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Can I Use Hashtags On Pinterest

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Should I Add Hashtags To Old Pins

Pinterest Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest? The Ultimate Guide (2020)

People often ask if they should go back and add hashtags to older Pins.

You can, but it wont help your content show up at the top of hashtag search feeds. Newer Pins with that hashtag will appear first.

If you want to change or add a hashtag, just edit the Pin description. Since hashtag searches turn up Pins based on when they were Saved, dont edit old Pin descriptions to add hashtags.

Do add hashtags when doing a new Save of a previous Pin. Now youve got a fresh one!

Schedule Pins In Advance

Since Pinterest is very often used for planning, its a good idea to stay ahead of the calendar. Pinterest recommends that brands share seasonal content up to 45 days before a holiday or event. Sometimes Pinners even plan three to four months in advance of events.

Save time by easily scheduling and publishing Pins from Hootsuites dashboard.

How To Format Pins With Hashtags

No matter how much effort you put into hashtag research and usage, your content can easily go unnoticed without the right formatting.

1. Use large images in your pins. Otherwise, your pin might get overlooked in the hashtag search feed.

In the example below, youll notice our Sharelov pin in the upper left corner of the search results page. It looks small and is easy to overlook.

Take a look at what happens when we post a full infographic! In this example, our image stands out much better because the original image was much larger.

In the image below, you see a side-by-side comparison of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome . Edges pins have no title beneath them, making it difficult for Pinners to find the content theyre looking for.

Give yourself the edge by including titles in all your images for people using other browsers.

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Performance Of Pins With And Without Hashtags

Beginning;in Fall in 2018 I launched an experiment to track pin performance comparing pins with hashtags versus pins without hashtags.

I found that pins with hashtags ranked in search faster;than pins without hashtags, generating traffic to the site quickly.

After 1-3 months, the pins with hashtags had diminished returns and performance continued to decline over time.

Pins without hashtags performed better over the long term, with improved traffic after 4-6 months from publication of the initial pin.

I observed that pins without hashtags generated 10x the traffic of pins with hashtags 6 months after publication.

As a result, I gave this advice regarding hashtags:

  • Hashtags use for a short-term boost in traffic and to help Pinterest better understand the content of the pin, quickly
  • No Hashtags create a number of pins without hashtags to generate traffic in about 4-6 months

How To Use Linkedin Hashtags

What You Need to Know About Pinterest Hashtags

Optimal number of hashtags to use:

Where youll find hashtags on LinkedIn:

Incorporate hashtags anywhere into your .

You can also:

  • Search hashtags using the platforms search bar.
  • See trending LinkedIn hashtags will show in the news and views section on the home page.
  • Get hashtag suggestions from LinkedIn as you write an update.

For more tips, read this .

A couple essential hashtag tips:

  • LinkedIn is a professional platform. Keep the use of hashtags professional too.
  • Follow hashtags on LinkedIn to see recent posts incorporating that hashtag.

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Why Arent My Pins Showing Up In The Hashtag Feed

This section is rather irrelevant since theres not a hashtag feed per se in late 2020. Left here for historical reference.

What shows up when a hashtag is searched has to do with a lot of different factors including a Pinners interests, searches, past history of engagement, etc as well as a vast majority of other signals. In general, our goal is to show the right Pin to the right Pinner at the right time. That means that it actually isnt possible to force show a specific Pin of yours for the hashtag.

What Do Keywords Tags And Hashtags Do

  • The keyword or keyphrase is the key information that your content is about. It is usually found in the title, content and meta tags of your content. If you are making a video about how to wear a bicycle helmet properly, then your key phrase would be bicycle helmet.

  • The tag functions within the website, and can link the information about bicycle helmet to related categories such as bicycle safety and helmet design. Since the video is about wearing a helmet, using helmet design as a keyword is not valid.

  • The hashtag functions sometimes like tags, but with the additional capability of adding current affairs and topics of interest to the content. It has the shortest lifetime relevancy of the three. Example: #bicyclehelmet2013 .

Ultimately, tags and hashtags have the same purpose to make you findable on websites loaded with content and to draw peoples attention to whatever it is you want them to see. As I always advocate, however, its about relevancy.

Both tags and hashtags play their role in the SEO of your website and content, because they are strongly related to the core keywords your website and organization are based on. Keywords with the right tags built upon them will ensure the long-term drive of relevant traffic to your website. Hashtags will keep your content appearing in relevant popular streams.

Well-researched tags, will increase the quantity and quality of visitors to your website thus giving you more return on your content marketing efforts.

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That Also Sends More Traffic To Your Site

You know every pin you share, allowing you to add a website URL or particular post/product page, where people can know more about your offers and brands.; Using the right hashtags and quality content, you drive more traffic to your website, as well especially those who are highly interested in similar content or products.;

Show Support For Social Issues

How to Use Hashtags and How to Find the Best Hashtags on Pinterest

Using a hashtag thats connected to an issue beyond your brand is a way to mobilize behind an important cause or issue.

For example, #EachforEqual and #IWD2020 were used across social media platforms, including LinkedIn, on International Womens Day.

Brands can also create a branded hashtag that also shows its connection to a social issue.

For example, the Canadian telecommunications company Bell uses the branded hashtag #BellLetsTalk to promote mental health awareness.

Double T Ranch integrates horses into therapy to support those recovering from addiction and trauma. Learn more. #MentalHealth#BellLetsTalk

Bell Let’s Talk

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Is Size Really That Important

Well, actually, with a hashtag, size *is* pretty important. The longer the hashtag is, the less likely it will be that your audience will use it.


I mean, its a bit much. You must also bear in mind that longer hashtags are more likely to have spelling mistakes, are harder to remember, and will fit in fewer tweets. Theres that 280-character limit, remember?


Short, sweet, and to the point, this is the kind of Twitter hashtag that works. Theres less room for error, and itll fit on more tweets, so more people could be encouraged to use it.

Should you avoid longer hashtags entirely? No. Just use them sparingly, and only when theyre relevant. Oh, and only when you have the room for them.

DO NOT sacrifice awesome content in the tweet just so that you can add in a long hashtag.

What Are Twitter Hashtags

Imagine walking into a supermarket looking for cake. Youd ask someone who works in the supermarket for directions to the cake aisle, right?

Or youd look at the sign posts that stand above the aisles, keeping your eyes peeled for the one that says cake or baked goods or something similar?

Thats kind-of what hashtags do on Twitter: they direct people to the content theyre looking for.

Thats how hashtags work across all of the social media platforms.

Theyre not just great as a marketing tool ; theyre also fab for organising content on a platform that seems completely disorganised. And if youve ever spent half an hour or so on Twitter, youll know exactly what that means.

Put a # in front of any word to turn that word into a hashtag.


Remove the spaces and then put a # in front of any phrases to turn that phrase into a hashtag.


You *cant* use special characters in your hashtag.

#upanddown would work.

#up&down would not. The & would break up the tag.

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How To Use Instagram Hashtags

Optimal number of hashtags to use:


Where youll find hashtags on Instagram:

Include hashtags after writing . You can also include hashtags in the comments section when engaging with your followers.

And you can include up to 10 hashtags in your Instagram Stories.

Its also possible to include hashtags in your brands Instagram profile bio.

You can also:

  • Search hashtags in the Tags tab of Instagrams Explore section.
  • Follow hashtags. That means content from any creator will show in your feed, as long as it includes the hashtag youre following.

A couple essential hashtag tips:

  • Consider posting your hashtags as the posts first comment so followers can focus on the great caption youve written.
  • With an Instagram Business account, you can access . Then you can see how many impressions your profile got from hashtags.
  • Avoid adding hashtags in the middle of your captions or comments, as they can potentially make your content less comprehensible and accessible to people using text-to-speech readers. Grouping hashtags at the end of your caption is the safest bet.;

Should Hashtags Be Added To Older Pins

How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest

In general, no. This would not be a great use of your time since hashtags are meant to help Pinners discover fresh content. Hashtags perform best when added to new Pins because they help fresh content get early traction on Pinterest. If you have Pins that you consider to be core content and theyre essential to your brand, it definitely wont hurt you to update those Pin descriptions from your website. That way, any time a user Pins directly from your website the hashtag will be attached. Rather than doing this for all of your Pins though, try focusing on your core content and your most popular Pins.

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Using More Competitive Hashtags Like #crochet

If we make an assumption that more competitive hashtags also have more people searching using that hashtag, then we know there’s a larger potential audience for a hashtag with higher supply numbers. That means, there are probably more people searching for #crochet, and fewer people searching for #crochetpattern. If you use the hashtag #crochet on your pin, you will have more people searching for your hashtag.

The downside of using more competitive hashtags is that because there are more pins with that hashtag, if the search results are chronological, your pin with a more popular hashtag will disappear out of the first results quickly as more people add more pins with the same hashtag.

Take a look at the search for #crochet pictured below. I zoomed out my screen so you could see more results. You’ll notice when we search for pins with the hashtag, #crochet, we get results that have been pinned in the last few minutes. Your pin will only get found for #crochet for a brief window of time. If you’re going to use a hashtag like that, you’ll need to ensure you’re scheduling your pins for optimal times.

Find The Target Audience And Vice Versa

Using industry-related hashtags is one of the best ways of getting more from your hashtags.


Because people who are from your industry search for these hashtags and check your post. This way, you reach a new audience. On the other hand, you can track these hashtags and look for people who engage through these hashtags and follow hashtags;on twitter;.

Using a few popular hashtags can be another way to help new users find your brand.

For example, if you use #travel on your Instagram posts, those who follow this hashtag will see your recent post in their feed. Thats a cool way of gaining new followers.

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How To Use Youtube Hashtags

Optimal number of hashtags to use:

Where youll find hashtags on YouTube:

Add a few hashtags in your brands YouTube video title or in the video description.

Remember: Dont use more than 15 hashtags. YouTube will ignore all the hashtags, and maybe even flag your content because of your spammy behaviour.

YouTube hashtags arent the only way to help users find your videos. We have 12 tactics that will help your brands videos get views.

A couple essential hashtag tips:

  • Hashtags are hyperlinked in titles and descriptions, so followers can find other content with the same hashtags by clicking on either.
  • If you dont include hashtags in the title, the first three hashtags in the description will show above your videos title.

Help Your Target Audience Find You

Pinterest Hashtags: Should I Still Use Hashtags on Pinterest in 2021?

On Linkedin and Instagram, users can follow hashtags as well as other users. Using a few popular hashtags can be another way to help new users find your brand.

For example, if you use #travel on your Instagram posts, someone who follows that hashtag will see your recent post in their feed. You might gain some new followers this way.

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Hashtags Start Popping Up

The changes started to appear long before this week it was back in June, in fact, when I first saw them. On my phone, I caught a few glimpses of Pins with colored buttons containing hashtag phrases. Clicking on one of those brought up related Pins filtered for that phrase.

I havent spotted any of these in weeks, so it could be that this was a visible representation of the search functionality that is now built in. Hard to say for sure!

Use A Mix Of More Competitive And Less Competitive Hashtags

In the crochet hashtag search example, you may have noticed I used the hashtag #crochet and also #crochetpattern. The first hashtag is more competitive, and the second is less competitive.;

Now that it’s clear that some hashtags are more popular than others, and we can tell which hashtags are used more often in pin descriptions, let’s look at the pros and cons of each hashtag, #crochet , and #crochetpattern .

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Dont Forget To Switch Your Hashtags Up

Creating multiple, slightly different Pins for the same blog post is common practice now for bloggers and marketers, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to increase your reach using different hashtags.

If you create 3 different Pins, create 3 little groups of hashtags to use with them.

  • The first one could have #ChocolateCake #DessertIdeas #DarkChocolate
  • The second one could have #ChocolateCakeRecipes #Chocolate #Baking
  • The third one could have #BestChocolateCake #CakeRecipes #EasyChocolateCake

All three of them contain different hashtags, so it doesnt matter what combination of words is searched for, your Pins will have a higher chance of being shown.

How To Use Hashtags Tools For Marketing

Now You Can Use Hashtags on Pinterest!

There are;different tools for;hashtag research, hashtag tracking, and analyzing my hashtags. Here are some well-known tools.

#1. Hastagify and ritetag to search best Twitter hashtags.

#2. Tweetdeck to manage multiple accounts and search hashtag content.

#3. Socialert to track and analyze hashtags.

#4. Mention for finding influencers on hashtags.

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Which Hashtags Are Good For My Pins

I prefer to use 3 types of hashtags on my pin descriptions.

1. my brand name to collect all my pins under a branded hashtag and increase brand awareness

2. a broad hashtag it will display the topic to which the pin is associated . For example, if Im writing about creating and organizing Pinterest boards, I will use hashtags like #Pinterestmarketing, #Pintereststrategiestips, or similar. It will show in which area the content belongs. ;

3. more detailed hashtags these types of hashtags will be more precise and with the help of these hashtags, you can explain in more detail what your content is about. So here, as an example, I would use #Pinterestboards #organizePinterestboards.

Hashtags Are Becoming An Important Part Of Search Across Multiple Platforms

Since hashtags work a lot like keywords, they can be just as powerful in terms of optimizing content, conversations, and updates across multiple platforms. When content is powered by hashtags, the more it can be discovered. In fact, due to its effectiveness, it is often used in certain advertising campaigns.

Hashtags can be powerful when used to promote specific events or blog posts. Imagine before it was only used by Twitter, now it appears almost everywhere online and has been used extensively to promote engagement!

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How To Use Hashtags On Instagram

;;Optimal Numbers 5 to 10 hashtags;

#1. You can include hashtags after captions, as well as in comments. You can include up to 10 hashtags in Instagram posts and stories.;

#2. Your branded hashtags can be used in Instagram bio as well.

#3. You can also search and follow hashtags in Instagram explorer.

#4. Instagram insights show the benefits you would gain from the hashtags.

An Example Pin Description

HOW TO USE PINTEREST HASHTAGS // How To Use Hashtags On Pinterest To Get More Traffic (2021)

If we break that Pin description down, youll see that not only is it super obvious what the blog post is all about, but that it also contains the following keywords:

It also contains three hashtags

  • #BloggingWizard
  • #BloggingTipsForBeginners

You may also notice that the first letter of each word has been capitalised, for both the hashtags and the keywords.

This is definitely a decision that comes down to personal preference, but hashtags are NOT case-sensitive. I think theyre easier to read when the first letter is capitalised, and thats why I keep the trend going with the non-hashtagged keywords.

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