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Can You Change Instagram Name

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Can You Change Your Instagram Username

How to Change Your Instagram Username

Hopefully, yes, we can easily change our usernames on Instagram. On all of the social media platforms in the whole world, usernames are unique, and the users need to keep that in mind so that theyd choose their usernames more carefully. On almost all social media platforms such as Reddit, users are not allowed to change usernames they created after the registration process, but hopefully, Instagram is not one of them and we are able to change Instagram names whenever we want.

How To Change Your Name On The Instagram App

On Instagram, you have a username and a display name. You log in with your username, your display name is what others see when they look at your posts or profile. On Instagram, you can change your username and display name whenever you want.

Here’s how to change your display name or username on Instagram using the mobile app:

  • In the Instagram app, tap your Profile picture on the bottom right of the screen.

  • In the Profile page that appears, tap Edit Profile.

  • In the Edit Profile screen, tap the Name field to change your display name or tap the Username field to change your username.

    While you’re editing your profile name and username, you can also change your picture, add a website URL, change your quote, and much more from the Edit Profile page.

  • When you’ve made your changes, tap the blue checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen to save your changes.

    If your Instagram is tied to your Facebook, changing the name will take you to Facebook’s site to edit it.

    Editing the username on iPadOS , requires you to tap Done after writing in a new one.

  • How Do I Change My Username In The Instagram App

    Instagram has a mobile focus, so the first method well outline uses the Instagram app. It takes literally seconds to complete, assuming youve already thought of your new username.

    To change your Instagram username in the app, tap your profile icon in the bottom right to open up your profile. Then, tap the Edit Profile button beneath your bio. Enter your new Instagram username in the Username field, and tap the checkmark in the top right. Thats it!

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    As mentioned previously, there are certain restrictions to Instagram usernames. If your new username doesnt meet them, you will see a red exclamation point and a message reading Username not available. Keep trying variations of your username until you find one that works.

    For those who need a step-by-step, weve listed the steps below in brief.

    How to change an Instagram username in the app:

  • Open the Instagram app and log in.
  • Tap your profile icon in the bottom right.
  • Tap Edit Profile beneath your bio.
  • Enter your new username in the Username field.
  • Tap the checkmark in the top right.
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    Why Cant I Change My Username On Instagram

    If you face errors while changing Instagram username or the username wont save, it can be because of reasons such as, internet connection issues, Instagram global problem or outage, and any of the reasons below:

    • Using a banned username or word

    Its possible the username you are trying to use has been banned, or you are using an inappropriate word.

    • The username is in use

    The username you are trying to use might be in use by another Instagram user. check that username one more time to be sure its not connected to an active account.

    • You are trying to change your username in less than 14 days

    Instagram allows users to change their usernames once within 14 days, so it does not let you do that in less than 14 days from your last username change.

    Instagram is an exception among so many social media platforms, and it totally lets us change our Instagram names and even usernames, but there are some disadvantages of switching usernames and if it is better to be sure before making this huge change since you are somehow going to convert your Instagram handle with a new one.

    What Are The Differences Between Instagram Usernames And Names

    Can You Change Your Instagram Name Without Losing Followers

    Before I begin to explain how to change your Instagram name, let me mention that there are some differences between an Instagram name and username.

    • Instagram usernames are unique

    The first and the most important difference between an Instagram name and username is that a username is unique, and when you choose it, no one else can have it and two users cannot use it at the same time. But Instagram names do not have any restrictions, and they can be the same among several users. You can even write a sentence, phrase, or any other thing on your mind instead of merely your name on the Name section of . Actually, the Instagram name is what you want the public to see as your Instagram handle.

    • Usernames build your Instagram profile links

    All of us have a link to our profiles on all social media platforms, which mostly end up with a unique code, ID number, or usernames. Instagram usernames will create the link to our profiles, and when we decide to change Instagram username, this link would also change and it would adapt with the new username.

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    How To See Your Instagram Name Change History

    Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has gained so many fans who do their best to amaze followers with creativity, inspiring pics and texts, and sometimes with catchy usernames.

    I am on Instagram since 2013, and I have never changed my name there! However, I am sure you have changed yours at least one time.

    Not everyone knows that there is an opportunity to view your username change history on Instagram account. So how?

  • Go to your Instagram account and tap menu button
  • Then tap Settings, gear icon
  • Scroll down to Account and tap
  • Select About your Account, and scroll down
  • Former Usernames is the field you need
  • Please note: Instagram makes a lot of changes almost every month. So, some usernames you created at the very beginning the social media was launched, may not be available.

    Please note: About your Account can also tell some other info such as the date you joined Instagram, the country of living, based on your activity, and accounts with shared followers as well.

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    Change Your Username In The Instagram App

    First, log in to your Instagram account on the iOS or Android app. If you have more than one account, double-check that youre logged in to the one youre trying to change.

    • Tap your avatar icon in the bottom-right corner to go to your profile
    • Tap Edit Profile under your bio
    • Tap the Username field and type in your new handle

    If you want to change your display name, type in the Name field instead.

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    How To Change Your Instagram Username On Instagramcom

    Once you’re logged into the desktop version of, go to your profile and click on the “Edit Profile” option.

    In the next screen, you’ll see text boxes with “Name” and “Username” next to them.

    Simply overtype what’s in the boxes to change either your display name, username, or both. When you’re done, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

    Why Does Your Instagram Name Appear Locked

    How to Change Instagram Username

    If your Instagram account appears locked, dont worry you havent been locked out of your account, and it doesnt mean youve violated one of Instagrams rules.

    In March of 2019, Instagram rolled out a new feature that automatically locked accounts old usernames for 14 days after they switched to a new one. The goal of this new tool was to prevent hackers who grab old and discarded usernames to use as bots. In the past, hackers have taken over old usernames as soon as those users switched over, which prevents that person from returning to their old usernames ever again.

    This auto-lock feature gives Instagram users a grace period for switching over their usernames, which, as we mentioned previously, is a change that shouldnt be taken lightly.

    If theres a lock symbol next to your username, it means your account is currently set to private, so only followers you have approved can see your content.

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    Change Name And Username On The Instagram Website

    The process of changing your name or username on the Instagram website is similar to how you go about it on mobile apps. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

    • Go to the and log in with your account credentials. Now, at the top-right. On the drop-down menu, hit Profile .
    • On your profile page, click the Edit Profile button next to your username.
    • Now change your profile name or username as you please. Finally, hit Submit at the bottom to save your changes.

    Note: Unlike on the app, you will not get a real-time warning on the website if your preferred username is already in use. Instead, you will have to hit the Submit button to know whether the username you are after is available or not.

    Change Your Name And Username On Instagram

    As mentioned already, Instagram doesnt have the same restrictions on name change as imposed by its parent, Facebook. There are, however, a few caveats that we will be discussing in this article before taking a look at the step-by-step guide. We will also be talking about the difference between your display name and username and things you should know before changing them in each case. That said, lets check out how you can change your Instagram name and username in a few easy steps.

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    How To Do Instagram Name Change Prank

    Well, it is not recommended since the victim will feel embarrassed or they may have to deactivate their account for 14 days. But if you still want to play this prank with your friends then you need some strong convincing skill.

    Ask your friend to change the Instagram name to something funny and send you a screenshot. Then ask again to change the name and show you the proof.

    You may tell them you need such screenshots to make some funny videos, hacks, or anything convincing. It all depends on their trust and foolishness.

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    What About Previous Mentions Of My Username On Instagram

    Can You Change Your Instagram Username?

    In my experience, these changed to the new name. But everything on social media is subject to change at any moment.

    A reader commented:

    I have not found it to be true that old mentions change to your new username. I tried reinstalling the app, and it goes to a new account I created temporarily with the old username in attempt to redirect people to me new one. Does it take a certain amount of time?

    Heres the thing: if you create another account with the old username, it may never change! Now that the username exists again, what would be the reason for Instagram to redirect it?

    If you have not reused the old username and are still seeing it on IG, I believe its because youre seeing a cached version of the posts. You might ask a friend who hasnt looked at your posts to tell you which name they see.

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    Display Name Vs Username

    Before you make any rash decisions, you should know there is a difference between your Instagram display name and username. Your display name, which is basically your personal or business name, has very few restrictions. You can change it as often as you want, and it doesnt have to be unique. Changing your display name might be a more straightforward solution for those looking for something easier to remember.

    Instagram username guidelines:

    • Contains only letters, numbers, periods, and underscores .
    • No profanity or restricted language.

    With that out of the way, heres how to change your Instagram username. Weve also thrown in a few extra details you should know.

    How To Change Your Instagram Name And Is It A Bad Practice

    Theres a lot of room to be creative on Instagram. You can post aesthetically pleasing photos of your morning coffee, show off your music skills in your Stories, and display all of your thoughtfully categorized content on Highlights. But theres one area on the app that has inspired some controversy when it comes to creativity: your name. While you can change your Instagram name, its not the same as updating your bio or profile photo. Since its the primary avenue for people to find you, its wise to proceed with some caution when messing with something as important as your Instagram name.

    In this guide, well cover everything you need to know about Instagram name changes and whether its bad social media practice to do so.

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    How To Change Your Instagram Name In The App

    1. Start the Instagram app.

    2. Tap your account icon in the bottom right of the screen to go to your profile page.

    3. If you have more than one account configured in the app, tap the account name at the top of the screen and choose the account you want to change.

    4. Tap “Edit Profile.”

    5. On the Edit Profile page, tap the field next to Name or Username and type your changes. When you’re ready to save your changes, tap “Done.”

    Change Your Username On A Computer

    How to Change Instagram Name Before 14 Days

    If you prefer, you can change your username with the desktop version of Instagram.

    • In a web browser, go to
    • If youre already logged in, youll be prompted to continue with your account. If youre not already logged in, enter your username and password. Click your profile icon on the right side of the homepage.

    If you make a mistake during this process or decide you dont like your new handle after all, you can go back to your old handle within 14 days. After that time, you may still be able to revert, but your old handle may have been taken by another user.

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    Change Instagram Name And Username On Iphone

    You can also change your Instagram name and username using the iPhone mobile app. Heres how:

    • Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile image at the bottom-right corner. Then, tap on Edit Profile under your name.
    • Now type a new name or username depending on what you want to change. Finally, hit Done to confirm.

    Like on Android, your new display name or username will be immediately reflected on Instagram across all platforms except for the instances mentioned earlier.

    Can You Change Your Instagram Name

    Instagram does allow you to easily change your name within the app whenever you want. However, there are a few things within the social media apps account settings that you need to know first.

    Instagram essentially has two ways of identifying you and your account: your username and your display name. Your username is what you create when you first set up your Instagram account. You can find it displayed over every post you make, every comment you leave, every like you give, and every direct message you send. It can also be seen at the top center of your profile.

    While you can choose a new username at any time, it has to be unique to you. That means that no one else on Instagram can have the same username as you. If you try to use a username thats already in use, Instagram will notify you that its already been taken.

    You wont be able to save any changes you make to your username until your chosen name is unique. And unfortunately, you can’t use symbols to help make it unique. At this time, Instagram doesnt allow you to use symbols in your username. You can only use letters, numbers, underscores, and periods.

    Your display name, however, is not unique to you. Its displayed at the top right of your profile and can be changed to anything at any time. Multiple accounts can have identical display names at the same time. You can have symbols and even emojis in your display name.

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    How Do You Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes

    There are not white hat method to gain 1K followers in 5 minutes. To gain followers post regularly and on interesting topic, post on a particular niche and dont just post randomly, follow people from your niche, interact with the and also with your followers, you can also try the follow-unfollow method but do not overdo this.

    But There Is Some Good News

    Change Your Username On Instagram In Easy Steps

    If you edit your username and continue to see your old username within the app, youre likely experiencing a caching issue. We cache certain images and text to make the app run faster.

    Keep in mind that youre the only person seeing your old, cached username. Eventually, your old username will be completely cleared out of our system. If youd like the old username to disappear immediately, however, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to clear your cache.

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    How To Change Your Instagram Username Or Handle

    Changing your Instagram handle is simple and can be done by following these steps:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Type in your new one.
  • Finally, press Done.
  • After youve followed the steps above, your Instagram username will be changed. If you decide you dont like your new username and you want to go back to your old one, you typically have up to 14 days to do so.

    However, if a new account has already taken your old username, you wont be able to change it back.

    How To Change Instagram Name And Username

    After almost a decade passed from when Instagram was founded, one of the most common questions which is still asked by lots of users is how to change a name or username on Instagram, and that actually is one of the easiest things to do. Keep up reading with me to find your answers.

    To change your , follow the steps below:

    1. Head to the Instagram app and open it.

    2. Go to your main profile, which is located at the bottom right corner in the app and or at the top right corner on the Instagram web.

    3. Tap on the Edit Profile button, which is clearly located in your bio section.

    4. Now, on the page which opens up, you can both change Instagram name and username. Just tap on either of them that you are willing to change and write the new ones.

    5. Thats done! These were all you need to do to change Instagram name, also username.

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