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Can I Advertise On Linkedin

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Set Your Budget And Schedule

How to Advertise on Linkedin

You can select either daily or total budgets, depending on your preferred spending structure.

The start date for your campaign will automatically set itself to the current date, unless you select otherwise.

When it comes to bidding, the automated bid option is what we generally recommend, because the tool will most efficiently use your budget without stringent oversight required. For best results, we advise going with the recommended bid or higher.

Tip:To get a full grasp of the terminologies and fundamentals of LinkedIn ad bidding, check out our blog post on .

Get Active In Linkedin Groups

Get your name out there, raise awareness about your business, and do some good old-fashioned networking by joining a relevant LinkedIn group. Much like Facebook groups, theres something for everyone.

Use LinkedIn search to find the perfect group for you. A quick search of video marketing revealed 769 potential groups.

Building a reputation and forging strong relationships takes time and effort, so be a bit picky when you join a group. Join active groups that have genuine conversations going on and watch out for groups that are just about self promotion if the last 10 posts have little engagement, then this group probably wont help you.

And if you cant find quite what youre looking for and are ready to go all-in and build your own community, you can start your very own LinkedIn group.

Build Your Employer Brand On The Platform

Good recruiting isnt just about posting jobs. Its also important to build your brand;to connect with passive candidates. Building a strong company brand opens the door to better hires, shorter time to fills and better retention rates.

Heres how to use LinkedIn to build your brand:

Write compelling company and job descriptions on your company page

Know your audience. Keep your job descriptions clear, dont ask for too much and sell your job and company. Make sure your descriptions address what LinkedIn identifies as the top three things candidates want to know about your company:

Spotlight employees in status updates

Highlighting new hires and employees on your company page humanizes your company. It will also show some of the best potential candidates that you care about how you treat your employees, and that youre proud of their accomplishments.

Personalize your InMails

The way you write InMails says a lot about your company. Be courteous, spell your recipients names correctly and personalize your messages. Template emails can save time, but its best to personalize your messages to speak directly to the passive candidate youre attempting to recruit. Read up on their work, mention one of their accomplishment double check their name and keep your message brief no more than 100 words.

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Get A Linkedin Advertising Account

Youve probably already got a LinkedIn account, but if not, go ahead and create one. It just takes a minute or two and its totally free.

Next, head to the . Youll have a chance to link your account to your companys business page, plus choose the currency you want to run your advertising campaigns with.

Reid Hoffman Has It Right

How Can I Drive More B2B SaaS Leads with Advertising on ...

From the beginning, LinkedIn’s Co-Founder has made it clear that advertising works best when it comes in the form of content that compliments or even enhances the organic experiences a user is having on the platform.

Remember that lesson as you look to LinkedIn to meet your own sales and marketing needs. It will serve you well!

Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today. for unlimited access.

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Setting Up Your Profile

LinkedIn is not set up to accommodate more than one career, as having multiple search results on the same person can cause confusion and prevent people from connecting with a user, especially if both accounts are active.

That said, it is quite easy to work around this obstacle, as LinkedIn has a few tools that can be used to represent your two jobs.

If it is a clear second job that is approved by your primary employer, then you may simply list it as a concurrent role. If it is a personal side gig such as freelance writing or coaching, then you have to list your company and the services you provide.

Again, this depends on your LinkedIn strategy, because many users prefer sticking with one job and highlighting that profession using their LinkedIn profile, especially if their two jobs have nothing to do with one another.

Deter recommends assessing the second job and considering if it belongs on LinkedIn at all.

Some people are not likely to turn to LinkedIn for certain jobs. For example, if the second job is as a waitress at a small diner on evenings and weekends, it is unlikely to be something employers who find potential employees on LinkedIn would be interested in.

Deter said that LinkedIn users should focus on the primary source of income for their LinkedIn profile.

Make sure to include a creative headline. Creativity is key.

Use LinkedIns second experience box to showcase the side job and include a list of skills that can relate to both of your professions.

Linkedin Self Serve Ads

Linkedin self serve ads are a quick and cost effective way to reach your targeted members. You are given the ability to specify your audience based on many different factors, including age, company or location. These ads are a great way to gain leads without breaking the bank. You control the budget and your desired members, so you will not be wasting time or money reaching out to an irrelevant audience.

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Create Linkedin Videos In Your Spare Time

Whether youre a busy professional or a busy business owner, you dont need to spend hours making LinkedIn videos every day.

With Biteable, all you have to do is log in and start creating. Its so fast and easy that you can make all your videos between meetings. This way, you can post LinkedIn video content every day and still crush everything on your to-do list.

How To Post Paid Job Ads

Learn How To Create LinkedIn Ads | LinkedIn Ads Tutorial

Paid job postings reach the; who have the skills your job requires. When you pay to advertise your job, LinkedIn:

  • Shares your job across its network of 500+ million professionals, making it visible to anyone on LinkedIn.
  • Emails and displays the ad to potential candidates whose skills and location match the job posting
  • Posts your job description to your .
  • Curates a list of 50 members you can view who suit your role.
  • Gives you 5 free InMail messages to contact members outside your network.

Heres a step-by-step guide on how to post a job to LinkedIn:

1. Create a LinkedIn profile

If you already have a LinkedIn account, skip ahead to Step 2. If not, create a LinkedIn profile. This is easy to do. Go to the and follow the prompts to set up a new account. LinkedIn will ask you to enter your professional and personal details and add a photo.

2. Create a LinkedIn company page

Youre ready to create your company page on LinkedIn. Click the Work drop-down menu on the top right of your page, next to your avatar. The drop down will include an option: +Create company page. Click this to start. You will need to select a unique URL for your company page and a company description

Once youre done with this step, youre ready to start the LinkedIn job posting process.

3. Click on the Jobs icon

You will be redirected to another page to re-enter your LinkedIn account information through the LinkedIn Recruiter login page. Enter your LinkedIn account information.

4. Describe your job

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Now How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

On LinkedIn, you can create job postings to advertise open roles. Candidates can discover these postings via the LinkedIn network or see them as recommended as Jobs You May Be Interested In.

You can post jobs by using job slots and PPC .

Job slots

A company can purchase a number of LinkedIn Job Slots to use for posting jobs. When you use a job slot to post a job, that job is live for 30 days once it expires, you can repost it in an available job slot. Or, you can take the job down to make the job slot available for your other open roles.

For example, one job slot can be used to post 20 or more jobs, and you have the flexibility to modify, renew or close each job posting at any time.


With this function, you can post a job and set an average daily budget that will be spent based on the number of views your job posting receives. If you dont want to spend more than a certain amount, you can set up a maximum budget and your job posting will get paused once that budget is spent.

Heres how billing for PPC postings works.

Post your jobs for free

Workables world-class recruiting software helps you post jobs for free with one click to top job boards. Get started today with a 15-day free trial!

Know Your Audience And The Customer Journey

As your business grows, your audience also evolves and so does the customer journey. It’s crucial that you know and update your buyer personas and the customer journey map regularly this will allow you to effectively target your personas at the right point in time . You may do this on a quarterly basis.

To help with the process, check out your buyer persona guide, free buyer personas templates, free Make My Persona tool, customer journey map guide, and free customer journey map template.

You should also consider your customer journey when deciding on which type of ads you’ll create and share not every type of ad is ideal for every part of the customer journey.

For instance, you may use a sponsored ad for audience members who have already engaged with your brand/content before rather than that being their first touchpoint with you.;

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Who Should Advertise On Linkedin

Before you decide whether this is truly a channel worth testing for your business, you should ask yourself: Would a professional, in a day-job mindset, likely be interested in my product, service or offer?

Chances are, this single question is all you need. There arent fancy to know whether your audience will be on LinkedIn.

But with this question and testing, youll find the answer. Business-to-business marketing is usually a snug fit here.

If you sell something that benefits business owners or working professionals the answer is probably yes. LinkedIn is likely a great place to test.

People are on this site to better their careers, find a new job, network, connect with business contacts, and to get a few minutes of mindless get-away-from-work time. Your offer should speak to someone in that head space.

If you make educational games for children, maybe LinkedIn Ads arent your hottest new marketing channel.

Do I Need A Linkedin Company Page To Use Linkedin Ads

Sponsored updates on LinkedIn and Advertising Specifications

No, you dont need a LinkedIn company page to use LinkedIn ads. But unless youre a consultant or freelancer, its in your best interests to set one up and grow your audience prior to using LinkedIn ads.

This way, youll be able to test offers and posts organically to see if they resonate with your audience before eating into your advertising budget.

Having followers on your company page also contributes to social proof. So consider building your organic audience to at least a few hundred followers before sponsoring content.

Heres in all of its glory:

To do this, you could create an offer for new followers and post it on your LinkedIn company page. Then tell your existing community on other channels about the launch of your new page, and the offer thats waiting for them.

And if you have employees, ask them to interact with your company page to give it a boost.

From then on, on LinkedIn and harness the social aspect of the network.

(Which reminds me: For more great content on how to start your own dropshipping business, make sure to

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Set Up Your Budget & Bid

During setup, you have the option of daily or total budget, which youll want to choose based on the following various factors:

Best practices

With Daily Budget, set your bid somewhere within the bid range, and then monitor spending over a few days. If hitting the daily budget cap, consider lowering your bid. If not, increase your bid, as this means your competition may be winning out.

If using a Total Budget, set your bid at the top of the bid range to ensure you deliver your budget in full ASAP and remain competitive against other bidders.

The Complete Guide To Linkedin Ads In 2021

Learn how to use LinkedIn ads to promote your brand, increase web traffic, find new leads and more.

Without careful planning, social media can sometimes feel like shouting into the void. By using LinkedIn ads, though, you can guarantee your brands voice makes its way to the right audience. And, an audience of influential decision-makers at that.

Among the platforms 690 million+ members, four out of five members have the power to impact business decisions. These movers and shakers also have 2x the buying power of typical online audiences.

Follow along with our guide to LinkedIn ads to discover the types of ads available and the kinds of goals they can help you achieve. Well also walk you through the process of creating an ad on LinkedIn and share some of our best tips and tricks that will boost your conversion rates.

Bonus:Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuites social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

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The Disadvantages Of Linkedin Ads

If you are used to other paid platforms, youâll quickly notice there are a lot of options you wonât be found when using the Linkedin Ads Manager.

Here are a few disadvantages of using LinkedIn ads compared to other social platforms.

  • High cost per click if not used properly.

The first complaint that every B2B marketer will tell you. The high cost per click compared to platforms such as Facebook.

  • No Device Bidding

When it comes to targeting different devices, you canât segment based on their device. Not even between mobile and desktop.

Update 2020: Since 2020 you are able to create ads based on device, yet itâs pretty hidden. Go to Interests and Traits –> Member Traits –> Devices Preferences

Although this is great, you still canât see if mobiel or desktop users are performing better in a breakdown view. You would need to create 2 different audiences which can be a little expensive.

  • No Micro Audiences.

If like me, you are used to running campaigns where you would retarget small segments of users based on certain actions they did on your website, you are out of luck.

For every audience you want to target, there is a minimum of 300 people required to start the campaign.

  • High CPMâs

A metric we use as growth marketers to see how much it costs us to reach 1000 people.

If you compare different platforms, youâll notice that LinkedIn is on the higher end of the spectrum when paying to reach 1000 people .

  • No automation rules

You Cant Generate Leads On Linkedin

LinkedIn Ads Tutorial for Beginners 2020 – How to Setup LinkedIn ads

When I walk into companies asking how many leads and sales they are getting from LinkedIn Campaigns, I almost always get the same answers:

  • We donât run Linkedin lead generation campaigns because they donât work.
  • We tried them before but nobody seems to convert.
  • Our agency is only running traffic campaigns.
  • Our goal is not to generate leads but âbrand awarenessâ, whatever that may mean.

As shown in the screenshot above. It is perfectly possible to gather leads on LinkedIn, you just have to understand the dynamics of the platform.

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Best Practices For Linkedin Advertising Targeting Options

It is important to note that you can over target, which will severely limit your reach and you will be notified that your “Audience Is Too Narrow.” This is the case in the example below. High level construction professionals are targeted, just like;in the previous example. However, only females are wanted, which ends up over constricting the results as there are not enough high ranking females in the construction industry in Edmonton.

In February 2019 Linkedin updated its targeting options and create a new ad creation experience. You can now target profiles based on language settings.

How To Create Linkedin Ads

Now that you know what types of self-serve LinkedIn ads are available and youve set up your company page, lets dive into how to advertise on LinkedIn.

In this article, were going to focus on Sponsored Content.

Heres why: Every single week, content in the LinkedIn feed is seen 9 billion times. Plus, of the 250 million monthly active LinkedIn users, only 3 million share content on a weekly basis thats just over 1 percent of monthly users.

Translation: This means that just 3 million users are getting 9 billion impressions every week!

Crazy, right?

Here are 8 steps to successful advertising on LinkedIn:

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Use Templates To Get Rid Of Guesswork

Not a videographer? No problem. Biteable offers dozens of templates that let you create perfectly-scripted videos every time by simply plugging in your own video footage and audio.

No camera? Thats also no problem. Use our stock footage and imagery to make high-quality LinkedIn videos without any hardware.

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