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Can You Look At Someone’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing

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Use Your Friends Snapchat Account To View Snapchat Story

How To Watch Someone’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing

In case you want to view someones Snapchat story without them knowing and cannot find how to do this, one thing you can try out is to convenience your another friend to lend her/his phone so that you can use their Snapchat account to view someones Snapchat story anonymously.


While Snapchat is amongst the most used Social media platforms and has a huge userbase, there are times when you like doing some funny things not letting your friends know about it. If you also want to know how to view someones Snapchat story without them knowing, read this complete guide.

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That wraps up this guide, covering lots of great tips on using Snapchat stories, namely how you can view a Snapchat story without letting anyone know youve seen their story.

Find Someone Via Other Social Media

  • 1Find a platform where you have already added the person. If you are already friends with the person on another social media platform, try checking there.
  • 2Go to their profile. Navigate to the profile of the person you would like to add on Snapchat, then open it.
  • 3Check their bio for their Snapchat username. Sometimes, people will include their Snapchat info in their bios on other platforms like Instagram. If you are lucky, their username might be right in front of you.
  • 4Save or add their contact. Now that you have found their Snapchat info, decide if you are comfortable adding them. Adding them will send them a notification, so make sure that is ok with you!Advertisement
  • How To View Someones Snapchat Story Without Adding Them

    As we all know, Snapchat is a great app to pass your time and watch some quality content of famous celebrities. If you are new on Snapchat and dont have any friends or decide not to add one, you can view other Snapchatter stories without adding them. All you have to do is just head to the Stories section on Snapchat and watch lots of stories of celebrities as well as other Snapchatters.

    Snapchat stories section is a place where you can view all the public stories. You dont need to add anyone or even have to subscribe to people to view their content. Its like a news feed that you can find on Facebook as well as Instagram. There you can view pictures as well as videos, but on Snapchat, it only allows stories, which is basically a short video.

    The best thing about this feature is that you can also edit and share the stories with your friends as well as your story. Hows that sound, quite interesting, isnt it?

    So how you can secretly view someones Snapchat story without adding them? Take a closer look down below.

    Note: It is only available for 24 hours, so dont expect the same stories over again and again.

  • Launch the Snapchat app.
  • Tap on the two-person icon from the right bottom panel. It is located beside the camera section. You can also swipe left when you are on the default Snapchat screen.
  • Here, you can find your friends stories as well as other Snapchatters stories.
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    Safeguard Your Loved Ones From The Dangers Of Snapchat

    Staying safe on the Internet can be tough for both kids and adults. Social media apps and online games promise rewards if you provide them with data or link other apps. However, we dont recommend disclosing your data on poorly secured online resources. Youll only aid cyberbullies and online predators in knowing more about you and your family.

    If you suspect that your loved ones are already in danger on Snapchat or other apps, consider using mSpy.

    Once installed on the target device, it will monitor their entire smartphone activities. All data will be saved in your Control Panel so that you can access it whenever you need. mSpy is a powerful tool that can help you find out if your loved ones are having problems and prevent things from getting worse.

    How To View A Message Without The Other Person Knowing

    Can you Check Someones Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

    If its messages youre trying to read, thats a little less complicated. While the above method definitely works for messages too, there is an easier way, if youre ok with reading 3/4th of the message.

    To view a message without the other person knowing, launch the Snapchat app and swipe right to the chats page.

    Now, position your finger over the Bitmoji avatar of the person whose chat message you would like to read. Do not tap yet.

    Now tap and swipe right slowly, revealing the conversation of the user. Be careful so as not to swipe to the edge of the screen. Only swipe about 3/4 of the screen. If you reach the edge, the other person will receive a read notification.

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    How To View Snapchat Story Without Adding Them

    Using Snapchat Discover feature you can view someones Snapchat story without them knowing. To do so follow the steps below:

  • Launch Snapchat app
  • On the Snapchat home screen, swipe to the left and get Discover screen option.Discover sections lists latest storied by websites, celebrities, and other users.
  • Now scroll the Discover screen until you can find the story you want to view.
  • Once you get the profile of the story you want to view, tap it.
  • You can now view the story and even share with your friends. To do so, press and hold the story and get the options to share.
  • Note: By swiping to the right and left you can explore all available stories in the Discover list. Swiping left will take you to the end of the list and swiping right will take you to the starting of the list.

    To skip a snap tap, it and pull down. You will be able to skip it.

    How To Unblock Someone On Snapchat

    After how do you know if someone blocked you on Snapchat comes how to unblock them? It is fairly easy. No notification is sent, so the person wont know about the blocking unless you unfriend them and send the friend request again. Follow the steps given below.

    • On your profile, go to Settings.
    • Scroll to the blocked list.

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    How Does Kidsguard Pro Work To Log Into Someone Else’s Snapchat

    You must have heard that it is impossible to log into snapchat on 2 devices at the same time. It’s true. This is simply because KidsGuard Pro monitors the whole device, including the Snapchat using a hidden app but not the password. When the target user opens Snapchat on their phone, this app goes to work. It records every keystrokes that are typed on Snapchat to read the messages, store shared multimedia, capture the current screen activity, intercept the app notification and let you check the incoming messages, etc.

    Surely, KidsGuard Pro won’t actually act like truly logged in to the targeted Snapchat account, which means some of the data are inaccessible. But it is safe and hidden enough that you can check most of the Snapchat data without letting other know.

    Can You Log Into Someones Snapchat Without Them Knowing Legally

    How To Watch Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

    If youre bothered with the question, How to spy on someones Snapchat without them knowing? we need to warn you. Spying is illegal and can result in negative consequences.

    If you want to monitor an adult persons smartphone legally, you need to get their consent first. The only case when you can access someones phone without them knowing is monitoring your underage children. SincemSpyworks in stealth mode, you can hide its icon on your childs phone.

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    How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat

    • If you think you are blocked, see the profile of the person who you think has blocked you. If the profile does not open nor comes in any search bar, then you are blocked.
    • The person has removed you from the account, and the next thing to check is the messages. The whole chat will disappear for the person who has blocked you, but the chat will stop at the last message only for you.
    • The perfect way of how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat is to send a message. If it goes pending then, you are blocked. If the same message remains undelivered for a few days, with a perfectly working internet, and you know the other person is not traveling somewhere, then you are blocked.
    • So exactly how to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat? The other thing to check is their story stream along with image posts. If you cannot see them on your page and the situation remains the same for a few days, the person has blocked you.

    How To Look At Someones Snapchat With Spying Apps

    While there are several methods to follow someone on Snapchat without them knowing, we recommend using spy apps. These offerings are known for their efficiency and effectiveness in handling stealthy operations with relative ease.

    Although most of them feature diverse offerings, their installation and start-up process is pretty much the same. For context, here are some steps to get started with a spy app:

  • Head to your preferred spy apps site and create an account.
  • After registration, youll receive a confirmation link and credentials to facilitate login and access to your dedicated Control Panel.
  • To get started, sign in with the credentials made available to you via mail.
  • The Control Panel on display should give you some easy-to-follow steps to go about app installation on the targets device.
  • Since youll need physical access to the targets smartphone, bide your time carefully and wait for the right moment. When the target is out or not looking, you can quickly have the spy apps software installed on their devices.
  • After a successful installation, sit back and see what theyre up to using the Control Panel add-on attached to the app.
  • With spy apps, the possibilities are endless. By engaging these offerings, you can save a pic on Snapchat without them knowing, and many other things.

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    Watch Below Video To View Someones Snapchat Story Without Notifying Them


    How To View Somones Snapchat Story Without Adding Them Using Snapchat Discover?

    You can use the Snapchat Discover feature and view someones Snapchat Story without them knowing. Follow these steps to do so:

    • Tap the Snapchat app to launch it.
    • Snapchat home screen, swipe towards left to get Snapchat Discover screen.

    The Discover section shows you a list of latest stories by websites, celebs, and other users.

    • On the Discover screen, scroll until you find the story that you want to view.
    • Once you find the profile of which story you want to view, press tap on it to view the story.
    • You can also send this Snapchat story to your friends, press and hold the story to get options. You can now add text and decorate the video and send it to your friends.

    To view more stories, you can swipe right and left and explore all the stories available on Discover list. Here swiping right will take you to the beginning of the list and swiping left will take you towards the end of the list.

    Note: If you want to skip a snap, you can tap on it and to exit a snap, you need to pull down

    Is There An App To View Snapchat Stories Without Being Friends?

    No, there is no such app to view Snapchat Stories without being friends. However, if the person has posted a story publicly, then you might find his/her story in the Discover section.

    How To Check How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Story?

    Use The Mspy App To Screenshot Snapchat Without Them Knowing

    Can You View A Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

    If you want to access snaps on someone elses phone without them knowing, consider using a monitoring app. For instance, mSpy can intercept snaps and other data 24/7 remotely. Although mSpy isnt a Snapchat screenshot app, it can give you full insight into someone elses activity.

    Not only can you take Snapchat screenshots, but you can also monitor someone elses Snapchat activity and record their phones screen.

    Monitor Snapchat Remotely

    With mSpy, you can check out what someone else is up to on Snapchat anytime you need. You can view their messages, media files, locations, and conversations. All this data is easily accessible from your mSpy user dashboard.

    Use a Screenrecorder

    Another option to capture someones snaps without notifying them is by usingmSpys screen recordingfeature. It allows you to record another persons cell phone screen and access all the records through your mSpy control panel.

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    How To View Snapchat Stories Without Them Knowing

    1. Open Snapchat application and tap on Stories icon in bottom right wire.

    2. Refresh the screen and for all the stories to be loaded.

    3. Once the stories will be loaded then close the Snapchat and turn off your mobile data.

    4. Now open the Snapchat and now you can view someones Snapchat story without them knowing.

    This is the very simple way to view someones Snapchat story without knowing them.

    By using this method you can easily view anyones Snapchat story without knowing them and I hope you like this post then give your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

    Find Someone Via Your Contacts

  • 1Open Snapchat. From the home screen of your device, click on the Snapchat app icon.
  • 2Open the Add Friends page. In the top right of your screen, click the button with a plus sign and a person icon in it. This will open up the Add Friends page where you can find new people to Snapchat.Advertisement
  • 3Tap All Contacts. Click on All Contacts next to the Quick Add heading to look through your entire contacts list on your phone.XResearch source
  • 4Allow Snapchat to access your contacts. On the pop-up that appears, click the Allow button to allow Snapchat access to your contact list. Otherwise, if no pop-up appears, click the blue Go to Settings button and turn on Contacts.
  • 5 Click the blue Continue button to import all of your contacts into Snapchat.
  • Snapchat will automatically sort this list into two groups, Friends on Snapchat, or people you can add immediately, and Invite to Snapchat, or contacts who do not have their number linked to a Snapchat account.
  • 6Search for the person you want to add. Tap the Find Friends search bar at the top, then type in the name of the person you would like to add. To make sure you find the right person, type in their full name.
  • 7 Adding the person will send them a notification, so only do this if you are ok letting them know you added them! Otherwise, you can save their username and add them later.Advertisement
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    How To Screenshot Snaps Secretly & For Free Using Airplane Mode

    Youre likely to come across specific how to view a snap without opening it articles on the Internet. On these write-ups, the airplane mode alternative usually reigns supreme. Lets take a quick peek at this method.

    To achieve this, youll have to, first, open the Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device. Now, head to the Chats segment and allow new Snaps to load. Once they load, dont click on the Snap yet if youd like to view it secretly.

    Instead, head to your devices setting and turn on Airplane Mode. Once you activate this functionality, all network connections to and from your device cease immediately. Now, you can head back to the persons Snap and view it as many times as youd like.

    When youre through, head to your phones settings and go to Apps. Under this menu, search for Snapchat, tap on it, and click on Uninstall. After youve done this, reinstall the app and input your login credentials. Once you log into your account, youll realize that you read a Snap without opening it. Here, the persons Snap youve just viewed remains unopened.

    Its important to note that this method, due to technological advancements on the Snapchat platform itself, doesnt work anymore.

    However, its still achievable to know how to view a Snapchat story without them knowing. To get methods that arent obsolete, read on.

    Why You Need To Consider Screenshotting Snapchat

    How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Notifying Them | Snapchat Hacks

    Everything you post online, including snaps, stays there forever. Although Snapchat developers promised that all content ever generated through the app cant be saved, users need to know an important fact.

    Most data created by social media users is stored on external servers. It means that a tech-savvy scammer or predator can intrude into the data storage, download the so-called deleted content, and use it for their purposes .

    Snapchat Encourages Teen Sexting and Cyberbullying

    Snapchat is especially beloved by teens. The app gives them an illusion that they could do anything and stay free from responsibility. Some of them start bullying their peers and send harassments. Others prefer sexting with their mates and strangers.

    Unfortunately, online predators also use Snapchat. Its no wonder as many kids and teens look for new acquaintances and believe that their new friends will never know their real names or residential addresses.

    Because Snapchat uses disappearing messages, it can be pretty hard to get evidence of abuse. If a victim tries to screenshot a message, an abuser will be notified, and the situation can get even worse. So learning to screenshot Snapchat secretly can come in handy.

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    See Someones Snapchat Story Without Having Snapchat

    Using Snap Map

    If youre not on Snapchat and want to view stories with even your personal login then this method will explain the ways to do that means viewing the stories of someone secretly.

    Here is how you can Snapchat stories using the SnapMp Mobile on your Android device:

  • Launch a web browser on your smartphone, you can use it.
  • Now, go to Snap Map Link .
  • Message box popup on the screen saying Welcome to Snap Map.
  • The SnapMap Page opens.
  • Find the search bar. Use the search bar Search for any place, City, or any other events taking place around the world.
  • If you want to view the Snapchat stories of local people, you can tap on your current location.
  • It asks you to grant access to your device. Click on allow and it accesses your location.
  • On the map, you will find some red-colored and blue-colored dots indicating snaps shared by the users or Snapchat stories.

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