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Can You Advertise On Linkedin For Free

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Understanding Linkedins Auction System

How to Advertise on Linkedin

Knowing your way around LinkedIns auction system will help you budget each campaign more effectively.

Bidding on ads

Your bid competes against other ads targeting a similar audience in the same ad format. For example, if youre running a text ad, you wont bid against others using a video ad even though the audience is the same.

Advertisers need to only bid one cent higher than the second-highest bidder to win the bid. When a bid is won, LinkedIn checks that the advertiser hasnt exceeded the budget and frequency cap before showing the ad.

All ad bid types are standardized to an eCPI model, so ads operate on the same value:

  • CPC = pCTR x bid = eCPI
  • CPM = CPM Bid x 1000 = eCPI
  • CPV = eCPV x Bid = eCPI

LinkedIn also puts the end-user experience first. If a member has already seen the same ad multiple times the ad will no longer appear in their newsfeed.

Ad relevance

An auction winner gets the ad request slot based on the combined value of the eCPI and relevancy score.

The relevancy score is a prediction made by LinkedIn AI Machine learning on whether the targeted user will take action.

  • Linkedin CPC/CPM campaigns use pCTR. pCTR refers to the estimated click-through rate of the member.
  • Linkedin Lead gen campaigns use pLTR. pLTR refers to the estimated lead-through rate of the member.
  • Linkedin Video campaigns used pVTR. pVTR is used to determine the relevancy of video campaigns, calculated as the number of views > 2 seconds / number of impressions.

Ad ranking

How To Advertise In A Linkedin Group

If you want to hyper-target a specific audience or demographic on LinkedIn, you can advertise your business or product on specific group pages via LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn Ads display in a similar fashion to Google AdWords ads, with the addition of a small image or logo in each ad. Text only ads can also be shown on LinkedIn. Once you create and pay for an ad on LinkedIn, it is approved and displaying on your targets pages within 24 hours.


Log into your LinkedIn account via the LinkedIn website. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free. Navigate to the LinkedIn Ads page on the site and click on Start Now.


Create your ad by entering in a headline, description, your name or the company name, the URL and uploading an image. The following character limits are in place for each field: 25 characters for the headline, 75 characters for the description and the image can only be 50 by 50 pixels.


Select your target audience for the ad display placement. To target a specific LinkedIn Group, enter in the official name of that group and your ad will only be displayed in that group. It is a good idea to visit the group to confirm the official name.



  • As of June 2011, a $5 activation fee is charged for new LinkedIn Ads accounts.

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Facebook For Business Linkedin Ad

This LinkedIn ad is a great one because it allows customers to see themselves in the video. By using an example of a small business that employs Facebooks business services, other customers can see the features that they can apply to their business as well.

It does a really good job of showing Facebooks business features off. Its important to find a creative way to show your products and services in action, so if youre stuck on how to do that, take some inspiration from this great ad.

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Post Videos That Promote Your Jobs

Who will see these posts? Anyone whos connected with you on LinkedIn or is connected to someone who comments on the post.

When should I post? When you have a particularly tricky role to fill.

Theres no denying that . Research has shown that video is also one of the most effective tools for candidate engagement , so its a no-brainer to use this medium to advertise your jobs on LinkedIn.

An effective LinkedIn video should be short and look professional . If youre worried about not having the budget to produce a high-quality video, dont worry. You can shoot, edit and share an awesome LinkedIn video to accompany your job ads entirely on an iPhone using these tips.

To ensure you achieve maximum visibility on your video, post natively so candidates can watch it directly on the platform. Again, this is the kind of content that LinkedIn loves so it will reward you for keeping people on the platform instead of directing them to YouTube or another video platform.

Encourage candidates to reach out to you on LinkedIn for more info or include a link to the job ad on your website in the comments so candidates know how to apply to your fantastic opportunity.

For more information on using video for recruitment, check out this eBook or watch our .

Yotpo Linkedin Ad Example

A job posting themed LinkedIn Post template with a ...

This LinkedIn ad example is purely awesome because of the ad creative and the idea of sharing important news about your company. Lets first talk about the ad creative, the use of small colourful squares and random geometric forms to create this ad is bold. Its important to innovate in the realms of ad creative and Yotpo did that well.

Its also a really good idea to share the news that is positive for your customers. To have received a lot of funding is amazing news for Yotpo customers. It means theyll have a lot of money to invest in improving the platform.

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Kount Linkedin Ad Example

Want an inbound marketing LinkedIn ad example? Heres another one from Kount. We love those types of ads because they are promoting free value for the prospects of brand advertising. Theres almost no better offer.

Promoting your eBook on a subject that affects your customers is an amazing strategy to connect with them. Its basically back scratching your prospects at a mass scale.

Who Should Advertise On Linkedin

Before you decide whether this is truly a channel worth testing for your business, you should ask yourself: Would a professional, in a day-job mindset, likely be interested in my product, service or offer?

Chances are, this single question is all you need. There arent fancy to know whether your audience will be on LinkedIn.

But with this question and testing, youll find the answer. Business-to-business marketing is usually a snug fit here.

If you sell something that benefits business owners or working professionals the answer is probably yes. LinkedIn is likely a great place to test.

People are on this site to better their careers, find a new job, network, connect with business contacts, and to get a few minutes of mindless get-away-from-work time. Your offer should speak to someone in that head space.

If you make educational games for children, maybe LinkedIn Ads arent your hottest new marketing channel.

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Complete The Summary Section On Your Own Profile

“The summary section is the most overlooked. You have 2,000 characters to speak to your target audience, directly and persuasively. Use complete sentences, write in first person, and address their pain points clearly and succinctly. Many people prefer to go to LinkedIn a website. Most of the time, people want to connect with the person before the product or service, and this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective clients and customers. Also, include your contact information at the end of the summary section. Even though it’s elsewhere on your profile, make it easy for people to reach you.” Susan Tabor-Kleiman, consultant, speaker and owner of Your Professional Writer

Go For A Test Drive With Linkedin Advertising

How To Advertise On LinkedIn (LIVE DEMO + My 4-Step Process)

When LinkedIn first began dabbling in advertising, managed accounts meant that you would work with customer service reps and commit to a fixed amount of money. Luckily, LinkedIn advertising has moved changed significantly over the past few years and now offers a self-service platform that recently got a UX upgrade.

If youre worried about spending too much money, the platform makes it easy to set budgets, bid types, and end dates. Stay on top of it, of course. But it is always worth a try to find the best customers for your business.

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Testing With Targeting Options And Audiences

To find the best balance of targeting options and the right audiences for your goals, and campaigns, you will have to test different variables in your audiences to find what works the best for you.

Start with two similar campaigns and only changing variables within targeting to find what targeting options are for best for the wanted goals. Always keep improving performance by a/b testing new variables with past targeting options that have won.

Narrow Down Your Job Requirements

Employers often struggle to set realistic job requirements for candidates. If you want to speed up your search for candidates and have LinkedIn return the most relevant options for your job, youll need to narrow down your job requirements to only your top prioritiesa handful of main requirements that can be filtered into your first candidate search. Youll have a chance to add to these parameters shortly.

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Are Linkedin Ads Really Worth Paying For

Google Ads Lead, Paid Media Specialist, 5+ Years Experience Creating PPC Strategies, 20+ Years of Digital Marketing Expertise

LinkedIn has long been seen as something of a social media also-ran. But in recent years, the platform has expanded its user base and engagement and put increased focus on ads.

So, are ads on LinkedIn worth paying for?

The short answer it all depends.

What I have learned over the past five years as a LinkedIn ads specialist is that, while this is one of the most common questions I get asked, its never just a yes or no answer.

If youre like most clients I work with, this is likely whats going on:

Youre looking to generate more leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness for your company. Youve heard that advertising on LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Youve also probably Googled things like how much do LinkedIn ads cost or how much should I spend on LinkedIn and have seen an abundance of headlines like Why LinkedIn ads come with a premium CPC or How not to waste money on LinkedIn ads or even Why LinkedIn ads will break your bank.

I imagine that your head is spinning and you’re asking yourself, again, are LinkedIn ads really worth paying for?

Before we address that big question, though, you need to ask yourself exactly what youre looking to get out of advertising on LinkedIn.

That way, you can decide what is best for your company.

Its Optimized For Recruiting

Weekly PPC News

The platform also makes it easy for businesses to search for potential candidates for their open positions. With convenient features such as InMail and Messaging, LinkedIn makes communication between employers and candidates a breeze.

But what sets LinkedIn apart as an excellent place for sourcing candidates is that it allows hiring managers to review a candidates skills, qualifications, and employment history via their profilesoften eliminating the need to contact them and request this information. This makes the process of scanning resumes and screening individuals easier than ever.

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Optimize Your Linkedin Ad Costs With Webfx

If youre looking for a way to help your business reach new people and expose them to your brand, LinkedIn is the answer. This social business platform will help you connect with people that are looking for a business like yours. At WebFX, we have years of experience creating social media advertising campaigns.

Were a full-service social media marketing company that specializes in LinkedIn advertising. Our team of over 200 experts will bring their knowledge and expertise to your campaign. Well help you create a campaign that works for your business.

If youre looking for a social media expert that knows how to drive results, look no further than WebFX. In the past five years, weve driven over $1.5 billion in sales and over 4.6 million leads for our clients. We focus on creating campaigns that grow your business.

Dont believe us? Just ask our clients! Check out our 550+ client testimonials that attest to the awesome work we do!

Use Applicant Tracking System That Has A Partnership With Linkedin

The hiring process becomes better when Linkedin is integrated with your applicant tracking system . It helps you post jobs on LinkedIn and other job boards as well as track candidates and your recruiting process.

Recruiterflow is a limited listing partner of Linkedin which allows our customers to post your jobs to Linkedin for free. These job postings will be shown to all the candidates searching for jobs and will also be posted under Jobs section on your companys LinkedIn profile page.

How to get started?

Register on Recruiterflow, Go to Settings, further to General Settings and enter your Linkedin Company ID. . Alternatively, you can also search the company here on- .

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn using Recruiterflow?

Create a job, select Linkedin as a channel to publish the job in the promote tab of Recruiterflow. Edit the job with additional details like industry, field, experience required and more. Mention all the relevant skills required and the expiry of the job post. Lastly, select the Linkedin icon and save the job on the board. Within 48 hours, your job will be posted on Linkedin and all applicants will be directed to Recuiterflow. For more details, you can check out this help page.

Whats the difference between limited posting and PPC posting of LinkedIn?

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Anatomy Of The Linkedin Ad

With the three different types of ads, there are different strategies for maximizing each one. Lets look at each in turn.

For the text ad, youll want to keep the image simple and to the point. You only have 50×50 pixels for the image so dont make it too complex.

Typically use a person, and only use your logo if youre going for brand awareness.

For sponsored content, you have more flexibility. Youll want to craft an interesting post that looks similar to natural, organic posts on the site.

According to data published in 2018, case studies are best at converting leads into customers.

Youll be able to write a short headline and some intro copy. Next, include a destination URL and an image. A larger one works fine here, since the recommendation is 1200×627.

Finally, you can use sponsored InMail messages. For these, youll want to write them like friendly emails. Since theyre not displayed as ads, you can be more informal.

Most importantly, use plenty of personalization here since youll be targeting a laser-focused group of individuals.

Another great component of LinkedIn is the ability to create auto-populated lead generation forms.

With a few clicks, a LinkedIn user can submit a form with their information, all without typing it up. This makes the process frictionless and means youll get more leads with less effort.

How Does Linkedin Targeting Work

LinkedIn Ads For Beginners: How To Run Your First Campaign In 2021

helps you run a successful advertising campaign that’s because when you target the right people, it leads to greater engagement and more conversions.

With LinkedIn, the process of selecting the audience you’re going to target works the same way, no matter which type of ad you select.

When establishing who it is you’re going to target, LinkedIn provides over 20 different audience attributes and targeting categories that you can select from examples include company name, company size, member groups, member interests, member schools, job title, job seniority, and skills.

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And Create Your Own Linkedin Group

“Here’s a secret sauce to find your ideal, ready-to-buy prospects right away on LinkedIn: Create your own LinkedIn group to start with. After you have your LinkedIn group set up, go out and join as many groups where your prospects are hanging out. The next step is to pick one of those new groups you’ve joined and start working the Members page to find prospects. Once you’re inside the group and approved as a member, click on Members, then filter the list of members further by searching for certain job titles or something else to winnow down the list to your ideal prospects, and then invite them to join your group . Once these invitees join your LinkedIn group, you have all your proverbial fish in the same barrel all your best prospects in one place! You can control this LinkedIn group so that no competitors get in, and you can share great, valuable content within the group that your prospects will love. You also get to demonstrate your value and expertise for them while avoiding overt sales pitches or spam. Plus, you also have a built-in email list, a focus group of your core prospects and clients, and so on. This is a great tactic to build your brand and generate leads to boost your small business.” Ali Liaquat, head of marketing at

Highlight Your Business On Your Own Profile

Personal profiles are still a powerful tool on LinkedIn. They give you the opportunity to present yourself as the individual behind the brand and build a professional reputation. Make sure your profile details the activities of your business and links to all the important pages: your business website, professional Twitter account and so forth.

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How To Run Linkedin Ad Campaigns: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to use LinkedIn advertising to create impactful inbound marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn and HubSpot teamed up to create this offer for you. Check it out!

LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals. But here’s something we don’t talk about as much as we should: .

It might seem a little bit intimidating. You have enough on your plate do you really need to figure out another way to create targeted content? Actually, yes. You have more power at your disposal with LinkedIn than you might realize.

That’s because LinkedIn has a powerful ads platform. If you’re already using pay-per-click techniques to power your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, consider yourself lucky you can add LinkedIn to that list, too. This is especially easy to do if you’re using the HubSpot ads tool.

But if you’re new to LinkedIn Ads, fear not we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to setting up your first LinkedIn ad campaign.

Before we dive in, let’s review the way in which LinkedIn Ads work:

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