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Can I Talk To Someone At Twitter

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You can find support and friendship in chat rooms and forums for many issues, like depression, anxiety, relationships, LGBTQ+ and more.

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Best Sites To Talk To Random People Online

Sites to Talk to Random People Online: The world has progressed a lot and so are the people living here. Unlike in old times, they do not decide to stay with a person just by looking into his eyes. People chat, speed date and spend time with people to know them completely. And what If you want to talk to strangers just to kill some time?

Well, we have this wonderful solution for you, if you want to talk to random people online. There are some amazing sites listed below which would help you to know these strangers and chat with them without even revealing your identity.

Malicious And Fake Accounts

Between January and late July 2017, Twitter had identified and shut down over 7,000 fake accounts created by Iranian influence operations.

In May 2018, in response to scrutiny over the misuse of Twitter by those seeking to maliciously influence elections, Twitter announced that it would partner with the nonprofit organization Ballotpedia to add special labels verifying the authenticity of political candidates running for election in the U.S.

In December 2019, Twitter removed 5,929 accounts for violating their manipulation policies. The company investigated and attributed these accounts to a single state-run information operation, which originated in Saudi Arabia. The accounts were reported to be a part of a larger group of 88,000 accounts engaged in spammy behavior. However, Twitter did not disclose all of them as some could possibly be legitimate accounts taken over through hacking.

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What Else Can Media Outlets Do To Prevent Deadnaming

Common recommendations include:

  • If you have access to the person youre reporting on, ask them. If you have access to first-hand accounts such as interviews or articles, follow the way they refer to themselves.
  • If the person isnt available to speak for themselves, reach out to the people who are closest to them to ask their name and pronouns. Remember that family members may not always be supportive, and therefore may not be the best resource.
  • GLAADs helpful Media Reference Guide encourages reporters to use the active voice when discussing a trans persons name. For example, write the persons name is X as opposed to the person goes by X or the person prefers to be called X.
  • If youve used the wrong name, issue a retraction and update your records wherever possible.

How To Qualify For Super Follows

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Not everyone will be able to set up Super Follows for accounts. It’s only open to users who:

  • Have at least 10,000 followers. If you haven’t hit that milestone yet, you’re going to have to keep tweeting for free.
  • Have tweeted at least 25 times within the last 30 days. If you aren’t creating regular content, step aside.
  • Are based in the U.S.
  • Are least 18 years old.

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The Media And Deadnaming

Deadnaming is a common practice in the media, whether in print, online, or on screen. It can happen to people who have undergone transition in the public eye, like musician Laura Jane Grace. It can also happen to people who have experienced newsworthy harassment and discrimination, including fatal violence.

The National Coalition for Anti-Violence Projects reports a startling 29 percent increase in anti-LGBTQIA homicides from 2016 to 2017. About 75 percent of the lives taken in 2017 were those of transgender people of color.

In nearly all cases, at least one media outlet had initially referred to the victim using their dead name. Sometimes, the outlet used both their dead name and their affirmed name. Examples include the cases of Mesha Caldwell, Jojo Stryker, and Ciara McElveen.

The AP Style Guide now recommends that reporters, Use the name by which transgender person now lives unless using their dead name is relevant to the story, while Reuters recommends that reporters, Always use a transgender persons chosen name.

Although many trans people would prefer to not have their dead name used at all, and while the use of chosen to describe a trans persons name isnt ideal, these style guides set a precedent among media professionals to respect transgender peoples affirmed names.

What Should You Do If You Have An Unsuccessful Call With Hmrc

If the response to your Twitter support ticket does not provide you with an answer to your question or resolution to your problem, you may still have some options.

First, review your correspondence with Twitter. Try to identify areas of miscommunication or misunderstanding. This will be useful when you file a response.

Next, respond to the support ticket. If you can’t do this, submit a new ticket. The next customer service agent who reviews your ticket may have more training or experience and might be in a better position to resolve your issue.

Other options include checking social media and technology blogs and websites. They may have articles that describe your problem and ways to resolve the issues that you are having with Twitter.

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See Results For Only The People You Follow

The Twitter world moves fast and sometimes it can be easy to miss great content from the people you follow.

Thankfully, Twitter search allows you to filter Tweets from only people you follow. This, coupled with is a great way to make sure you dont miss anything from your favorite tweeters on the subjects you care about.

Heres an example search I used to see who from the people I follow had been talking about content marketing:

How Brands Can Benefit From Using Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces: How to Create, Join, and Use Twitters Clubhouse Rival Service

It goes without saying that any brand can benefit from connecting with their ideal clients and customers over social media. Those benefits increase when the engagement is genuine, consistent, and valuable. Twitter Spaces allows the perfect opportunity to bring such a conversation to your community.

Here are some ways you might benefit from using Twitter Spaces:

  • Create a regular industry space designed to provide updates about the brand, changes in the industry, and regular news.
  • Host a live Q& A forum where your community can ask questions about your services or brand to gain a deeper understanding or learn about a particular topic.
  • Hold customer-servicerelated conversations in a Twitter space as sort of an online office hours to help streamline those inquiries.
  • Expand into areas and topics that arent suited for other channels because of their reliance on video or reading.

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To Send A Direct Message From Twitter For Android

To delete a Direct Message or conversation:

  • To delete a Direct Message, tap and hold the message and select Delete message from the menu that pops up.
  • To delete an entire conversation from your inbox, tap and hold the conversation and select Delete conversation. You can also delete an entire conversation by tapping the information icon and selecting Delete conversation from the Conversation info page.
  • When you delete a Direct Message or conversation , it is deleted from your account only. Others in the conversation will still be able to see Direct Messages or conversations that you have deleted.

To manage a group conversation:

To Receive Direct Messages From Anyone

You can receive messages from anyone if you check the box next to Allow Messages requests from everyone in your Privacy and safety settings on You can also adjust this setting via the Twitter for iOS or Twitter for Android apps. If you enable this option, anyone can message you and add you to group conversations.

To change your settings using Twitter for iOS:

How to filter graphic media in Direct Messages

The filter is enabled by default and will work in this way:

  • There will be a displayed warning over graphic media in DMs, for both people you follow and unknown senders. Additionally, if itâs from someone you donât follow, weâll also treat it like spam and move it to the bottom of your Request inbox.
  • If turned off, and you receive a graphic message from someone you do follow, we will show the graphic media in the same manner as any other image, video, or GIF in the conversation you may receive. If itâs from someone you donât follow, weâll still display a warning because we do that with all media, but it wonât explicitly identify the media as potentially sensitive/graphic.

Note: If you have theAllow message requests from everyone setting enabled under the Direct Messages section of your Privacy and safety settings, it is possible to disable and enable the quality filter from your privacy settings. This feature is only available currently on iOS and Android devices.

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Start Small And Specific

It might not be the best idea to start your interactions by trying to reach out to Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group who boasts about four million Twitter followers. Judging by his feed, Branson doesnt seem to do a whole lot of interacting with those who follow him, and theres a good chance that someone else is helping handle his social media .

However, there are plenty of influential people who dont have as large of a Twitter base and who would jump at the chance to talk to a like-minded professional. Even more importantly, there are plenty of people who have similar interests and career goals.

For example, Im personally really interested in journalism and media, so I follow a ton of pop culture junkies, news sources, journalists, and media-obsessed tweeters. While none of them wield the obscene amount of influence that Richard Branson does, theyre still people I look up to, and even better, they actually take the time to talk to me.

Monitor Sentiment About Competitors

Follow . @trÏÏвeaÏÑyÑ for more Ï?oÏ?Ï?in pins

Similarly to how you can monitor sentiment about your own brand, Twitter Advanced Search gives you the power to keep tabs on how customers are talking about your competitors too.

In order to check out what people are saying about competitors, add their company name and URL to the All of these words bar.

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What You Can Do If Youre Being Deadnamed

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, including being referred to by your affirmed name.

If youre going into a situation where your dead name might come up, ask a supportive friend to come with you. If someone deadnames you, your friend can talk to that person and advocate for you, if desired.

You can also get help changing your government-issued IDs, if you wish to do so. There are a number of organizations that offer free or low cost assistance with ID changes.

Some great resources for this include:

Look For Common Ground

Like any good conversation, the next thing you want to do is find something you have in common to talk about. This could be pretty much anything: Do you and someone you admire share a love for the same offbeat feminist publication? Thats an easy topic for your tweets. Are you and an influencer both alumni from the same college? Its a great way to start off a conversation.

The sooner you find out what you both can offer one another, the easier itll be to establish a meaningful connection. On that note:

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Privacy Security And Harassment

Twitter messages are public, but users can also send private “direct messages”. Information about who has chosen to follow an account and who a user has chosen to follow is also public, though accounts can be changed to “protected” which limits this information to approved followers. Twitter collects personally identifiable information about its users and shares it with third parties as specified in its privacy policy. The service also reserves the right to sell this information as an asset if the company changes hands. While Twitter displays no advertising, advertisers can target users based on their history of tweets and may quote tweets in ads directed specifically to the user.

A security vulnerability was reported on April 7, 2007, by Nitesh Dhanjani and Rujith. Since Twitter used the phone number of the sender of an SMS message as authentication, malicious users could update someone else’s status page by using SMS spoofing. The vulnerability could be used if the spoofer knew the phone number registered to their victim’s account. Within a few weeks of this discovery, Twitter introduced an optional personal identification number that its users could use to authenticate their SMS-originating messages.

On January 5, 2009, 33 high-profile Twitter accounts were compromised after a Twitter administrator’s password was guessed by a dictionary attack. Some of the compromised accounts sent falsified tweets, including drug-related messages.

Suspect And Contested Accounts

How To Talk So People Listen – Make People Remember You

In January 2016, Twitter was sued by the widow of a U.S. man killed in the 2015 Amman shooting attack, claiming that allowing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to continually use the platform, including direct messages in particular, constituted the provision of material support to a terrorist organization, which is illegal under U.S. federal law. Twitter disputed the claim, stating that “violent threats and the promotion of terrorism deserve no place on Twitter and, like other social networks, our rules make that clear.” The lawsuit was dismissed by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, upholding the Section 230 safe harbor, which dictates that the operators of an interactive computer service are not liable for the content published by its users. The lawsuit was revised in August 2016, providing comparisons to other telecommunications devices.

On May 10, 2019, Twitter announced that they suspended 166,513 accounts for promoting terrorism in the JulyDecember 2018 period, stating there was a steady decrease in terrorist groups trying to use the platform owing to its “zero-tolerance policy enforcement”. According to Vijaya Gadde, Legal, Policy and Trust and Safety Lead at Twitter, there was a reduction of 19% terror related tweets from the previous reporting period .

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Increasing The Odds Of Communicating

  • 1Check fan sites and convention schedules for appearances. Many celebs do meet-and-greets as part of promotions for projects, conventions, and fan appreciation events. Check your favorite celebrities official website, their authorized fan sites, and schedules for conventions like Comic-Con and VidCon to see if they are scheduled to make an appearance near you any time soon.XResearch source
  • When you look for scheduled appearances, make sure you get all the facts before you go. Check to see if you need to buy a pass or a ticket, and verify that there will be a signing or meet-and-greet, not just an onstage appearance or panel discussion.
  • 2Attend small events at local venues. If possible, look for smaller events, and those with tickets or reservations. These increase your chance of getting some face-to-face time with your celeb. Concerts at local music venues, book readings, and lectures are great events to increase your odds of running into the feature celebrity.
  • 3Follow the rules at meet-and-greets. Many celebrities like getting to interact with their fans. Scheduled appearances often have some attached rules, though, that cant be disregarded. Some celebs, for example, refuse to sign autographs, and showing up with a pen and autograph book could get you kicked out. Check the ticketing website or the ticket, itself, to see what is and is not allowed.XResearch source
  • Share Your Space On Twitter And Other Platforms

    At the bottom of your space, youll find the share icon at the far right. Tapping on this icon brings up options to share your space through a direct message, by tweeting about it, or by copying the link to send it through a different platform.

    Sharing the space via a tweet pushes your space onto your Twitter profile just like any other tweet.

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    Gadget Lust: A Secure Wireless Keyboard To Thwart Hackers And Spies

    Is this a serious problem? Potentially. It sounds far-fetched, like the plot to a science fiction movie, but it’s actually quite easy to monitor wireless peripherals and is one way to capture private and corporate data.

    The solution is here: Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop 2000 uses 128-bit AES encryption to ensure what you type protected.

    Like most of Microsoft’s peripherals, this one uses BlueTrack wireless technology. It sells for about $40 It’s certainly not the first encrypted wireless keyboard, but it appears to be the least expensive model I have found.

    More on BNET:

    Fines Penalties And Sanctions

    ð?½ð?¶ð?»: ð?ð?¹ð?¶ð?ºð?²ð?ð?ð?»ð??

    Violation of campaign finance laws

    In October 2020 Twitter was fined $100,000 by Washington State for violating that state’s campaign finance disclosure rules. A judgement filed on October 13, 2020, found “the social media platform failed to maintain public inspection records of nearly $200,000 paid to it for political ads in violation of state law” according to Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

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    What Can’t Be Resolved With A Call To Twitter Customer Service

    Because Twitter is a social media platform, there is a high risk of interpersonal conflict between users. Twitter customer service representatives are not referees or mediators and will be unable to suspend or ban users unless they engage in conduct that violates Twitter’s terms of service. Individuals who are upset by another user’s content have the option of muting or blocking that individual.

    If Twitter proves to be incompatible with a user’s device or operating system, Twitter customer support representatives may be able to suggest workarounds, but they will not be able to resolve the issue outright. The user will need to use a different device or OS.

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