords in your pin descriptions.

For instance, if my pin is of a red womens shirt, I could write something like, This red womens shirt is a popular option for Spring 2020.

Other places to use your keywords include the product page or blog post youre linking to , in your board titles, and in your hashtags.

Another important Pinterest SEO strategy is to always be adding fresh content. You dont have to add something every day, but you should be adding new content on a regular schedule. Tailwinds SmartLoop is a great tool that can make this process super easy!

Step : Create Content For Your Blog

For example, people are probably not searching for how your weekend went with your family. However, they might be searching for crowd-pleasing dinner recipes to serve at their next holiday party.

Do you notice the difference? People want to know how they will benefit from reading your blog post. Before a visitor will click to read one of your blog posts, they will always ask themselves Whats in it for me?

Not sure what content you should create? I recommend choosing a blog niche youre passionate about.

Many people pick a niche because they think itll be easy to make money. But this is a bad idea. It almost NEVER works and youre readers will see right through you. You need to love what you write about.

PRO TIP: Your ideal blog niche will be a combination of your passion, knowledge, and profitbility.

For more tips on how to start a successful blog, I recommend signing up for my free 5-day blogging course. You can sign up in the form below!

Disclose Affiliate Relations & Avoid Link Cloaking

Almost all affiliate networks will require that you have some disclosure to an affiliate relation. This is due to FTC requirements for affiliate networks. You should always disclose these relationships in your pins. Amazon in particular has a specific line you have to say:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

That disclosure changes, so be sure to check up on Amazon Associates TOS.

Youll also have to pass on link cloaking. Pinterests Acceptable Use Policy makes it clear that your viewers should know where theyre going. No, no Bitly, no Pretty Links, nothing. I think that Amazons short links would be an exception to this, but I would stick with the full URL links just in case.

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Build Your Authority And Credibility

Even with your tremendous knowledge and experience, if people dont consider you an expert, they might not be drawn to check out your boards. To be a credible figure, lay out everything youve learned from the platform and from your research. Share concrete examples of your milestones or success stories from early followers to prove that your techniques actually work. This will show that youre the real deal and you know what youre talking about. If you look at pins that perform well, this is a huge factor: The person/brand sharing them has clearly demonstrated their expertise on the subject matter.

Another way to build your authority and bolster yourreputation is to post on other websites and offer your expertise in onlineforum channels. Go to other social media platforms, find threads about yourtopic, and help answer the questions or offer solutions to the problems. Youcan even link relevant blog posts, boards, and pins to applicable queries. Notonly will this position you as an expert, but it will also help drive trafficto your pages.

Make Money With Affiliate Links

14 Ways You Can Make Money Using Pinterest

Affiliate links are how you monetize your digital assets such as email lists, social accounts or blogs using other peoples products. They work just like how an Amazon link works: when someone clicks the affiliate link and buys a product, they will get a commission for it .

It takes time for this money-making tactic to pay off how much you earn, but how do you think affiliate marketing became such a huge industry? It works.

Its not too hard to get started with it either: just sign up for an account and start pinning! The company will set how much commission they want to offer you, which is usually between 20% 50%. You can also change how much you want to earn per sale how higher commission rates, but remember that the more commission a company wants, the less traffic they will give you.

Affiliate Marketing is an entire industry in itself: there are plenty of tutorials on how to set up your own affiliate marketing blog and how lucrative it can be.

If this idea appeals to you, be sure to read how to make money with affiliate links for beginners.

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Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants might schedule posts, create pins, or manage ads. This role could also involve community management and outreach itll vary from brand to brand.

Step 1. Make sure your own account is looking fresh

Pinterests suggestions for top-tier pinning including using eye-catching images and adding a text overlay. Check out Pinterests guide to creative best practices here.

Step 2. Let the world know youre open for business

Reaching out to your own network to spread the word is a great place to start, either in real life or on social.

You can also post on job boards or freelancer pages like Fiverr to reach companies looking for help.

Set Up And Apply For Rich Pins

Product Pins This is great for those who sell products on their website. It shares real-time pricing, where to buy and availability.

Recipe Pins This includes serving sizes, cooking times and ingredients.

Article Pins This includes the headline of your article, the author and a story description.

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Choose An Awesome Product To Promote

I hope you have chosen your niche now the next step is to find the right products to promote.

You can find hundreds of products to promote on Pinterest from or MagickLinks.

MagickLinks lets you avail an opportunity to choose any product from various e-commerce platforms including eBay.

The process works as Choose any product from eBay and copy the link of the product page and cloak it on Magicklink.

Whenever someone purchases something from that link you will be compensated. Thus you dont have to apply to become an affiliate on an individual platform.

Its that simple.

Pro Tips: Dont pick any product that promises to give you high commission instead go for the one that is actually worth sharing with your audience. Because whatever you introduce to your audience will build your credibility and make you an authority.

If you dont have time to create your own blog then I highly recommend you to own a pre-built blog with promoted affiliate products. These blogs are found to be very profitable and the best thing is you can choose the niche also.

Check out the video here: Create CB Niche site

How Much Can You Make

How To Make Money On Pinterest | 7 Ways!

According to screenshots posted in an affiliate Facebook group Im in, some people are earning over $1,000 per month!

My payments received from one affiliate network for the period September 17 to January 18

Bear in mind this is a long-term game, though. I started off making just pennies a day, and my earnings slowly started to snowball over time. This is pinning several affiliate pins, every single day.

Unless you are lucky enough to have a pin go viral early on, be prepared that it can take weeks or months of consistent daily pinning to see results like this. Watching your business grow is part of the fun!

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Find Affiliate Programs In Your Niche

Weve created a list of 60 affiliate programs for bloggers , so depending on your niche, that can help you get started.

If those options dont work for you, its time to do some research. Make a list of all the companies that sell products in your niche that you can think of.

Visit their websites and look for an affiliate link where you can sign up for their affiliate programs. Typically it is in the bottom somewhere, like this.

You could also perform a Google search by typing in:

  • company + affiliate program
  • company + referral program
  • or any variation of those words

If you dont know where to start as far as companies go, do some research by typing in:

  • your niche + affiliate program

Once youve found the affiliate programs you like, go ahead and apply.

Note that you probably wont get approved by all of them. Some require their affiliates to have a website. Some want you to have a track record of success. But others wont care about any of that. Just apply for several and take it one step at a time.

Some companies will approve you right away, while others can take several days. So while you are waiting, start working on your strategy to make money.

Write A Good Description For Each Pin

When you add a new pin, there is space for you to add a description. Here is where you write an accurate, detailed description of your product.

Use lots of key words the kind of words that people search for. This will help people find your pin, even if they dont follow you.

Hint: if you click on one of those coloured boxes, you will get even more key words.

So if I want to pin some pens to my stationery board, a good description would be something like: These cute gel pens would be perfect for note taking in class!

This should help my pin show up in search results for people searching for those words.

Your description should also include a disclosure such as affiliate link or #ad.

Regulators like the Federal Trade Commission in the US and the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK require a disclosure. Check with your local authority to make sure youre following their guidelines.

Its also just plain spammy if you dont let your followers know.

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Sell Your Own Product

The easiest way to do this is by creating a digital product such as an ebook or online course. You will then need to create a sales page for your product with a button to purchase it. In order to generate sales, you can create multiple Pinterest graphics promoting your product and share them on Pinterest.

If you dont want to create your own website, you can also link to an Etsy shop or other online marketplace where you sell your own products.

Write Helpful Memorable Content

This is How You Can Make Money on Pinterest

When youve got your blog set up, its time to start writing. Think about some problems the readers in your niche face and write a handful of epic posts that will solve them.

However, before you begin writing, you need to figure out who youre writing to. In other words, whos your target audience?

When blogging, I recommend writing about a topic youre interested in and like talking about.

Never choose a topic simply because you think itll make you money. Instead, pick something youre genuinely interested in.

Not only will this keep your blog from feeling like a chore, but it will help you relate better to your readers and seem much more real.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking the theme of your blog or a blog post topic:

Passion The most successful bloggers blog about topics they have a passion for.

Skills You should also know what youre blogging about. So, think about what you know and what youre good at.

Demand Search engine data can be your best friend, and guess what, Pinterest is a search engine. What are some of the most popular Google or Pinterest search topics? There are billions of people out there looking for solutions to their problems. A good tool like SEMRush can help you find them.

Ideally, you would be able to hit on each of these three elements.

Remember, whether its advice on buying a four-season tent or choosing the right color blush for your skin tone, your readers will be coming to you for help with something.

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As A Virtual Assistant

What if you dont want to make a blog of your own or start an online business? If you have solid Pinterest skills, you can and help other businesses.

  • Create pins
  • Create opt-ins, sales funnels, and more

The great thing about this gig is that its incredibly flexible. Usually, you can work whenever you want, and of course, youll be working from the comfort of your home office .

Also, you dont have to limit yourself to one client. If you have time, you can take on multiple clients and maximize your earning potential by providing an in-demand service.

Want to see just how to land your first client for free?the free webinar available here

Becoming a Pinterest VA is similar to learning how to become a virtual assistant more generally. The main difference is that your services will be focused exclusively on Pinterest.

  • Learn the platform inside and out. You have to understand Pinterest and how it works. If you dont already know a lot about Pinterest, do a lot of research, consider doing a Pinterest training course and create a separate Pinterest account to practice.
  • Follow successful pinners and even some other virtual assistants if you can find them. One great tip can be to check Facebook for groups of virtual assistants and try to learn from other people who are doing this for a living.
  • To learn more about how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, check out this amazing .

    Sponsorships From Promoting Brands

    Companies are always looking for a cost efficient way to market their products to interested customers. Sponsorships have become a very popular option because the return on investment tends to be so high.

    Think outside the box. There are likely to be obvious brands or companies to go ask for a sponsorship. There are also plenty of related niches where you might find potential partners. That means many good opportunities for creating a partnership. This is often especially true with smaller to mid-sized brands. They also often dont require the same traffic numbers as larger ones when it comes to sponsorship options.

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    Start Pinning Your Affiliate Products

    You can use the image directly from the retailers website, or use a free image editor like Canva to make pretty pins with text overlays and other effects.

    Just make sure that the link associated with the pin is your unique affiliate link.

    This is essential! Without this, you wont get paid if somebody buys the product that you pinned.

    This will bring up the following screen. Upload your pin image to the block on the left hand side. Grab your affiliate link from the affiliate program website , and add your affiliate link where it says add your destination link at the bottom.

    Create A Resource Page

    How To Make Money On Pinterest in 2021 (For Beginners)

    Another way you can drive traffic to your affiliate links is by creating a resource/ recommendation page on your blog. On the recommendation page, you can list ALL your favorite products and tell readers why the products are amazing. If you arent sure how to develop a recommendation page you can check out how I set my recommendations page up by On my recommendation page, I list a ton of my favorite products that have grown my blog + biz rapidly. Also, once you get done creating the recommendation page make a pinnable image for it and pin it to Pinterest. After that, pin it multiple times throughout the week on Pinterest on your boards and in the group boards are you apart of on Pinterest.

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    Bonus Hack Practice Gratitude

    Weve already discussed how you can start attracting/observing the opportunities that will enable you to achieve financial freedom. This involves a lot of work in order to finesse, but the principals are easy enough to understand. Something that we can all do, no matter what were trying to achieve, is practice gratitude.

    Using the same principals that Ive outlined above: something of a catch-all that we can train our minds to produce more of, is gratitude. If we can shift our mindset so that the next time some negative, external and unforeseen event occurs, we are still able to be grateful for it your entire experience will shift.

    Not only will you observe more to be grateful for all around you on a daily basis, but you will shift out of a mindset of lack. All of the barriers that stood in your way before they will shift to becoming things that support your desires and goals.

    For example:

    The job you hate, when reframed as the means to support a transitional stage of your life suddenly gives you a resource to be grateful for.

    The added beauty of this is that your RAS doesnt know the difference between a big win and a small win. You being truly, deeply grateful for your socks carries the same weight as being grateful for your health, or your spouse. This is why I say practice gratitude. You can start whenever you want!

    Look around you right now and find something that you really are grateful for, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential.

    Create Eye Catching Pins

    Fortunately, its easier than ever to come up with creative, high-quality images for your pins. Canva is a free tool for creating digital images for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, but you can also use it for flyers, invites, business cards, etc. Canva is super easy to use, and there are lots of free designs that you can edit with your own text and images.

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