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Can I Buy Stuff On Pinterest

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How to use Pinterest Buyable Pins to Make Sales On Pinterest

For now, however, its important to keep doing what you do as a business on Pinterest. Pin and repin regularly. Respond to customer questions and feedback quickly. Last but not least, make sure to monitor the analytics of your business account. Find out more about Pinterest Analytics by visiting .

Once the company verifies your account, youre golden. Youll be able to see how people use your pins, how they interact with the information you provide, and which pins get people excited. This helps you plan your marketing strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of the Buyable Pins feature on your chosen products.

Make It Easy For Others To Share Your Content

Of course, you also want to make it as easy as possible for site visitors and customers to share the content on your site to their Pinterest accounts. Add a Pin It button to your site and they can share everything from products to infographics, outfit inspiration, and recipes. This is an excellent way to reach new audiences without spending a penny.

The extension automatically adds a Save button to all of your product photos, so customers can add them to their boards with one click.

Whats Cheap And Whats Affordable

We always recommend to our clients that they opt for companies that set their prices at a reasonable rate, that isnt too expensive, and it isnt too cheap. If you come across a company that is offering rates that you think are too good to be true, then the reality is that they probably are.

We always suggest that you pay a little bit more than you are comfortable with, as this investment is definitely going to pay off in the long run, as you will be investing in high-quality features.

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Best For Diversity: Socioblend

They also promise that they never work with bots, and they have dedicated support that you can use to get help at any time of the day or night. They have a message box on their homepage, so that you can get in touch with someone should you need to, and they also promise that they have secure payment methods.

Save Your Pins To Public Boards

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By saving your Buyable Pins to public boards they will become more accessible to the Pinterest audience. Not only will your followers see these Pins on their home feed, pinning to public boards is an effective way to reach and engage with new potential customers.

You can also create a public group board where your entire team can share relevant and inspiring pins. Just be sure to set out some strict guidelines about what can and cannot be posted on this group board. You dont want to post pins that are going to confuse or alienate potential customers.

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Make Use Of Promoted Pins

Promoted pins will take your targeted user to your desired product or landing page, where you provide the complete information about your product. Also, in promoted pins, you can target the users based on their age, income, devices, and location. It helps in getting more leads for your business in less time.

How To Get Started

To get started with Pinterest Buyable Pins you will first need to set up a .

  • IBM Commerce
  • SalesForce Commerce Cloud

Unfortunately, at the moment Pinterest doesnt offer integration with WooCommerce, or any other WordPress eCommerce solution. Therefore, if you want to connect your WordPress store with the Buyable Pins service, you will need to do so through Shopify.

Once you have applied to connect your site with Pinterest Buyable Pins and been approved, you are ready to . .

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The company on Wednesday rolled out a new feature called Shop the Look, which lets users click on individual items in photos so they can buy them or, if they arent for sale, see similar items that are for sale through the network.

Brands can tag items themselves, or Pinterest employees will tag them so users can click through to make a purchase. The company already offered buyable pins, which let users make purchases on the service, but those pins were limited to a single item each. Now a brand can essentially advertise multiple products in the same pin.

Its roughly the with a small group of retailers back in November. Its not a new feature in general retailers have offered similar features on their own websites for years but its obviously new to Pinterest.

Its similar to Googles reverse image search, which lets users scour the web based on images rather than keywords.

Ideally, those inspirations include actual purchases, and enabling a purchase directly from the pin closes the gap between discovering a product and actually buying it.

Pinterest brought in $300 million in revenue last year, but has raised more than $1 billion from investors and was valued at $11 billion back in 2015. So the company, which is almost seven years old, is looking for ways to turn the billions of pins people have created into actual revenue.

Pinners Spend Twice As Much As Non

How to Use Pinterest – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Pinterest users love to shop. Compared to non-Pinners, weekly active Pinners spend twice as much shopping each month and have an 85% larger order size.

Pinterest shopping tools are worth investing in. Most of them are free, although paid shopping ads can boost your results even further with an average 300% conversion increase!

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Add Your Products As Pins

After youre approved as a Verified Merchant, the next step is to upload your products.

Many e-commerce platforms offer this as a one-click extension or automatic process, such as Shopify. If youre using Shopify, install the and youre good to go.

Check Pinterests Catalogs guide for the method youll use to get your products uploaded. If your platform doesnt directly integrate, you can manually upload your products to turn them into Pins.

Best For Reputation: Red Social

Red Social, as you might have already been able to guess by their name and website, is one of those companies that can help you not only with Pinterest, but with other channels as well. In fact, they can help you with Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

They say that they have been helping their clients for almost five years, which differently implies that they have a really good reputation.

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Set Up Your Online Store

Dont worry! You need not be a professional designer to set up your store. With many eCommerce website builders available online, it is easy to build an online shop with their drag and drop features. Companies like Shopify and BigCommerce provide their users with ready-made templates to set up their online store.

You can also create your store using popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce or Magento with an optimal web hosting server. However, this method of creating an online store requires more technical knowledge.

Once your online store is set up, lets move on to the next step.

User Growth Is Unstable

Lighthouse beach decor

Its global monthly active users climbed to 478 million in the first quarter of 2021 but fell to 431 million by the fourth quarter, as lockdown restrictions were removed.

To do so, Pinterest hopes to capitalize on its early mover advantage in social buying, which it built by giving shoppable pins to companies. Meta Platformss Instagram and ByteDances TikTok have also promoted shoppable posts. Macroeconomic obstacles slow the expansion of e-commerce.

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Add Business Profile To Personal Account

  • Select the menu button in the top right corner
  • Select Add a free business account
  • Select Get started
  • Fill in your business information
  • Choose ad preferences
  • Create your first Pin
  • As mentioned before, Pinterest integration is especially smooth on Squarespace, Square, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Connecting is slightly different for each one, so weve listed the steps below.

    Opportunity For Influencer Marketing

    Investing in influencer marketing can also be beneficial for you. One thing to keep in mind is that the influencer you choose has an audience similar to your target audience.

    When you upload pictures of influencers wearing your product as buyable pins, potential customers are more likely to stop by and check out the product, which will eventually result in more sales.

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    The Value Of Actionable Insights

    Pinterest offers the ability to check in on how your shoppable posts are doing through their native tools. Within these in-depth insights tools, youâll be able to track the most critical metrics for your posts, such as engagement, impressions, and more.

    If youâre looking to take your one step further, Dash Hudson can surface meaningful insights that inform which Pins are engaging your brandâs target market the most and, ultimately, driving traffic and revenue. Marketers can uncover what visuals are inspiring action from Pinners and monitor KPIs to have a pulse on their brandâs Pinterest performance. This insight fuels visual selection and equips brands with the tools they need to maximize ROI and capitalize on the revenue driving opportunities that Pinterest has to offer.

    What About A Free Trial

    How to Sell on Pinterest: Guide for eCommerce Sites

    You might notice in looking at the companies on the list above that some of them offer a free trial, and some of them dont. The only thing to note here is that if you are going to go for a free trial, you need to make sure that the company isnt going to ask for your credit card information to do so.

    If they are, theres every chance that they will charge you after the fact, and they could end up taking hidden fees from you further down the line. A free trial is a great way to get to know a company before committing to anything, just make sure that they are offering a safe version of it.

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    Verify Your Website And Link

    The final step in getting your Pinterest business profile set up is verifying your website. Once you enter your website link in the profile section, Pinterest provides you with an HTML tag that needs to be placed in the source code of your website. Once you place the HTML code on your website, click on the claim button. It will verify your website in less than a minute.

    Take Your Time Writing The Descriptions

    Always include keywords that your target audience may be searching for in your Pin title and description. When writing the description, think carefully about what your customers might want to know about a product before they make a purchase. And try and adopt a tone of voice that reflects your brand and appeals to, and connects with, your consumers.

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    How Businesses Get On Board

    If youre wanting to jump on the Buyable Pins bandwagon along with Macys Inc., Kate Spade, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, and SOBU, there are some things you need to know to get started. The most important on the list is that businesses already have access to the option through Shopifys user dashboard.

    Heres how the option works:

    • To enable Buyable Pins, log into your Shopify account.

    How Effective Are Buyable Pins

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    At the end of 2017, Pinterest had 200 million active monthly users. This had grown from 100 million at the end of 2015. So there is no doubt that Pinterest can help your products reach a wider audience.

    has found that 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases. And 87% have made a purchase after seeing something they liked on Pinterest.

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    Return Users Who Cook And Buy

    By far, the most popular interest for the people who took the survey is cooking, followed up by home decorating, crafting, fashion, entertainment, and gardening. A whopping 70% of them said that cooking inspiration and recipes were their number one interest on .

    Spammers are hip to the money they can make from Pinterest to, as illustrated by an interview with one such spammer on The Daily Dot. In the interview, Steve says that hes making over $1,000 a day just from affiliate links hes adding on Pinterest through bots. When spammers start using a service as heavily as this, and making money, the service is usually primed for stardom.

    Fifth Best: Turbo Media

    We really like that similar to a lot of companies on this list, they have divided their features into many different categories, based on what you need right now. Of course, with Pinterest, they can help you with your followers and likes, but they can also help you over on Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram.

    In fact, Turbo Media first started out on Instagram, so you can feel confident that they are veterans of the social media marketing industry.

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    Join The Verified Merchant Program To Build Your Brand

    People love to shop from brands they trust. Thats what the Verified Merchant Program is all about. It includes benefits like a verified badge on your profile and eligibility for enhanced distribution. Plus, eligible verified merchants can use merchant details to showcase their brand values and the communities they identify with.

    Step 3

    Create Product Tags For Shop The Look Pins

    How To Use Pinterest For BEGINNERS // 2022 Pinterest Marketing Tutorial

    Once your store is connected to Pinterest, you get access to the product catalog. Now, you can use the shop the look pins feature to tag all your products in a single pin.

    After the feature is activated, the available products are shown with white dots, and when hovered over the image, users can find similar products and shop for them.

    Though the process of tagging images is manual, it is worth investing your time in tagging the relevant products to get more sales.

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    Best Of The Best: Useviral

    If you want to buy Pinterest followers, likes, and pins for your Pinterest right now, then you have to check out UseViral.

    Of course, they have divided their features into various categories depending on what you need, which means that you only pay for what you get. They also have an extensive network that they tap into with each client, where they guarantee that their engagement is going to be targeted and specified to their niche and industry.

    Organize Your Shop Tab

    Once your products are in, theyll show under your new Shop tab all lumped together. That, and a few other reasons, is why you need about 10 minutes of work to organize your Shop tab.

    This isnt required for your Pins to show up in any of the Pinterest shopping features above, but its a nice user experience for Pinners browsing your profile. To create a group, go to your profiles Shop tab and click the + button at the top right, which will slide out a menu allowing you to create groups.

    You can also create them in your account settings by going to Ads -> Catalogs and choosing View Product Groups.

    Lastly, take a look at your new Product Pins and ensure all fields imported properly: title, description, pricing, URL, and multiple photos .

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    Join The Verified Merchant Program

    To create Product Pins or make use of any of the Pinterest shopping tools above, you need to become a Verified Merchant.

    Dont panic: Applications are open to brands of all sizes and its pretty easy to qualify. You just need to be, you know, legit and have a legit-looking website.

    • A website that youve .
    • Privacy, shipping, and returns policies, and contact information listed on your site.
    • A data source for your Product Pins.

    Becoming a Verified Merchant allows you to:

    • Create Product Pins.
    • Get a Shop tab on your profile.
    • Display a blue verified badge to earn trust.
    • Access advanced conversion tracking analytics.

    Tips For Making Your Buyable Pins Products Stand Out

    Big Things To Buy For Our New Home

    Next, give your pins clear titles. Remember people are glancing at pins on the go. Keep it brief but descriptive enough that they wont pass it up because they dont think the item is right for them. Handle boards the same way. Choose an attractive photo that showcases what your business offers and give the board a clear title such as Handmade Wedding Accessories instead of Wedding.

    Make sure each item is placed in the proper category. Its very misleading to see a sports-related product among arts and crafts-related products. You want the customer to find what theyre looking for fast before they move on to another product and company to buy from.

    Use hashtags to make it easier to find items. Keep in mind, however, that made up words do little to help you sell. Opt for well-known words and use them sparingly. One or two per pin works well.

    The aforementioned tips are basic but important to follow. After all, a majority of pinning takes place on mobile devices. Screen resolution isnt always the same. Making it easier for the customer to buy on the go is the main reason why features like Buyable Pins exist. It conveniently brings businesses and customers together.

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