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Are Instagram Ads Worth It

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How Much Does Advertising On Instagram Cost


Instagram advertising can get pricey, but the cost is often flexible and depends on your budget. For example, you can run your ads based on cost per click or cost per mile , focusing on impressions. Influencer Marketing Hub reported that the average CPC ranges from 20 cents to $2, and the average CPM is about $5 per 1,000 visitors.

“The amount will depend on how long you want to have your ads be visible on the platform or the kind of groups or audiences you want to reach,” said John Howard, founder and CEO of Coupon Lawn.

Advertising On Instagram Could Be A Great Way To Attract New Audience Members With Striking Visuals But Is It Right For Your Business

It’s no surprise that for businesses of all sorts and sizes. Implementing Instagram ads into your marketing strategy can do wonders for your bottom line. Through high-quality visuals, you can increase your brand’s visibility and cultivate awareness of your business.

However, Instagram advertising can be an expensive investment, especially for small businesses with limited budgets. Wondering whether Instagram advertising is right for your business? Here are some factors to consider before getting started.

Dont Quit Too Soon You Are Going To Screw Up And Lose Money

Like everything that is worth doing, Instagram ads take money and endurance. If you have zero budget, dont plan on running Instagram ads. If youre a whine bag and expect instant results, try the yellow pages and Radio ads. Their ads always workhaha

And another thing

I cant tell you how many times I get people wanting to run ads with zero budget. If you cant pay, you cant play.

If you do have a budget, be prepared to make mistakes that will cost money. Keep moving forward. As long as you have a good product that produces value, you will get buyers.

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Are Instagram Ads Worth It For A Business

One of the most challenging and time consuming tasks in running a business is having to consistently drive in new leads, prospects, and sales. You may have the best products or services on the marketplace, but unless you market them well, they could easily slip between your fingers and find themselves at the doorstep of your competitors. Using advertising strategies like Instagram Ads, for example, is one possible way that youre staying being your competition.

With Instagram having over one billion monthly active users, youre probably wondering: Are Instagram ads worth it for a business? Before we jump into this, its vital to understand what Instagram ads actually are and why the platform is attracting tons of big businesses and brands.

Convert Instagram Followers Into Email Subscribers

Are Instagram Ads Worth It?

Email remains the de facto channel for building truly deep customer relations.

Its why brands strive to convert Instagram followers into email subscribers via three established steps designed to create effective Instagram marketing for email.

First, create a clickable incentive in your Instagram posts depending on your target audience. For instance, consider offering a prize, free content, or a discount.

Second, once the audience clicks through, ensure the landing page features a strong call to action linked to an email submission form.

Third, create a mailing list to effectively wrangle your new email subscribers so you can begin to develop more meaningful relationships with them.

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Instagram Ads For Beginners: Lessons From $20 Million In Ad Spend

8 minute read

Wondering how to get started with Instagram ads for beginners? Spending money Instagram advertising;can be majorly intimidating especially with a limited budget and little experience.; But its so worth it! Whether youre looking to grow your Instagram account, make sales, or drive more traffic to your website, a creative and well-targeted Instagram ad campaign

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Wondering how to get started with Instagram ads for beginners?

Spending money ;can be majorly intimidating especially with a limited budget and little experience.;

But its so worth it! Whether youre looking to grow your Instagram account, make sales, or drive more traffic to your website, a creative and well-targeted Instagram ad campaign can drive great results.

We sat down with Jenny McCoy, founder of Brooklyn-based social ad agency Good Help;to get her 3 key tips that you can apply to your own ad strategy, no matter the size of your business or budget.

How Much Money Should You Spend On Instagram Ads

Many of you explained that youd like to use ads, but were worried that they were quite expensive. Some of you stated that you just werent sure how much to spend. I cant fully answer this question for you. It all depends on your budget, your why and your business/blog overall.

My aim was to convert at least 1 person to a mailing list subscriber for every £1 I spent. Luckily, I was able to convert at a spend of £0.08 – £0.73 which I was rather pleased about! In other words, by spending as little as £0.08 I got a new mailing list subscriber. Its less than I pay for buying, cooking and shooting an image for instagram in the hope to grow my audience. You might do even better than that. ;

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Instagram Ad Costs Vs Facebook Ad Costs

Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media networks available for advertising, which is why it makes sense to compare the two. Which offers the most cost-effective option for your business, as well as the best platform for reaching your audience?

Compare the two platforms in the table below:

Social Network



In addition to considering the cost of Instagram and Facebook ads, its helpful to look at the demographics of each platform. While Facebook can reach almost any age group, Instagram excels when it comes to reaching audience members 25 to 29 years old.

For the best results with your ad campaign, focus your efforts on the social media network that offers the most value. While you may advertise for less on one platform, you may lose the opportunity to reach the shoppers and leads that really matter to your bottom line.

How To Get Higher Instagram Ads Roi

I Bought FREE Sneakers Off Instagram Ads!!! (IS IT WORTH IT?)

Instagram is part of Facebooks ad network, which means that very often youll be combining the Instagram feed with other placements.

To get the maximum campaign ROI, use Facebooks automatic placements option , and use your to see if its a good place for showing your ads.

In my experience, Instagram ad costs are lower for B2C brands .

B2C advertisers have the most to gain

For B2B brands, Instagram ad costs can be higher as people are not hanging out on Instagram looking to buy some business tools. Read more about .

If all the mentioned Instagram marketing costs and potential ROI sounded attractive to you, keep reading to learn how the Instagram ads bidding and budget setup works.

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Use Targeting To Connect With A Local Audience

This is a great advice for local brick-and-mortar businesses. Facebooks advertising system allows you to target very specific locations while Instagrams business profile features allow customers to contact you or get direction to your business.

Imagine being a local restaurant which shows an ad featuring their most mouth-watering dish to a user within a close proximity, just in time for dinner, and that user immediately sees a map and directions to you. All it takes is a click to your profile, and you can get both a new customer and a new follower at the same time.

Choose The Right Hashtags

Selecting the best hashtags for your Instagram posts can make the difference between appearing as a top post or sinking to the bottom of the feed without a trace.

Make your hashtags too generic think #christmas or #fashion and your post will face competition from potentially millions of others. Instead, use a mix of trending and industry-specific hashtags to find the best hashtag to connect with your targeted followers.;

For the best results, research each hashtag. Look at the type of content and the number of likes on its top-performing postsif your content matches up, youve got yourself a winning hashtag.;

The number of hashtags you deploy is also critical. While Instagram allows for up to 30, a mass of tags underneath your caption risks looking both untargeted and unprofessional.;According to some, posts with over 11 hashtags get the most interaction. Even one hashtag can increase engagement on your post by up to 12.6%.

To help decide which is the right number for your brand, identify how many hashtags your competitors and sector influencers typically use, then experiment with differing hashtag volumes on your posts until you find your sweet spot.

Remember that Instagrams algorithm penalizes spammy behavior, so vary the number and type of hashtags you use to reduce the chances of this happening.

A branded hashtag is often a key part of a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Source: Instagram/

Source: Instagram/

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The Conclusion To The Value Of Twitter Ads

The high CPA and overall lower conversion rates make Twitter Ads a less desirable ad option for most businesses. Many small businesses in particular will have a much easierand more profitabletime using Facebook or Instagram Ads, whose targeting options and objectives are more extensive. While Twitter Ads can work if your exact target audience is highly active on the site, Im going to go ahead and recommend sticking to other social ad platforms instead, at least for the most part.

Before investing in Twitter Ads, look at what goal you want to accomplish. If you want to increase followers on Twitter specifically, it may be worthwhile to invest in a Promoted Accounts campaign . Unless you believe your exact target audience is most active on Twitter, go ahead and give Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads a shot first.

What do you think? Do you disagree with my assessment? Do you prefer Twitter Ads to other social ad platforms? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Meundies: Sweatpants That Make It Easy To Transition From Lounging To Errands

Are Instagram Ads Worth It For A Business?

MeUndies makes super comfy sweatpants that are polished enough to wear outside the house.

MeUndies is a direct-to-consumer company that, understandably, is best known for its underwear. While I cannot speak to those, I can endorse MeUndies sweatpants. I got a pair a few years ago for $50 and fell in love. Theyre comfortableremarkably sobut also tailored enough for me to go straight from my couch to the grocery store without being too worried about running into anyone I know.

The sweatpants I adore were redesigned in 2017mine are in a jogger style and the current ones on the site have a looser straight legbut they have a similar fabric composition and should be just as comfortable and easy to style.

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Creating Your Instagram Ads In The Most Cost

Too many people place ads on Instagram without knowing what they are doing. It should be no surprise, therefore, that these people often lose money. You need to think carefully about the people you are targeting and create the perfect ad for these people.

Ads Manager is the starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network. It’s an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they’ll run, and tracking how well your campaigns perform.

Facebook / Instagram splits its Ads Manager into three sections:

  • Campaign
    • Catalogue Sales
    • Store Traffic

    Make sure you dont select an irrelevant objective for Instagram for instance focusing on Messages .

    If you are just beginning your advertising on Instagram, it is a good idea to optimize for conversions. Instagram will target your campaigns to give you your best results at a lower price.

    Menlo Club: Easy Subscription

    Menlo Club uses clothes from in-house brands, which makes it an affordable subscription option.

    Revieweds general manager Chris Lloyd loves Menlo Club, a monthly shoe and clothing subscription service for men. It keeps prices relatively low by using in-house brands, which are delivered to subscribers once a month based on a style quiz taken upon signing up. Boxes typically contain two or three items, such as shoes, pants, shirts, or hats.

    Im always excited to get shoes in my delivery, Chris says. They have a shoe brand called New Republic and of the four or five pairs Ive received, all are great.

    One potential downsideor, at the very least, something to be aware ofis that there isnt a return service if you dont like something in your selection. You get what you get, Chris says. But once you understand the policy, its no big deal.

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    Focus On The Long Term

    In order to get the most value out of Instagram ads, you have to take a more strategic, long term approach. This means coming up with a;consistent;advertising campaign, since one-off ads wont go very far on Instagrams platform.

    It will take time, but your overall goal is to guide your leads down a structured funnel consisting of at least three steps:;;

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Conversion

    Running separate Instagram ads for each of these three steps will increase your advertising power and make your ads more effective. Well discuss these steps in more detail below.

    Top Instagram Ads Mistakes Advertisers Make

    Instagram Ads For Real Estate Agents In 2021 – Are They Worth It?

    In a few short years, Instagram has gone from being a social platform primarily known for selfies and breathtaking images to a place where brands deliver powerful messages, tell stories that drive conversation and engage consumers and businesses.

    More and more marketers are turning to Instagram for their digital advertising campaigns to reach their target audience on a real, human level.

    And while some brands are finding huge success on the visual social network, others made huge Instagram ads mistakes that cost them ad dollars, brand reputation and lost revenue.

    No, were not talking about your business ,

    In this post, well show you some big brands faux pas!

    Here are five common Instagram ads mistakes,;how you can avoid making them and;examples of brands that successfully steered clear of errors to maximize their ROI:

    Done right, Instagram ads have the power to boost brand awareness, engage and inform users, and generate new traffic, leads and ultimately, sales.

    But ads done wrong can cause errors that not only result in wasted resources but can actually sink your brand.

    The good news is you can learn from these slip-ups and achieve your advertising goals if you know what to look out for.

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    Native Ads Work Best On Instagram

    Instagram users expect to receive relevant, interesting posts. They can spot a traditional ad, and these perform poorly. If you want your ad to work on Instagram, it needs to look like a typical post.

    This means that may not receive the best results from the ads with the lowest CPM. Your ad may not cost you much to deliver. But that is of little value to you if everybody bypasses it.

    It is essential that you create content that your target audience appreciates. Don try and push sales with your first ads. It is better to begin by creating top-of-funnel posts, to introduce your brand to the people who you are targeting.

    Instagram recognizes this too. Take a close look at your relevance diagnostics when targeting your content. You need to ensure your ads:

    • are perceived as being high quality
    • produce conversions

    Who Nailed It: Adidas Russia

    To connect with their target audience of young creators in their native environment, Adidas Originals sportswear brand sought to engage users interested in being original and living life on their own terms.

    Their video campaign, aimed at engaging young creators in Russia with a conversation about the importance of originality and creation, featured a unique version of Frank Sinatras My Way and several visionaries from the worlds of music, sports, skateboarding.;and art.

    The creative increased ad recall by 27 points among targeted 18- to 24-year-olds, with a 10-point increase in positive brand perception.;

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    Can You Just Outbid The Competition

    Many people look at the complexity of relevance scores, estimated action rates, and having to do a competitor analysis.

    They wonder if they can just outbid everyone.

    Long term, they think they can knock everyone out of the water. Then their costs go way down. Heres why thats a really bad idea.

    You could just spend a fortune on Instagram, paying more than anyone else is willing to bid.

    But youll end up with acquisition costs that are through the roof.

    In local advertising, you might overspend temporarily to bump out the competitors. It can work in small markets.

    But on Instagram, this traditional ad strategy doesnt work. You wont be squeezing people out of the market.

    There are always new advertisers ready to come in and take their places.

    To get the best ROI on Instagram, apply strategies that work. These strategies keep costs low and relevance high.

    Have A Visually Consistent Instagram Feed

    Instagram for Photographers: is it worth it ...

    Instagram is a visually driven platform that rewards aesthetically pleasing content. Although glossy perfection is falling out of style, the heart of Instagram is visual content and that will never change.

    Today, users gravitate towards authentic expression and diverse perspectives.

    Visually, high-saturation filters and perfectly positioned avocado toasts have been replaced with candid shots, muted, earthy tones, and a low-key editing style.

    A popular look is to reduce highlights and increase the brightness of photos, without touching the colors themselves too much, resulting in a natural look. Some people even go for a no-edit edit.;

    But more important than following any specific editing style is to have a visually consistent feed.

    According to a WebDam social media report, 60% of the best-performing brands on Instagram have a consistent look every time they post.

    Your look should match with your brand identity and appeal to the audience youre trying to attract.;

    Take the Five Minute Journal as an example. Their feed evokes a feeling of calm, thoughtful reflectionjust like their brand.

    Glossier, on the other hand, is consistent and authentic by posting product photos, closeups and memes that are candid and natural. Without fancy editing and professional photoshoots, their content seems down-to-earth and approachable.

    Source: Instagram/Glossier

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