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Can You Create Folders In Gmail

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B How To Move Emails Into Folders On The Gmail Web App

How to Create Folders in Gmail

Moving your important emails into Gmail folders is much easier than creating new folders.

Heres how to do it on Gmails desktop version:

Step 1To move a single email, click and hold to drag the message and drop it in the desired label on the left sidebar.

Step 2If youd like to move multiple emails at a time, check the boxes on the left of the emails you want to move.

Then, click and hold to drag them over to the required folder on the left sidebar.

Step 3Alternatively, you can right-click the message you want to move, click the Move to option, and select your desired folder from the list.

But how do you move important emails to a folder automatically? Lets find out.

In The Gmail App For Ios

To set up a new folder using the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad:

  • Open the hamburger menu for your account.
  • Tap + Create new under LABELS.
  • Type the name for the new Gmail folder.Gmail folder hierarchy: Separate the new folder from its parent with a slash to make a new sub-folder.Subfolder example: Type Voyages/Auvergne to create the new Auvergne folder inside the Voyages folder.
  • Now tap Done.
  • In the Gmail App for Android

    The Gmail Android app does not let you create new folders. You can create folders in the desktop version of Gmail, though, in a mobile browser.

    How To Manage Your Gmail Labels With Ease

    Once you create labels, you may need to tweak them.

    Whether you need to rename a label, hide one that you dont want to delete, or remove a label altogether, theres a simple solution for that within the Labels tab of Settings.

    You can get there by either clicking More on the left-side of your inbox , or through Setting then Labels .

    From this screen, youll see your labels listed with the option to show or hide them in the label list or message list.

    From here, you can also remove or edit your labels:

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    How To Create Folders And Labels In Gmail To Keep Your Inbox Organized

    Many of us are Gmail users, but rarely have we organized the inbox with folders, labels, and filters. Believe me, if you frequently use Gmail and receive a ton of emails, these Gmail hacks will help you tidy up your inbox which will, as a result, boost your productivity too. In just a few clicks, you can filter the emails into various categories and also block emails based on your choice of keyword. You can also choose to move a particular type of message to a custom folder by creating rules on Gmail. So without any wait, lets go ahead and find out how to create folders and labels in Gmail to keep your inbox organized.

    Automatically Assign A Label Based On Search Criteria

    How to Create a New Folder in Gmail (with Pictures)

    If you want to make sure certain emails are assigned a label, then Gmail lets you do this:

    1. Go to the search bar in Gmail and click the caret on the right-hand side.

    2. Insert your search criteria. For example, if you want to assign a label to a particular email address, then enter that address in the From line.

    3. Click Create filter.

    4. Apply the label by clicking on the drop-down Choose label.

    5. Click Create filter.

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    Name The Folder And Choose A Nesting Option

    After you click on Create new, another menu will appear prompting you to give your new label a name. Type an appropriate name for the label/folder underneath Label as. The name you typed will appear in quotations next to . Click on this button to create the label.

    After you create the new label, another box will pop up asking you to choose a nesting option. If you want your label to stand alone, select Create then move on to the next step.

    If you have a label youve already created that you would like your new label to nest under, select that label from the Please select a parent drop-down menu.

    How To Create Folders In Gmail On Desktop Or Mobile

    Keeping a tidy inbox is no small feat.

    Gmail automatically sorts emails into Primary, Social, and Promotions categories, which can be handy for reference or quick deletion, but some users prefer to be even more organized than that. Dont delete your gmail account just because you cant reach the coveted inbox zero! There is hope in the form of labels.

    In this tutorial, youll learn how to create folders in Gmail so you can organize emails into categories of your choosing.

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    How To Create Folders In Gmail: A Step

    By:Software Adviceon December 2, 2021

    Gmail folders allow you to sort emails. Creating labels is a simple process that takes a few steps, but these steps slightly differ depending on whether youre accessing your account via desktop or a mobile device.

    This step-by-step guide will help you achieve maximum Gmail inbox organization, covering :

    How To Move Messages Into A Label In Gmail

    How to Create Folders in Gmail

    As you could already notice, some concepts in Gmail are a bit confusing, and moving the messages isnt an exception. So whats the problem? Moving emails from one folder to another is just deleting an old label and putting a new one.

    Fortunately, in practice, its not as hard as it sounds. Follow a step-by-step guide, and youll understand why:

  • Select a message in the Inbox
  • Choose the label you want to apply
  • If you want to move an email from a particular label, then select it, and follow the instruction above.

    There is a more straightforward way to move your messages just long-press on an email, and drag it to a needed folder. Well done, now you can find moved messages in the destination label.

    10+ apps for better emailing

    Setapp makes you more productive with tools for inbox organization, email security, removing mail attachments, etc.

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    How To Remove Your Gmail Folders

    Sometimes you need to delete some folders in order to narrow down the categories in your inbox, or theyre simply no longer relevant. Removing folders from Gmail is pretty straightforward.

  • Go to Settings, The gear icon on the top right
  • Click onSee all settings
  • Click the Folders menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll downto the bottom of the list until you see Folders
  • Find the folderyou want to delete
  • In the Actions columnlocated on the top right, click on the blue remove button
  • Confirm to delete Youll get a popup asking to confirm if you want to delete it, and then click on Delete to finalize
  • Whats The Difference Between Folders And Labels

    Outlook and similar mail clients use folders Gmail uses labels. This can be confusing to new Gmail users, but its actually a much more flexible system. You can affix multiple labels to an email. For example, when your boss sends you an email about multiple projects, you dont have to decide which folder to send it to you label it with everything it addresses and it makes it far easier to search.

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    Create New Folders For Gmail

    Creating a new folder for Gmail is a pretty easy task to do and can be done in just a few clicks.

  • Go to Settings, The gear iconon the top right
  • Click on See all settings
  • Click the Labels menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list
  • Click on Create new button to create folders for gmail
  • A popup will show up, Fill In the folder name and nest,
  • Click on Create to save it, and thats it, you created a new folder for gmail
  • Install Mailflow For Gmail

    How to move the mails to folder automatically in Gmail

    Step 1:âGo to Mailflow in the Chrome Webstore, and click the add to chrome button. This will add Mailflow to your Gmail and thereby extending its functionality with handy things like folders.

    Step 2:âGo to your Gmail account and click Activate Mailflow. Choose the account that matches the email address of your account.

    Step 3:âClick yourself through the onboarding or click Skip if you get stuck. You can go through the onboarding later by clicking the Mailflow logo at the top of your Gmail.

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    How To Apply Gmail Labels Automatically

    Theres a way to apply Gmail labels to incoming or existing emails automatically. You need to create an automatic filter, and use that filter to automatically apply new labels. We have a complete guide on Gmail filters here.

    As a basic overview, you can create filters within the Settings menu or by using the default email search feature, and saving your search criteria as an initial basis for your filter.

    For example, you could list a few email addresses in the from field that apply to one of your clientslets call them Client A. When youre satisfied with the search parameters, youll click Create filter.

    Then, youll check the box next to Apply the label, and youll choose a label to assign to those emails. In this case, youd mark those emails as Client A.

    You can use many different search parameters to create complex filters, either by themselves or in combination with each other. The possibilities are pretty much limitless.

    When you save this new filter, it will automatically apply your new label selections to all new emails that match your search criteria. It will not retroactively apply to existing emails that match these criteria.

    How To Create A Label In Gmail

    Gmail makes it very easy to organize your emails using labels . Gmail labels which act like folders, but allow emails to have more than one label.

    You can manage your labels using the Gmail website. Here are the steps how to create a Gmail label:

  • go to the left side of your inbox and click More:
  • From there, youll see the option Create new label. Click on it.
  • In the pop-up window, name your label and click on Create:
  • Youll also notice the option Nest label under where you can create new sub labels .

    Lets say, for example, you have a main folder for Invoices and youd like to organize invoice emails by month. You could create a label Invoices and then subfolders like January and February to nest each month underneath.

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    Type A Name For The Label Into The Please Enter A New Label Name Field Then Click The Create Button

    You will notice that there is an option on that pop-up window that says Nest label under. If you check that box, then click the drop-down menu underneath it you will have the option of making this new label a sub-label, which would be like placing a subfolder inside of the new folder that is your new label. If you plan to do a lot of sorting and filtering with Gmails label system, then you will likely be using these subfolders a lot.

    How To Hide A New Folder In Gmail

    How To Create Folders In Gmail

    If you have a lot of folders, it can become frustrating to constantly sift through them when youre trying to tag each email quickly. In that case, Gmail allows you to hide folders from your dropdown menu. What this does is hide the folders from being selected instead of deleting them. This is ideal for seasonal folders, for example, if you have a folder that relates to a New Years campaign, you probably dont need it hanging out in your folders menu all year long. Heres how to hide folders:

  • Go to Settings, The gear icon on the top right
  • Click onSee all settings
  • Click the Folders menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll downto the bottom of the list until you see Folder
  • Find the folder you want to hide
  • In the column titled Show in messagelist, select Hide
  • Once selected, the Hide button will turn bold
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    How To Create Folder In Gmail App

  • Open the app: open your Gmail app which is available on Android and IOS network.
  • Sign in: Sign in with your Gmail account for you want to create folders.
  • Tap three bars menu: Tap on the three bars menu at the top left corner.
  • Tap create new: Scroll down and tap on the create new option in label section.
  • Type the name: Now type the name of your label here and get back to the main page. On android, save it.
  • Create Folders Using Gmail Mobile Apps

    Although the Gmail Android app is quite capable, you can’t create labels on it. Interestingly, you do have an option to create a label in Gmails iOS app.

  • Open Gmail on iPhone.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  • Scroll down and select Create new from the Labels menu.
  • Add label name and hit the Done button at the top. 3 ImagesClose
  • Check your newly created label from the Gmail hamburger menu. Do note that you cant nest a new label under any existing label from the app.

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    Automatically Move An Email To A Folder

    Manually adding labels to an email can be a tiring and time-consuming process. Thankfully, Gmail allows you to automate the process for incoming emails. For example, you can add a Credit Card bills label in Gmail and create a rule to send all future emails from the credit card company to the label. Here’s how to do it.

  • Select Show search options icon in the Gmail search bar at the top.
  • Add the senders email address that you automatically want to move to a folder.
  • Click on Create filter button.
  • Enable Apply the label checkbox.
  • Select the label from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Create filter button.
  • Gmail will directly send incoming emails from the sender to a specific folder.

    Create New Folder In Gmail Through Sidebar

    Gmail Can You Create Folders
    • Go to the Gmail login page and enter your login ID and password.
    • On the left side of your screen, search for the existing labels list.
    • Now you need to scroll down and click on more. This will expand the complete menu.
    • Click more to expand all options and then click on + Create new label.
    • Choose + Create a new label. The screen will pop up where you will have to name your new folder and click on create.

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    Select At Least One Email

    Gmail does not allow you to make a folder with nothing in it, so if you havent decided which emails you want to put in a folder, take a moment to do that now. Keep in mind you can always add or remove emails from the folder, so dont stress out about it too much.

    Select the email by checking the box next to it in your inbox.

    Automatically Send Emails To A Specific Subfolder

    You wont want to manually send every relevant email to a subfolder. It requires too much work and is time-consuming. You can create a rule and automatically send certain email addresses or email subjects to label. Heres how.

    1. Open an email for which you want to create an automation.

    2. Click on the More menu and select Filter messages like this.

    3. Click on Create Filter at the bottom while keeping the select email in the From menu.

    4. Enable Apply Label from the following menu and choose a Label.

    5. Click on Create Filter at the bottom and you are good to go.

    From now on, whenever you receive an email from the same email address, Gmail will automatically send it to the selected label.

    You can create dozens of such rules with different conditions and totally automate your Gmail experience.

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    How To Automatically Apply Labels Via Filtering

    1. In your Gmail inbox on desktop, click the Show search optionsicon, which looks like three hatched lines, on the right side of the search bar.

    2. Set the parameters for the filter. You can filter by From, To, Subject, Has the words, Doesn’thave, Size, and Date.

    3. After setting the criteria, click Create Filter.

    4. On the next page, click the box next to Apply the label and choose a label from the drop-down menu.

    5. Click Create Filter.

    What Are Gmail Labels

    How to Create and Use Folders in Gmail Account

    Gmail labels are Gmails version of Outlook folders. Outlook calls them folders and Gmail actually calls them labels. But theyre basically the same thing.

    In Gmail, you can create as many labels as you want. Each label will assign some meaning or category to an email.

    For example, you could create a label for emails related to marketing or one for legacy client emails. Then, youll assign labels to the appropriate emails you can assign many different labels to a single message, or leave some messages completely unlabeled.

    You can also nest labels, creating sublabels that function as subfolders within the parent label.

    When created, your labels will appear in the left-hand side of your screen. There, you can click individual labels and manage all emails that have that label applied. Its essentially the same as opening a specific folder.

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    How To Move Emails To Folders In Gmail

    Now that you know how to create folders in Gmail its helpful to know how to move an email into one of those folders. This is accomplished by creating a new filter.

    You can do this by going to Settings > Filters and blocked addresses then clicking the Create new filter button.

    You then enter the parameters for the filter, check the box next to the Apply the label option and choose the label name for the label you want.

    Gmail Labels Vs Folders

    We all are used to creating good old folders when it comes to organizing some files.

    Gmail changed this method of message storing now its all about labels.

    To understand how they work lets have a look at the standard Gmails labels like Inbox, Sent, Spam, and so on. All the labels have self-explaining names Inbox contains income mails, while Sent includes messages that you sent. Yes, thats just it. When you click on the standard label or the one that you created, Gmail performs a search, filters all the matching emails, and shows the set of results.

    Its important to remember that the system doesnt make any copies of the labeled email, so if you decide to delete one it will disappear from your Inbox at all.

    You can create folders to group some similar emails. Labeling is like putting colored stickers in a big worksheet you just mark the page to differ it from others. You can put 2 or more labels on the email to make it even more specific.

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