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Can I Have More Than One Instagram Account

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Multiple Instagram Accounts: Does Your Business Need Them

How to Post to Multiple Accounts at Once on Instagram

Recently we went through . As with any significant feature change on a large social network, businesses and social media managers should consider whether it is an opportunity to take advantage of. Before making the decision to have multiple Instagram accounts for your business, there are several factors to be considered.

Social strategy has often been overlooked as somewhat trivial and some of these platforms not taken seriously. The numbers do speak for themselves. Businesses that have not yet done so should start seeing social media platforms as more than simply places where the young and tech savvy generation play. Lets look at some reasons your business could benefit from multiple Instagram accounts.

How To Remove An Account Youve Added

OK, so the novelty has worn off, and that newly added account isnt really panning out as you had hoped. It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, its easy to erase that old account and move on with other prospects. Once youve loaded your Instagram profile, select the menu in the upper-right of the screen and then Settings. Scroll down and select the Log out of option. If you wish to use the account again in the app, youll need to log back in.

If youre over the Instagram game entirely and want to remove all of your accounts from your device, you can also select Log out of all accounts to do so. But dont be too hasty, a quantum reality could easily be at stake. After all, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to document it on Instagram, does it make a sound? Its a good question. If you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, rather than just logging out of it, we have a guide for you as well so you can say goodbye once and for all.

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Can You Have More Than One Instagram Account

Yes, you can have two or more Instgram accounts!

What’s more, it’s easy to create multiple accounts on Instagram. That means you can separate your interests, start up a new profile for your business, or post pictures in private that your real-life friends won’t see .

Tip: If you’re building different brands, be sure to .

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How To Switch Between Accounts

At this point, you, your curmudgeonly cat, and your ill-fated terrarium each have their own Instagram account. Now youll need to know how to toggle between your various accounts. Go to your profile page and tap your username at the top of the screen. Youll then have the option to select from a list of accounts associated with your specific app. Youll also have the option of adding even more accounts.

Visit Other Social Media Search Engines

Instagram adds 3 more people to your live

If youre new to Instagram, it would probably be your first time to know that it comes from the same company that owns Facebook.

And, since these 2 social media platforms are of the same company, you can link either your Facebook or Instagram account with each other.

While such a feature helps in easing the problem of remembering multiple usernames and passwords, it allows people to create multiple accounts, especially on Instagram.

With that said, you can try to search in Facebook that particular persons other account with his Instagram username and vice versa.

But, of course, youll need to use one of the following user details to search the social medias search bar:

  • Cellphone number
  • The users full name
  • Email address used
  • Home Address
  • VIN or License plan number

Just ensure that the details you type on the search bar are correct otherwise, youll end up searching another persons account instead.

And, the good news is, you can use these same details when you search on other social media platforms Twitter and Tiktok included.

Chances are youll find that persons other account from searching for his profile on those social media platforms.

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How To See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Theres no one-click method to know if someone has multiple Instagram accounts. But, you can type the username on Instagrams search bar and check the accounts that appear. Or, you can search through Google using a special filter. Yet another method is to use search tools such as Social Catfish or BeenVerified.

How To Switch Between Instagram Accounts

Now that youve added a second Instagram account, heres how you can switch between them easily:

  • Open your profile.
  • Tap on your username at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the account you’d like to switch to.
  • You can easily switch between up to 5 accounts. If you need to manage more accounts, you’ll have to use your laptop or another device to sign up.

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    Different Strokes For Different Locations

    Customers from, say, Oregon have much different interests, experiences, and lifestyles than customers on the beaches of Florida. Different audiences have different needs, which call for different communication strategies. And if your brand crosses to international territories?

    Thats a whole new level of diversity.

    English captions and comments would seem quite distant to a Spanish-speaking country like Argentina. If that is a valuable set of customers for your business, a regional Spanish Instagram account would definitely be an idea to consider!

    Add More Instagram Accounts

    How to ADD and Use MULTIPLE INSTAGRAM Accounts – (Up to 5)

    At the top of your bio page, you will see your username with a downward pointing arrow next to it.

    Tap on the username and arrow, and you will reveal a pull-down menu that ends with an option to Add Account.

    Go ahead and tap Add Account and you will be prompted to enter the username and password for your additional account. Once you do this, your second username will be added to the pull-down menu.

    Now that youve added an account AND activated Saved Login Info you will be able to easily switch between accounts by tapping the username at the top of your bio page and selecting another account from the pull-down menu that follows.

    No logging in and out. No remembering passwords. Easy.

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    Your Email Address Is The Id For Your Email Account

    On 99% of the email systems we deal with every day, your email address is your account ID. A different email address means a different account.

    Email addresses and accounts are inseparable because most of the time, theyre really the same thing.

    Lets say you have an email address, and you dont like it. You would rather have The answer is simple: you create a new account. Theres no relationship between old and new. You cant change the email address of the account because the email address is the account. A new email address is a new account.

    The email address is the account identifier and the account identifier is email address. You cant change one without the other. Make a new one, youve made a new of the other as well.

    How To Make Another Instagram Account On The Same Device

    If you want to add multiple accounts on Instagram but not have anyone then you can make another Instagram account within the app without logging out please follow the given steps.

  • Go to Instagram App.
  • Tap on the profile icon given at the extreme right on the bottom of the screen.
  • From profile tap on the three dots given at the right side above to access the Profile settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tap on the Add account option.
  • From the login screen, tap on the Sign-up option.
  • Tap on the Sign up with email or phone number option link to create and add a new Instagram account from the same app.
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    How To Add Instagram Account Switching To Existing Accounts

    Account switching became available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android. First make sure your app is updated. If it IS and you still dont have account switching, one user reported that deleting and reinstalling the app solved this issue.

    You can add multiple Instagram accounts to switch between them without having to log out and log back in.

    To add existing Instagram accounts:

    • Go to your profile and tap your account name along the top.
    • In the pop-up that opens, tap Log Into Existing Account.
    • Once you have added the account, it will show in this pop-up .
    • Tap the account you want to use to switch between them.

    To switch between accounts youve added:

    • Go to your profile.
    • Tap your username at the very top of the screen.
    • Tap the account youd like to switch to.
    • OR you can switch from any tab with a long-press your profile picture in the bottom left!

    Note that you can add up to 5 accounts on one device.

    From now on, just tap your at the bottom of any panel to switch between accounts.

    Once you have multiple accounts added, youll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one youre using at the moment. I noticed that my account name appears in the comment field so Im sure which account Im using. Nice!

    Does Your Business Need Multiple Instagram Accounts

    I will create awesome 2 instagram post flyer banner ad for ...
    Colton Bollinger February 23, 2019

    Your business has more than one location. Does it need more than one Instagram account?

    Companies such as Whole Foods, Red Bull, and Fairmont Hotels all use multiple Instagram accounts and their social media marketing strategies seem to be working. But its important to understand why it works for them.

    Red Bull is a very international brand, so purely from a language perspective it makes since to make and separate from the regular @RedBull account.

    For Fairmont, its a completely different story. Their luxury hotels are located in beautiful vacation destinations from Banff, Canada to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. By having an Instagram for each hotel, they are able to not only showcase the hotels themselves, but the experience of staying there and exploring the surrounding area.

    This is the type of content that convinces someone to book a trip, and wouldnt make sense on a page just devoted to all Fairmont hotels everywhere.

    For certain businesses, having multiple Instagram accounts is a great strategy. But is it right for you?

    Here are a few more reasons why you might want to consider having multiple Instagram accounts for your business:

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    How Push Notifications Work With Multiple Instagram Accounts

    If you have push notifications for multiple Instagram accounts turned on, you will get notifications for all of them on your mobile device.

    Each notification will indicate the relevant account name in brackets before the content of the notification.

    Tapping a notification will take you directly to the relevant Instagram account, regardless of which account you last used.

    If youre using Instagram and a notification comes in from one of your other accounts, you will see the notification at the top of your screen.

    If youre managing multiple Instagram accounts on one device, it might be overwhelming to have them all sending push notifications. Fortunately, you can adjust the push notifications for each of your Instagram accounts separately.

    Heres how to change your notification settings on Instagram:

  • From the account you wish to adjust notifications for, tap the hamburger icon in the top right, then tap Settings.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • Choose which actions you want notifications for this account. You can also choose to pause notifications for up to 8 hours.
  • Repeat the steps for each account to customize the push notifications you get for each of your multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accountsand all your other social networksfrom a single platform with Hootsuite. Save yourself a lot of time by scheduling posts, engaging fans, measuring performance, and collaborating with your team in one place. Try it for free today.

    Creating And Managing Multiple Accounts On Instagram

    Now that weve covered the basics, its time to dive into all the different ways to create and manage several accounts on Instagram. In the following section, youll find all the instructions you need to create new profiles, along with the answers to some of the top questions about having multiple accounts.

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    How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts On Desktop With Shift

    The best part about using Instagram in Shift is how simple it is to manage multiple Instagram accounts. Its easy to add more than one Instagram account to Shift. To log into more than one account, all you need to do is repeat the above steps for each of the accounts.

    1. Click on the add application icon 2. Search for Instagram 3. Click + to install it4. Enter your account name and choose a color for it5. Login using a different Instagram account or Facebook

    Tip: Choosing a different color and setting a different name for each account will help you to distinguish between them if you’re using the compact layout.

    You can repeat these steps as many times as you like to get all of the Instagram accounts you manage in one place. Now, youre all set to manage multiple Instagram accounts in Shift!

    Benefits Of Adding Multiple Accounts To Your Profile

    How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Desktop

    If you are running a huge business, then it might not be possible to handle all the social media tasks individually. You might need the help of your partners so that your burden could be shared.

    Here are the primary benefits of using numerous Instagram accounts

    • Your personal life would be segregated from your professional life
    • The account that is mainly designated for business gives you a lot of functionalities such as analytics, feedback management, and target ads.
    • Your privacy is secured
    • You will have the chance of engaging with different types of followers
    • Options of adding multiple locations

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    How To Delete An Instagram Account

    Once you delete an Instagram account, it is complicated and in some cases, impossible to recover it. If you are confident that you want your account gone forever, follow these steps. Deleting one account will not affect the other connected accounts.

    To delete an Instagram account, you need to get on your computer or use a mobile browser rather than using the Instagram app. Since I created a bum account for this article, I’m going to go through the process of deleting it.

  • Either open a mobile browser on your iPhone or open a browser on your computer. You cannot do this in the Instagram iPhone or iPad app.
  • Go to . Log into the account you want to delete. If you are asked if you wish to Save Your Login Info, select Not Now.
  • Log In To Your New Account

    Once youve signed up for a new Snapchat account, log in to it by tapping on its profile picture or tapping on Log In.

    Once youve created a new Snapchat account and verified your email, youll see your new account on the login screen.

    Your new account will not have a Bitmoji as you havent made one yet.

    Hence, your profile picture will be a silhouette instead.

    To log in to your second Snapchat account, you first need to scroll to it.

    Then, tap on your profile picture or tap on Log Into log in to it.

    Congrats, youve successfully learned how to have 2 Snapchat accounts!

    You can now switch between accounts by logging out of your existing one and logging in to your other one on the login screen.

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    How Can I Create Another Instagram Account

    You can create a new Instagram account while youre logged into your current account.

    If youve already created multiple Instagram accounts, you can simply connect them, so skip to the next section.

    Heres how to create a new Instagram account that will instantly be connected to your current one.

    There are 12 steps, but theyre really easy:

    1 | Open your current Instagram account.

    2 | Go to your profile.

    3 | Tap the 3 lines at top right.

    4 | Tap the gear icon at the bottom for Settings.

    5 | Scroll to the bottom. Tap Add Account.

    6 | On the next screen, choose Create New Account.

    7 | Next, create a unique username. You can include dots, dashes, or numbers. If the one you want is taken Instagram will suggest alternatives, probably with a few numbers at the end of your choice.

    8 | Create a password.

    9 | You can choose Complete Sign Up, and your new account will be linked to your current account, phone number, and email.

    OR tap Add New Phone or Email to have it linked to a different phone number or email.

    10 | You can choose whether to Connect to Facebook to find friends to follow, or Skip.

    11 | Same thing with your contacts: Search Your Contacts or Skip.

    12 | Next youll add an for this new account.

    You can skip the remaining steps for now. Youll get another chance to Discover People by connecting to Facebook or your Contacts. Tap Next and you can manage your ad settings, or start posting!

    Add Admin To Instagram Account With Aigrow

    Can I have more than one user signed in on my TV ...

    AiGrow is a platform on which you or your admin can manage your Instagram account on. To add admin to your Instagram account, all you need to do is to , and connect your account to it!

    Then you can share your email and password of your AiGrow dashboard with your admin.

    There your admin can schedule your content, create multiple links on bio, etc. But they can not do certain activities that harm your accounts like deleting your account, unfollowing the users, blocking the users. Etc.

    For more information, read AiGrow Review.

    How To Add Multiple users on Instagram account As Admins?

    If you are working as a team on your account, nothing should worry you because, with AiGrow, you can add multiple users on your Instagram account as admins.

    Since your admins have access to your AiGrow dashboard and not your account, the issue of IPs would not occur.

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