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Am I Blocked On Snapchat

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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat

3 Ways to Find Out If Someone Has Deleted or Blocked You on Snapchat
  • If you think you are blocked, see the profile of the person who you think has blocked you. If the profile does not open nor comes in any search bar, then you are blocked.
  • The person has removed you from the account, and the next thing to check is the messages. The whole chat will disappear for the person who has blocked you, but the chat will stop at the last message only for you.
  • The perfect way of how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat is to send a message. If it goes pending then, you are blocked. If the same message remains undelivered for a few days, with a perfectly working internet, and you know the other person is not traveling somewhere, then you are blocked.
  • So exactly how to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat? The other thing to check is their story stream along with image posts. If you cannot see them on your page and the situation remains the same for a few days, the person has blocked you.

Does Snapchat Notify People When They Are Blocked


Snapchat is a social networking program that connects users through shared photos and videos. Messages you send to friends on Snapchat are erased within 24 hours, although most last only a few seconds. When you block friends from Snapchat, their names remain on your friends list but your name is removed from theirs. They can’t message you, but Snapchat doesn’t notify them that they have been blocked.

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Why Has Someone Blocked You From Snapchat

You’ll probably know the answer to this already. But if you’re seriously confused about why this has happened, it’s probably best to ask yourself whether you’ve been a nuisance. Or equally, if they’ve been a nuisance and this is just characteristic of them.

We all know Snapchat can be used for NSFW purposes, but the number of people who actually send adult messages to other users is actually quite small. In such cases, don’t be shocked if recipients block you.

If you don’t use Snapchat that way, there’s a chance it was a mistake, especially if you’re on good terms with the person who blocked you. If you have other contact information, get in touch therebecause Snapchat won’t let you talk to them on its platform.

Another possibility is that they’re “ghosting” you. It’s a horrible prospect, but if they’re the type of person who does that, they don’t deserve to be in your life anyway.

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What We Found Out About Snapchat Blocks

It turns out that there are a few things that happen when a user blocks you on Snapchat. However, these things also happen when a user unfriends you or when a user deletes their account. For this reason, you can find out if a user has blocked you, unfriended you or deleted their account if the following is true.

You can no longer send snaps to them

You cant find them in your contacts list

Their story has disappeared

You cannot chat with them and your previous chats have disappeared

Furthermore, with a bit more digging around, we found that there is a way to determine whether somebody deleted you. We can then use that information to find out whether they blocked you or not. Follow the steps below to follow our troubleshooting guide to work out whether a friend blocked you, unfriended you, or deleted their account.

Chats Will Be Deleted For You But Not For Them

Have You Been Blocked on Snapchat?

This is probably the most asked question. When you block a user on Snapchat, they are completely removed from your account. This means that even their chat will disappear. If you look through your chats page, you will notice that there isnt any trace of the person.

However, the person who is blocked sees no such thing. In fact, on their side, the chats look exactly as they were, with no change. Saved chats are still visible by the person who is blocked, irrespective of who saved them.

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Mute Contacts On Snapchat

Silencing a person or groups messages on Snapchat allows you not to be disturbed by their messages and notifications.

Plus, when they upload a story, you may accidentally open them while using Snapchat.

If you dont want to see any activity from certain contacts, you can mute them.

To mute them, access the persons profile through the steps described above and find the Mute Story option in the overflow menu.

The app will prompt you to confirm you want to mute the stories by tapping on Mute.

By successfully activating the Mute option, youll see the toggle next to Mute Story enabled and turned green.

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps out there and we have already shared many Snapchat tips and tricks including ways to take screenshot without notifying the sender and disable Snap Maps, to help you use it efficiently. And today we are focusing on a single Snapchat problem that seems to plague most of its users. Snapchat has a privacy feature which allows its users to block anyone. However, there are times when you as a user want to know if you have been blocked by someone or not. So, if you are not receiving a snap from a special someone, here is how you can find out if someone has blocked you Snapchat.

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Can Someone Know If You Block Them From Seeing Your Story

Theres no way that anyone can know that you blocked them from viewing your story. However, they can use their intuition to find out that youve stopped them from seeing your story. They can ask a friend thats friends with you to show them or they could ask them to send your Snapchat story to them.

If they can see that you posted a story using their friends account and they cant see your story, this will tell them that youve blocked them from seeing it. If their friend thats friends with you send your story to them, and it says Story Unavailable, this will let them know that youve hidden them from viewing your stories.

They Can Still View Your Snaps

How To Tell If You’re Blocked On Snapchat – Know If Someone Deleted or Blocked You on Snapchat

Now that we know that the Snap will go through even if the person is blocked, the question arises whether blocking a person will cause an unopened Snap to be deleted. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Even if the snap is unopened when the person gets blocked, they can still open and view the snap. This is a bit unintuitive since you probably wouldnt want a blocked person to view your snap.

However, once the snap expires they will no longer be able to view that snap.

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Can Others Search For Them

Blocking someone means they can’t find you at all. So, how can you tell if you’ve been blockedor whether they’re no longer using Snapchat?

Your best option is to find someone else with Snapchat and ask if they can search for this contact’s username. They just need to use the same method as above.

Alternatively, you can set up a second Snapchat account. This feels like an over-the-top, perhaps even obsessive, way of finding out. The other person might also view this as stalking, so consider strongly if you want to take this step.

If they don’t appear, it’s likely they’ve deleted their own Snapchat. It’s bad news if they do appear though: they’ve blocked your other account.

Of course, if you see this person face-to-face sometime, you could casually ask whether they still use Snapchat. But you risk causing some friction if they do, but they’ve blocked you.

Does Snapchat Send You Friend Notifications

Snapchat sends you friend notifications when someone adds you as a friend, sends you a snap, or shares a story with you. You wont, however, get any friend notifications if someone blocks you, so youll never really know who or when someone blocks your account. You will have to check for relevant clues as we explained in the methods above.

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Why Has Someone Removed You From Snapchat

This is a difficult question, but it’s not necessarily something to worry about. There are a lot of potential reasons, though you might have to confront the idea that you’ve just drifted apart.

Firstly, it could have happened by mistake. Some friends disappear between updates or when someone changes phones it shouldn’t happen, but does. If you think this is the case, send them a message or snap. Make sure it’s not a fault with your device.

If you’ve lost a lot of contacts from Snapchat, try re-adding those you’re closest to.

The reason might also be that you either post too often or too infrequently. Maybe your interests don’t align right now, so they’d rather not clutter up their feed with stories they’re not particularly invested in.

Perhaps they’re just busy right now, and don’t want to get distracted.

Removal can, at least, be undone easily, so if it has upset you, talk to them. But don’t get too invested emotionally it’s only Snapchat and it certainly doesn’t mean your friendship is over.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Snapchat

How To Unblock Someone On Snapchat Without Any Drama

While we hope this never happens to you, arent we all just a little bit curious as to what happens when you block someone on Snapchat? For whatever reason it might be, you never get to see the other side of it. Can they still contact you? Can they view your stories?

Well, we are here to put your curiosity to rest. So lets dive in and find out what really happens when you block someone on Snapchat.

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Check To See If Someone Is Following You On Snapchat

Finding out if someone has followed you on Snapchat is much more definitive and easy to use than trying to see if someone has blocked you or not. Being followed is a positive thing so all social networks want to encourage that positive feedback loop. Thats why it is always easier to find out positive things than negative ones .

To find out if a person is following you on Snapchat:

  • Search for their name within the app.
  • Select and hold their username until a menu appears.
  • From the popup menu, tap on their profile picture.
  • This will bring you to their profile page, as seen below. If that user is following you back, youll see their Snapscore as indicated by the red arrow. Otherwise, youll only be able to view their username.
  • It isnt necessarily a bad thing if someone isnt following you back it could just mean that they havent gotten around to it yet. They may not use the network as much as you do or they may have been busy.

    Try connecting with the person outside of social media if you have any real questions about the status of your friendship. If they dont answer your text, you will have your answer as to whether or not they have blocked you.

    How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked

    If you believe someone may have blocked you, there are a few steps you can take to double check . First, you’ll want to check your conversations. This is the section of the app that lists all your current chats, which you can see on the main screen by tapping on the small chat bubble icon in the bottom left corner. If you’ve recently been talking to this person, they should appear close to the top of your conversations. If you scroll through and don’t see them, but you know you’ve talked to them recently, it could mean that they have blocked you. If you try to send them a message and Snapchat tells you it failed to send, that’s another indicator you’re blocked . If you instead see it read “pending,” that could mean the person has blocked you or removed you from their friend list.

    Another way to see if you’ve been blocked is by typing a user’s display name or username in the search bar. Whether you are friends on Snapchat or not, they should appear in your search. If you don’t see them come up, it’s a very strong indicator that they have blocked you. However, it’s possible they have disabled their Snapchat account instead. In that case, you could always check from a secondary account, either yours or a friend’s, to see if they appear there. If they do, that means they haven’t deleted their profile and have most likely blocked you.

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    What You Can Do When Someone Blocks Your Number

    While you cant do anything to have the block on your number removed with their wireless carrier or from their phone, there are a couple of ways to get through or verify your number is, indeed, blocked. If you try one of the options below and get a different result or clue from the list above , take it as evidence that youve been blocked.

    • Use *67 to hide your number from their caller ID when you call.
    • Hide your number using the settings in your phone to turn off your caller ID information on outgoing calls.
    • Contact them directly through social media or email and ask if theyve blocked you.

    Another way to circumvent a block is to use a virtual phone number or internet calling service, something you can get with free internet phone call apps.

    When a different number is being used to make the outgoing call, the recipient’s phone will see that new number, not your real one, thus avoiding the block.

    Repeatedly contacting someone who has taken steps to cut contact, such as blocking your number, could result in accusations of harassment or stalking and serious legal consequences.

    Search For The Person On Snapchat

    Find Out If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat

    The next method of finding if someone has blocked you on Snapchat is to search for the person.

    2.1. Open Snapchat on iPhone or Android Phone.

    2.2. Search for the person that you believe has blocked you on Snapchat.

    2.3. In case the Profile of the person comes up in search results, take a close look at it. In case this person has blocked you on Snapchat, you will see + Add option, instead of seeing their regular profile with their Snapchat score .

    2.4. Now, tap on the + Add button and see what happens.

    In case the person has blocked you, you should be able to see unable to find this contact message popping up on your phone. This indicates that the person has indeed blocked you on Snapchat.

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    Search For Their Username From A Different Account

    In case you were not able to find the users profile in the above step, there is a strong likelihood that the person might have blocked you. However, it is still not complete proof of the same.

    You can absolute confirmation by checking if their account still exists on Snapchat. You can do this in two simple ways:

  • Ask a friend to help you out and search for the respective username from their account.
  • Sign out of your account, create a new one and search for their username.
  • How To Block Someone On Snapchat Whos Not Your Friend

    You can block Snapchat users who are not on your friend list in different ways.

    The first one involves setting your privacy policy in a way that other profiles cant send you messages unless theyre your friends.

    In fact, this option is the recommended setting when you dont want other people to see your content on Snapchat.

    To adjust these settings,

    Open the Snapchat app and go to Settings.

    Locate and tap on Who can and select Send me Snaps.

    Now, select Friends to block other people from sending you snaps except for your friends.

    The second method is rather a strategy than a way to adjust settings.

    If someone constantly bugs you by sending friend requests to you, but you dont want to accept their requests, dont select the Decline option.

    Instead, leave those friend requests as Pending by doing nothing.

    This way, they cant send you anything as long as you choose not to accept their requests.

    You can also block someone whos blocked you before.

    If you have sent the person messages before, you can open the conversation interface, access their profile, and block them there.

    If you dont have any previous messages, you can use the above method we mentioned for people who arent your friends.

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    How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat In 3 Ways

    Removing and blocking a person on Snapchat are two different actions. If you no longer find someone or their stories interesting, you can remove them from your friend list. If someone removed you as a friend, you may still see them in your chat list, will be able to see their profile, and view their public stories.

    If you think a person constantly spams you or annoys you, then Snapchat lets you block them permanently. Similarly, you may get blocked by someone and lose all privileges to view their content on Snapchat. In that case, you may no longer see their profile on the app. To check if youve been blocked by someone on Snapchat, you can take a look at the following steps.

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