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Can I Upload My Resume To Linkedin

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How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn (2020 LATEST VERSION) | LinkedIn Resume Upload

LinkedIn is a great network for anyone looking to further their career. Even the basic free version allows you to showcase your professional skills and accomplishments, paint the best picture of yourself for any potential employers, and apply for as many positions as you like. That of course though takes time and effort.

If youre looking to jump over a few steps straight to the top of the career ladder, consider . The Career tier comes with a lot of useful perks like applicant statistics and visibility insights that will help you upgrade your LinkedIn profile.

Did you add your resume to your LinkedIn profile page? Do you think it helps your job search or hurts it instead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Having Trouble Uploading Your Resume To Linkedin

If youre still having trouble uploading your resume to LinkedIn, you may be using the wrong file format. PDFs, .doc, and .docx are all supported.

Its also possible youre following the old method to import a resume to your profiles About section, which no longer works.

Whichever way you decide to attach a resume to LinkedIn, remember to write a good to help you find work on the platform.

Used together, your resume and LinkedIn profile are powerful tools. Now that you know how to upload a resume to LinkedIn, make your resume even better with a free resume template. Also, update your if you havent in a while to impress potential employers and recruiters who visit your page.

Good luck on the job hunt!

Situations Where You Should Not Upload Your Resume To Linkedin

Your LinkedIn profile is a whole lot more than an online resume. If you’re just copying and pasting your resume into LinkedIn, you’re missing out on the real point of LinkedIn.

I’d also caution job seekers who are currently employed from upload their resumes to their profile. First, your employer might see it and get suspicious. Second, a great resume is going to have details and results that probably shouldn’t be shared publicly.

If your resume is on your profile, it either contains sensitive info that you shouldn’t be sharing or it’s going to be too general to get you results.

Overall, I would leverage these features if you’re applying for jobs on LinkedIn and / or if you’re between jobs and are able to share the details and results from your previous roles!

At this point, you should have a pretty clear idea of how you can upload your resume to LinkedIn. But there’s still a lot left to do if you want to tap into the full potential that LinkedIn has to offer.

If you want to level up your LinkedIn game, check out this super comprehensive guide I created with 15 tips to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile.

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Lack Of Customizing For Different Jobs

Every job is different and when I apply for different jobs, I tweak my resume accordingly to ensure that recruiter feels I am the right fit for the job.

Because you cannot control which recruiter will be viewing your profile and resume, you might miss out on fantastic opportunities with your dream company if the recruiter downloads an outdated or non-customized resume.

Should You Upload Your Cv To Linkedin

Convert your LinkedIn profile to a beautiful resume

Whilst there are a number of ways to effectively include your CV on your LinkedIn profile, it is not necessarily common practice. Therefore, as you brainstorming how to include your CV on your LinkedIn profile, it’s worth asking yourself if you should do it at all.

Here are some of the reasons uploading your CV to LinkedIn may actually work against you.

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How To Upload And Format Your Resume On Indeed

Uploading your current resume to Indeed is quite simple using the following steps, and you can also complete formatting, proofreading and setting up your job profile:

  • Select the ‘upload your resume’ button.
  • Choose the file you want to upload.
  • Create a free account on Indeed.
  • Format and edit your resume.
  • Select your desired privacy setting.
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    Reasons Not To Upload A Resume To Linkedin


    LinkedIn provides modern professionals with a convenient way to connect with and learn about others. The platform is used so widely today that failure to post a profile can raise eyebrows, especially if youre searching for a job.

    Yet while few dispute the value of joining LinkedIn, whether or not to upload a resume directly to the platform is still debated. Consider these reasons why uploading a standard resume might work against you before you hit submit.

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    Add Your Resume To Linkedin To Be Considered For Easy Apply Applications

    You may store numerous resumes on LinkedIn in addition to submitting your resume to your profile to easily attach your resume when you apply for a job. This is important if you want to mention various career or keyword objectives on your resume.

    Even if some positions do not require a resume, we recommend that you apply for jobs using both your LinkedIn profile and resume.

    Here’s how to save several copies of your LinkedIn resume:

    • In the navigation bar, click the Jobs tab.

    • Look for a position that offers the LinkedIn Easy Apply option and apply for it.

    • Please include your resume with your application. LinkedIn will store the most recent five resumes you’ve posted, as well as the date you last utilized each version.

    To maintain track of each one, utilize variations in the file name of your resume: Allen.Smith.Accountant.doc and Allen.Smith.Senior.Accountant.doc.

    When applying to many comparable opportunities, you may now easily submit a tailored resume.

    Related: Using this approach, you can also download your resume from the LinkedIn app to your phone for on-the-go job applications. To modify your abilities and qualifications for each job application, use Google Docs or comparable software.

    Standard Resumes On Linkedin May Discourage Contact

    How to Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn

    Recruiters and others looking to fill jobs frequently use LinkedIn as a way to source candidates, which is one of the reasons job seekers need a presence. From your end, the objective is to spark interest that generates contact. Conversing allows you to present yourself in the best light and learn about the opportunity.

    But an uploaded resume potentially keeps you from ever getting that chance to make an impression. Readers may glance at the document and decide on the spot not to bother initiating a conversation. This denies you the occasion to highlight information theyd find most relevant, fill in gaps, and impress them with pertinent examples.

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    Current Employers Viewing Your Resume

    If you are already working, your current employer can view your resume.

    While it might not be considered as a big offense, your HR can notice that you have currently mentioned your employment and that you are currently looking out for opportunities.

    Unlike job search portals where there is an option to block some companies from viewing your profile, LinkedIn does not given an option to block your employers from visiting your profile and have a look at your resume.

    Another disadvantage is that your manager and hiring manager can view your current roles and responsibilties and if you have mentioned any other roles/ responsibilities can question you.

    How To Add/upload Your Resume To Linkedin Using Easy Apply

    The excellent way to add/upload your resume on LinkedIn is to upload a targeted resume every time you apply for a job using LinkedIns Easy Apply feature.

    Follow the below steps to upload your resume to LinkedIn during applying for a job.

    Step 1: Select the Jobs icon from your LinkedIn home page.

    Step 2: You will find a list of jobs which is recommended by LinkedIn. Select on the particular job listing to know more information.

    Step 3: By selecting Easy apply icon you can easily apply for a job.

    Step 4: Click Upload Resume to add a new resume file.

    Step 5: Hit Submit Application.

    Done you have been successfully updated your resume.

    LinkedIn allows you to save up to four most recent resumes of yours, which helps you to update your resumes and target different jobs. You can find your saved resumes under , and you can easily update them.

    If you would like to remove your resume from LinkedIn, you can remove it by clicking delete on the LinkedIn application settings page or featured media page, depending on where you uploaded your resume.

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    Everyone Will Know Youre Job Hunting

    Most people, unless already unemployed, prefer to be discreet and keep their job search under wraps. By posting an up-to-date CV online, youre broadcasting your intentions to the world.

    A decent is standard for those taking their career seriously a finely tuned and current CV says much more! It signals a move from simply being open to new opportunities to actively looking for your next role.

    Option : Upload A General Resume To Your Linkedin Profile

    Can I Use The Linkedin Logo On My Resume

    This option makes a general copy of your resume available as a separate document on your LinkedIn profile. We don’t recommend this choice for several very good reasons:

    • No Privacy: Unless you’ve taken certain steps to keep your job search private, all of your information will be publicly available from your resume with this process. This is a bad choice if your job search is confidential.

    • Lack of Control: When your resume is uploaded in this way, anyone can see it, copy it, download it, or use it without your knowledge or consent.

    • Prevents Customization: Uploading a general resume means it’s not customized for a particular job opening, which means It will be ignored by most hiring managers.

    • Poor Knowledge of LinkedIn: Because it’s not a really a regular job board, posting your resume in your profile tells recruiters that you don’t understand how LinkedIn actually works. Don’t substitute your resume for your profile. Focus on creating a detailed profile that works with your resume to give a complete view of your job experience and skills.

    If you do choose to use this option, here’s how it works:

    1. In your profile, scroll down to your Featured section and click on the plus sign on the right-hand side to open a drop-down box.

    2. Click on the plus sign in the Media section at the bottom of the drop-down box to upload your resume.

    3. Click on your resume file to upload it as part of your Featured section. Save it as resume so you can locate it quickly if needed.

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    Can I Create A Resume On Linkedin

    Yes, there is an option to create a LinkedIn resume right within their platform. Referring back to step 1 of how to upload your resume, you can click on the button that says more instead of add profile section and then select the option to build a resume. LinkedIn will use the information you already have saved in your profile sections or let you begin from scratch or edit to build an updated resume.

    You can save several different versions and the applications can be downloaded in PDF format that passes the ATS scan. A LinkedIn url for your profile is also automatically included to make that information readily accessible to the employer.

    Follow The Steps For Creating Your Resume

    After creating your account, continue through Indeed’s prompts to enter the information you want on your resume. You will need to enter basic information like your name and contact details, work experience, education and skills. Once you have completed these steps, your resume will be ready to view.

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    Upload Your Resume Via Linkedin’s Easy Apply

    Using the Job Application Settings method can make things easy, but you might want to go a bit deeper with the personalization of your resume as it relates to the roles you’re applying for.

    Personally, I recommend creating a unique resume for each role that you apply for. You can use a tool like to scan your existing resume, compare it to the job description, and see where you need to improve:

    If you want to upload a custom resume for each role, this method is going to be the best option for you . Here’s how it works:

    First, find the job you want to apply for on LinkedIn.

    Next, click the Easy Apply button . We’ll use this Key Account Manager role at LinkedIn as an example:

    On the first screen, you’ll need to fill out your contact information and your location.

    When you click Next, you’ll see the resume screen where you’ll be able to upload your custom resume for this specific role. The same rules around file type and size apply here:

    Once your resume upload is complete, finish the form and hit Submit Application! Your application will be sent to the company with the custom resume that you created just for this role.

    Choose The File You Want To Upload

    How To Add Resume To LinkedIn

    Next, a window will pop up for you to choose the resume file you would like to upload. Choose your file and click ‘open’ at the bottom of the file upload box. After you click ‘open’, Indeed will prompt you to enter your email address so you can create a free account. You will need to do this to gain access to Indeed’s resume editor after uploading your file so you can revise your resume to fit into Indeed’s template.

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    Situations Where You Should Upload Your Resume To Linkedin

    The most common reason to upload your resume to LinkedIn is when you’re using the platform to apply for jobs. As you saw above, LinkedIn makes it easy to store several versions of your resume directly on their platform.

    If you’re using LinkedIn to search for and apply for jobs, that feature makes things a lot more efficient! Instead of having to find and upload the most recent copy of your resume for every job, you can just leverage the versions you have stored on the platform!

    About The Authormatt Glodz

    Matt Glodz is the Founder and Managing Partner of Resume Pilots and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

    After studying business communication at Cornell University, Matt worked within Fortune 500 companies, where he noted that qualified candidates were frequently denied interview opportunities due to poorly written documents.

    At Resume Pilots, Matt combines his business and writing background – which includes prior work for a Chicago Tribune publication – to craft resumes that give his clients the best chance of landing interviews. He works with clients ranging from CEOs to recent graduates and has been writing resumes for over eight years.

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    You No Longer Have Control

    How to upload your resume to linkedin. When you apply for a job via linkedin you may, depending on the job poster’s preferences, be given the opportunity to attach a resume with your application. Simple steps to follow for uploading your resume or cv on linkedin: Your linkedin profile is part of your online presencealong with your other social media profiles.

    How to add a resume to linkedin. Click save to return to your profile. In the editing window, scroll down past your name, headline, current position, and summary.

    Put your resume on linkedin. I suggest your summary section or your most current experience. Uploading your resume to linkedin is a simple process and requires just a few mouse clicks.

    Make sure your document has a clear name like your name + resume. Click on the upload option. On your profile, either scroll down to the featured section or tap the add profile section button.

    How to upload a resume on linkedin. Unlike the apply option, apply easily allows you to directly apply for the job through linkedin. Search for a job using the linkedin jobs page.

    Uploading to apply for a job on linkedin. For example, in order to make a good impression, you will need to write an effective linkedin resume upload that can be shown in a very formal way. How to upload your resume to your profile on linkedin.

    Before adding your resume to linkedin, make. Click on the option which says media. 6. Why your resume doesnt belong on linkedin

    Lovely Upload Resume to Linkedin

    Why Is My Resume Blurry On Linkedin

    How to update my resume on LinkedIn

    Due to picture quality or compression difficulties, resumes posted as PDFs to LinkedIn may seem fuzzy at times. However, you may frequently get around this problem by putting your CV on another website. Upload your PDF to your own website, then go to the featured area and replace the document with the URL.

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    What To Do If You’re Having Trouble Uploading Your Resume To Linkedin

    As is true with anything online, sometimes uploading your resume to LinkedIn doesn’t work the way you expect it to.

    Maybe you’re trying to upload your resume and it’s not taking, maybe you can’t find the options listed above, or maybe you have some additional questions about uploading your resume.

    If that’s the case, LinkedIn has an option for you to create a ticket with their support team but it’s not super easy to find on your own.

    Here’s how to do it:

  • Head to and click on the Me icon with your profile picture
  • In the drop down menu select Help and then choose the option to open help in a new tab
  • Navigate to any article
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Contact Us link:
  • Explain the issue you’re having in the support ticket and submit it to LinkedIn’s team! They’ll get back to you with a response.

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