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Can I Get Pinterest On Echo Show

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Stream Your Favorite Movie And Shows

Top 5 Ways To Use Your Echo Show

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more services are available to stream on any Echo display like the second-gen Echo Show 8 .

Behind on your favorite show? You can catch up on the latest episode on an Echo Show device. Amazon smart displays support streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO. To pull up a video, simply ask Alexa to play on . You can also use hands-free Alexa voice control to control the volume, pause, and change shows.

Make Coffee With Alexa

You can also use an Alexa command to start up a coffee maker. All you need is a Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew — or a simple drip coffee maker, plus a smart switch.

Next, create an IFTTT Applet that will turn on the smart switch with a trigger phrase, and remember to add coffee grounds and water the night before you want to use it. Then, in the morning, say the trigger phrase and watch the magic happen.

The Behmor Connected Coffee Brewer was recently integrated with Alexa, as well, making it possible to start brewing your coffee with your voice without IFTTT.

So What Is The Echo Show All About

The Echo Show is a screen and speaker device that is outfitted with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. With it, you can play music, watch videos, control smart home gadgets, video chat with friends and family, and a whole lot more.

It sports a 7-inch touch-sensitive screen and two Dolby front-facing speakers, as well as an eight-microphone array, which can hear your query from across the room, even while you’re listening to music or watching a video.

The Show also includes a 5MP front-facing camera so you can make video calls to friends and family with the Echo Show, or who have the Alexa app on a video supported device, like an iPhone or iPad.

Similar to the Echo family of speakers, the Show supports Skills, which adds a plethora of possible features, like getting stock market updates, finding out the weather forecast, and viewing your week’s schedule. At this time, skills are limited, but developers are currently working on Show-specific apps so you can take advantage of the addition of the screen and camera.

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Reasons The New Echo Show Should Be In Your Kitchen

We’re all about technology that improves your kitchen experience, and the new definitely fits that category. Featuring the ever-helpful Alexa, this hands-free product boasts a screen so she can show you things now instead of just being an audio guide. Available for preorder now and shipping June 28, the Echo Show may just change how your cook.

Below are four outstanding ways that the Echo Show will help you during your next kitchen experience:

Amazon Alexa And Privacy

Watch festive entertainment on Echo Show with Netflix and ...

You can turn the camera off by sliding the shutter on the top of your Echo Show device.

Though convenient, you should be mindful of your privacy when using Alexa. You can stop your Echo speaker or display from listening for your wake word by turning off your mic via the mute button on the top of the device. Or, turn on audible alerts within Settings in the Amazon Alexa app to know when your Echo is listening beyond just the indicator light.

You can also opt-out of having your voice recordings included in Amazons review process by opening up the Alexa app and navigating to Settings > Alexa Privacy > Manage Your Alexa Data, then toggling off the setting that says Use Voice Recordings to Improve Amazon Services.

In these privacy settings, you can also delete voice recordings, which are accessible to anyone you share the app with. You can even set up auto-deletion every three or 18 months.

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Make Echo Show Your Perfect Assistant

Currently, Amazon Alexa is probably the best digital assistant. Its compatible with an abundance of other devices and has various third-party connectivity options.

It has a version of third party-apps in skills , that you can use to make Alexa a unique personal assistant. If you customize its skill set to fit your needs, you can make your life much more convenient.

What are your favorite Alexa skills? For what do you use them? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

How To Set Up Using Your Photos As A Background On Echo Show

To set up Echo Show with your photos, swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap the Settings gear icon to open Settings.

Tap Home Screen => Background => Prime Photos => Change. Then choose the album youd like to set as your background photo. Echo will make suggestions of albums, subjects, recent photos, locations, etc.

If you choose more than one photo, a slide show will appear as your background. Photos change every 10 minutes.

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Control Large Appliances With Alexa

Alexa now works with many kitchen appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators. Specifically, GE’s Geneva skill lets you preheat your oven with your voice or begin brewing coffee with one of its refrigerators with a built-in Keurig.

LG has also put Alexa directly into its Smart InstaView door-in-door refrigerator.

Even without direct support, if you own one of the handful of full-size smart appliances integrated with IFTTT, you can control your oven, dishwasher, refrigerator or slow cooker with Alexa. You will just need to create some Applets with these channels using Alexa as the trigger channel to turn your kitchen into a voice-controlled heaven.

Alexa now works with many kitchen appliances.

Using Home Monitoring On The Alexa App Or Other Alexa Devices

Amazon Echo Show Tips and tricks: 12 cool things to try

After you have set up Home Monitoring, you can watch the live video feed from the Alexa app on your phone, other Echo Show devices, and the Fire TV. All of these must be logged into the same Amazon account as your Echo Show to watch the video feed.

Note that the person who is being viewed by Home Monitoring can end the video feed by tapping Done on the Echo Show screen.

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Alexa Features You Need To Use In The Kitchen

Especially during the holiday season, your Amazon Echo is essential in the kitchen.

Taylor Martin

CNET Contributor

Taylor Martin has covered technology online for over six years. He has reviewed smartphones for Pocketnow and Android Authority and loves building stuff on his YouTube channel, MOD. He has a dangerous obsession with coffee and is afraid of free time.

Turn Alexa into your new sous-chef.

Whether you’re a cooking novice or seasoned chef, cooking can be daunting — especially around the holidays. But ‘s Alexa voice assistant can lend a helping hand.

From creating shopping lists and finding recipes, to starting your oven and setting the mood, Alexa is absolutely essential to use in your kitchen. Here’s my favorite 12 Alexa features to use while cooking, baking and more.

How Is The Echo Show Different From The Other Echo Products

The obvious difference is the screen. The Echo, Dot, and Tap are only a speaker with an always-on microphone. The Show has a 7-inch touch sensitive screen and a 5MP always-on front-facing camera.

According to initial reviews, the Show also has a better audio experience than the flagship Echo speaker.

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Alexa Can Be Your Sous

As your kitchen companion, Alexa is ready to help you add to grocery lists, set cooking timers, and cook along to step-by-step recipes from Food Network Kitchen, Tasty, Allrecipes and more. Discover fresh ideas for meals tailored to you from nearby restaurants, delivery from Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron meal kits, pizza delivery from Domino’s, or delicious recipes to cook.

Displaying Your Recipe On Amazon Echo

Best Amazon Echo Show Black Friday Deal: Get It For 50% ...

The Echo Show can display any recipe with a simple Alexa voice command. Thats why you should try to be as specific as possible if youre searching for the recipe that youve submitted.

For example, if youre looking for the recipe for noodles, just say: Alexa, show me the recipe for noodles. Besides the recipes from the Allrecipes database, you may see recipes that Alexa found online. Note: those from Allrecipes will have the Allrecipes icon at the bottom left.

If you want to display only recipes from Allrecipes, you should say the command: Alexa, ask Allrecipes for a quick Tacos recipe. This will only display Allrecipes recipe from the database that takes the least time to prepare.

Of course, you can browse through the recipes until you find the one that suits you or until you reach your own. If you named your recipe in a specific way, such as Lasagna with olives and cherry tomatoes, youll find it much easier if you say the full title name instead of just Lasagna.

Another quick, alternative way to display your recipe on Echo Show is to say: Alexa show my Allrecipes personal recipes, and youll get all recipes that youve submitted. Just choose the one that you want to prepare, and you can start cooking right away.

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How To Set Up Home Monitoring

Home Monitoring can be set up only from the Echo Show, not from the Alexa app, presumably for privacy purposes.

Swipe down from the screen of your Echo Show to reveal the menu bar at the top. Tap Settings => Camera => Home Monitoring.

To the right of Home Monitoring is a toggle switch. The default setting is Off. Swipe right to turn Home Monitoring On.

Below Home Monitoring are two options for how this feature will work: Video Delay and Audio Alert. Your selections may depend upon your living situation. If you live by yourself, you can make your own decisions about these options. If you live with others, you may want to discuss with your housemates/family members about turning these options on.

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Don’t Be Dim Set The Brightness

Swipe down from the top of the Echo screen for quick access to Settings and the Do Not Disturb function . Using that dims everything for a while, and it won’t light up when you move in front of it. More importantly, there is a slider for setting the screen brightness on a level of one to 10. This is the only way to do it. If you say “Alexa, set brightness to 10,” she’ll just tell you to swipe down on the screen.

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Put Your Photos On Display

You can or photos from Facebook to turn your home screen into a digital frame that uses adaptive color to make your favorite pics look great in any light. And with the built-in camera, you can easily add to your photo album by saying, âAlexa, take a selfie.â Plus, Prime members get unlimited photo storage.

Developing A Powerful Content Strategy

Amazon 2-Pack of Echo Show 5 Displays with Alexa and Vouchers on QVC

Once you have your goals set up, youll be able to start developing a content strategy geared toward those goals. What type of content will help you fulfill your purpose? And what kind of content does your audience expect from you?

While there are a ton of options, the following types of images should form the cornerstones of the for your business:

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Use It As A Home Security Camera

Your Echo Show device can also be used as an indoor home security camera. To view the live stream, open the Amazon Alexa app and tap the display you want to see. To enable the security camera option, swipe down from the top of the Shows screen and select Settings > Camera > turn on Home Monitoring. You can then use the Amazon Alexa app to view and hear whats happening near your smart display.

Silence Is Golden With ‘tap To Alexa’

There’s a chance you don’t really want to talk to your Alexa device. On an Echo Show with a screen, you have the option to set up “Tap to Alexa”a finger-pressing-a-button icon that is always on the screen . Tap and you get a screen with options for typing in a quick question, checking the weather, setting a timer, getting news, setting an alarm, checking the shopping list, and moreyou manage what is on the screen. It’s great for checking the Echo Show in the dark of night when it might disturb someone to talkor if you use the Show as an alarm clock by the bed.

To place the Tap to Alexa button, go to Settings > Accessibility > Tap to Alexa. To manage the Tap to Alexa screen, touch the icon and click the Manage button. If you click Add New, you can type in something you would frequently ask Alexasuch as launching Echo Show skillsand place it as a button so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

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View The Live Stream From Your Video Doorbell

You can view the live stream of your Alexa-enabled video doorbell on any Echo Show display.

As long as your video doorbell is compatible with Alexa, you can pull up the cameras live stream any time you want on an Amazon Echo smart display. A simple “Alexa, show my front door” command will put the video feed right in front of you. If youre using a Ring doorbell, the display will act as a chime, ringing to the display when someone presses the bell, as well as instantly showing the live view. You can also pull up the live stream of any other Alexa-compatible cameras on an Echo Show display.

Add Amazon Photos To Echo Show

Echo Show Android Apps

If you use Amazon’s photo service, or at least have access to it, you can also use it to create photo slideshows on your Echo Show but you’ll need to create albums to do so. To get this set up, do the following:

1. Go to the .2. Select Albums> Create album.3. Drag and drop the pics you want into the album, then save it and give it a name.

Then, here’s what you need to do on the Echo Show or Spot.

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.2. Tap Home & Clock3. Then tap Clock & Wallpaper4. Tap Personal Photos.6. Tap the Amazon Photos option.7. Then select the album you wish to connect to Alexa.8. Tap Save at the bottom of the screen and you’re done.

Again, saying “Alexa, show my photos” or “Alexa, show my photo albums” will put your photos on display. You can also ask for specific albums by name give it a go.

You can also do the same steps mentioned above for Facebook photos, within the Alexa app, but just choose Amazon Photos instead.

More Amazon Alexa how-tos

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Netflix Now Available On Echo Show

Now, customers will have access to the full Netflix catalogincluding Netflix Originals like The Queens Gambit, Jingle Jangle, and The Crownusing their voice.

Customers can easily search, browse, and stream movies or TV shows by just asking Alexaso that they can spend more time enjoying content rather than searching for it. To get started just say Alexa, show me comedy movies on Netflix to find something to watch or Alexa, watch ‘The Crown’ on Netflix.

Customers tell us that they love the convenience of Alexa and being able to use voice to browse and control the content they watch on Echo Show and Fire TV, said Heather Zorn, Director of Alexa Entertainment. Were excited to add Netflix to our content providers on Echo Show and bring the convenience of Alexa to even more Netflix members.

Netflix is available to customers in the English and Spanishand in the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Mexico, and Brazil. Simply say, Alexa, open Netflix and log into your account to get started.

How To Access Live News Videos With Alexa

Amazons live TV streaming keeps getting better. Earlier this year, the company added new live TV options that you can watch via Alexa, including Bloomberg TV+, People TV, and ET Live. Pair that with an Echo Show, and you can tune into live news while youre working in the kitchen, sitting at your desk, or getting ready for the day.

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Set Up Your Echo Show

This might be obvious, but we have to begin somewhere: to get started with Echo Show, place it in a central location, whether that be your kitchen counter, your living room, your nightstand, or wherever, then plug the included power adapter into it and then into a power outlet, and follow the on-screen prompts that appear to select a language, connect to your Wi-Fi and log in to your Amazon account.


You need the free Alexa app to manage your Echo Show and feature options. To download the Alexa app, go to the app store on your mobile device and search for the “Alexa app” . If you don’t have a mobile device, you can go to from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer browsers to manage your Echo Show.

Home Monitoring Vs Drop In

Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen. 10″ Smart Touchscreen Display …

Home Monitoring may sound a lot like Drop In, another Echo Show feature that can help you watch live video from an Echo Show. With Drop In you can place video calls to other Echo Show devices without them having to answer. But they have to give permission for you to Drop In on them.

With Home Monitoring, you can only view video feeds from Echo Show devices linked to your Amazon account. Another difference is that with Drop In, your video is shown on the screen of the Echo Show whose camera youre viewing. With Home Monitoring, your video doesnt show on the screen.

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